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Albert Amao Soria writes that a person who tends to be too judgemental, critical and cynical will most likely have feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and unworthiness. 

Albert Amao Soria writes that Quantum Physics suggests that our environment is a projection of or mind.

Albert Amao Soria writes that people may get sick due to a negative suggestion by family members and others.

Albert Amao Soria writes that pharmaceutical companies spend billions in proposing illnesses with every change of season. 

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, 1802 - 1866

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, born in New Hampshire, helped found the New Thought spiritual movement.

New Thought -

God is within each person.

We should love one another unconditionally... and teach and heal one another.

Our mental states become our experience in daily life.

Quimby suffered from tuberculosis in his youth, a disease that then had no cure.

Quimby became interested in the mind's ability to affect the body. 

He claimed to have cured himself of TB by his methods.

Quimby and Lucius Burkmar

In 1836 Charles Poyen, a hypnotist, came to the USA from France.

Quimby attended one of Poyen's lectures in 1838. 

Quimby left his job as a watchmaker and followed Poyen's tour of New England for the next two years (1838–1840), studying to become good at hypnotism.

Around this time Quimby met Lucius Burkmar, an uneducated youth 'who was particularly susceptible to hypnosis'. 

Quimby demonstrated hypnotism with Burkmar in front of large crowds.

Quimby claimed to heal people of ailments which doctors could not cure. 

Quimby told his patients that disease was caused by false beliefs.


Quimby married and had a family. One of his sons was a follower and strong defender of him, working to differentiate his work from that of Mary Baker Eddy, a patient who later founded Christian Science

Among the people who claimed to be cured by Quimby were Julius Dresser and his wife Annetta Dresser.

Barry Morton, a scholar of faith healing, has said that Quimby's constant practice of his mind cure method led him to make important discoveries related to curing psychosomatic illnesses. 

Some of Quimby's methods were adopted by John Alexander Dowie, who revolutionized Christian faith healing in the 1880s.


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