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Saturday, 8 May 2021



(CHAPTERS - jakartakid has shorter chapters.)



  1. Michael Portillo has recently extended his 'Great Asian Railway Journeys' to Indonesia

    People there as friendly as ever ... but women are much more often veiled than they used to be, the Saudi influence pushing aside older, more locally Indonesian customs of female dress

    Many interesting scenes in the videos

    'Jakarta to Bogor', 28m57

    Jakarta to Borobudur, also 28m57

    Yogyakarta to Ambarawa, 28m46

    Ambarawa to Surabaya, 28m52

  2. The Jakartass website unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, been gone for a few years already. Terry, who was the guy behind it passed away after a pretty long bout with typhus and his blog was one of the best blogs about Indonesia, he was writing really deep about the billionaires here, their corruption, the corruption of the police, the army, the elite and his writing style was just next level.... I wish his blog was still up but I think it was probably removed by his eldest son or maybe his Indonesian wife, it's a pretty risky thing to do, the stuff that Terry was posting.... And even though we never met in person, me living in Bandung and him living in Jakarta I considered Terry a friend, we were always writing each other, mostly about music and politics, Terry was deep into the Indonesian Jazz scene, something he also wrote about a lot... I miss him....

    1. Sportsman's bar. Terry was brilliant. Typhus or ...

      - Aangirfan