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Darnella Frazier

Darnella Frazier, 17, happened to be on the scene during George Floyd's arrest.

She made the famous cell phone video of the incident in Minneapolis and posted it on Facebook.

A GoFundMe page for Darnella has raised more than $500,000.

Floyd, linked to drugs?

Between 1977 and 2017, in the USA, state and local spending on police grew by 173 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars, according to data .


"US cities have been siphoning money from stuff like education and social services and funneling the cash into ever-larger militarized security forces."

Public Citizen points out, New York’s police budget is now “more than the city spends on health, homelessness, youth development and workforce development combined.”

"Crack cocaine was introduced into black communities by the CIA."

Drugs wars lead to violence and militarised police forces?

"In 1994, John Ehrlichman, the Watergate co-conspirator, said -

'You want to know what this was really all about?”

'The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. 

'By getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. 

'We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news.' 

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò says that the coronavirus crisis and the George Floyd riots are the work of the Deep State.

Vigano writes of 'this colossal operation of social engineering'.

Vigano writes that the riots were provoked by the Deep State, and' the same thing is also happening in Europe, in perfect synchronicity'. 

Vigano writes that 'hidden behind these acts of vandalism and violence there are those who hope to profit from the dissolution of the social order so as to build a world without freedom: Solve et Coagula, as the Masonic adage teaches.'

Operation Gladio: The Trademark False-flag Psyop | Europe Reloaded

Vigano explains that there is also 'a deep church that betrays its duties.'

'The deep church is subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to aligned thought, to the New World Order which they invoke ever more frequently in the name of a universal brotherhood which has nothing Christian about it, but which evokes the Masonic ideals of those want to dominate the world by driving God out of the courts, out of schools, out of families, and perhaps even out of churches'.

Carlo Maria Viganò is best known for a 2018 letter in which he accused Pope Francis and other Church leaders of covering up sexual abuse allegations against then-cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

He complained directly to Pope Benedict XVI about financial corruption in the Vatican.

dognamedblue Retweeted Oh boy what a shot@ohboywhatashot·9h

It's a big club. 

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·6h

Reader- The shutdown will undoubtedly trigger a tsunami of bankruptcies allowing those with Monopoly fiat currency to buy up gigantic chunks of the economy, as happened in the so-called privatization of Russia. The riots accelerated the process, lowering the prices of big-city real estate.

"There are sources claiming that demonstrations are being infiltrated by provocateurs.

"Meanwhile, the deeper structural causes and factors involved, such as -

"The creeping militarization of the police, 

"Embedded discrimination and racism in political, economic and social structures, 

"And underlying conditions of extreme poverty and inequality

"Were often either omitted from the dominant narratives, marginalized, or covered in a limited and superficial manner.

"Moreover, the violence and looting that has occurred in many cities is miniscule compared to the violence and looting perpetrated by the political and economic elite in their never ending ‘wars of choice’, regime change operations and forced distribution of wealth from the poor and middle classes to the most wealthy and powerful."

'Are cops and soldiers, like football players, under some sort of Masonic control?

'"Taking a knee" is a gesture of Masonic allegiance. As in the image, football players are kneeling in formation during the national anthem...Hiram Abiff is a prominent figure in Masonic lore.'…

Who is behind the Floyd scam?

Trump's job approval rating stands at about 43%, with 54% disapproving.

A recent survey of white Christian evangelicals showed a 15% drop in support for Trump.

"Older voters suffering the brunt of the pandemic are said to feel abandoned."

Among all voters, Biden’s current lead is 11%.

"Yet Trump has been written off before. He has the advantage of incumbency and an enormous war chest. He plays dirty. By autumn, the economy may have revived, and the pandemic subsided. And gaffe-prone Biden carries much baggage."


Floyd George Psyop: Staged Masonic Sacrifice?  (June 7, 2020)

Bailey's ears do not look the same as those of the policeman in the Floyd video?


Mass murder!


Mind control!

Brabantian 5 June 2020 at 14:55 quotes -

“Just like Trayvon Martin, y’all rioting and looting over another Freemason sacrifice to bring you closer to dying in the street.
Enjoy tho.

Via: Stephen Jackson Instagram/April 17, 2016″


Black lives matter?


Brabantian 4 June 2020 at 03:39 writes - 

George Floyd tested positive for coronavirus Covid-19.

Full George Floyd Autopsy Report Released, Says He Tested ...

"The medical examiner said that, in addition to covid 19, George Floyd had "arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart diseasefentanyl intoxication, and recent use of methamphetamine and cannabis"

"Lawyers say that police charged with murdering George Floyd, have strong legal grounds for being acquitted, if the courts are not biased, because:

Minneapolis Police written rules of conduct specifically authorise and approve knee-on-neck tactics to subdue persons resisting arrest, and speak of training to use such techniques.

Full George Floyd autopsy reveals his blood concentration of the powerful street opioid fentanyl was 4 times the level known to cause "fatalities." .

This technique is used by police in multiple nations, as media photos make clear.

Minneapolis police have apparently taken their police policy manual offline, but an archive of the web page can be viewed:

"Minneapolis Police Department Use of Force Policy: 5-311 Use of Neck Restraints

Non-deadly force option. Defined as compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or leg, without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway (front of the neck)."


Above - Dr. Michael Baden, who carried out an autopsy on behalf of Floyd's family.

Brabantian 3 June 2020 at 14:42 writes -

"These USA riots now, are the worst there since 1968, after Martin Luther King was assassinated in April of that year ...

"US cities burned ... and the US electorate moved very quickly from left-liberal, and increasingly anti-war, to a fairly hard right wing position...

"Nixon was elected...

"Observers are noting a trend for non-black US minorities - the more numerous Latinos plus the Asians - to drift toward the right, because of concerns about crime and riots, and also a wish to avoid paying huge taxes for 'slavery reparations'."

Jim Mattis said -

"Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people - does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort."

James Mattis Denounces Trump as Threat to Constitution ...

Defense secretary Mark Esper REVERSES order to remove combat soldiers from Washington D.C. after talks at the White House as he fights to save his job in wake of publicly telling Donald Trump NOT to deploy federal forces

"Soldiers with the 82nd Airborne division of the Army were ordered out of Washington, D.C. and back to Fort Bragg, North Carolina on Thursday 4 June 2020.


Anonymous 3 June 2020 at 15:49 writes -

"The El Neuvo Rodeo night club where Chauvin and Floyd worked as bouncers, is said to be tied to the Sinaloa Cartel drug trafficking organisation, which is in turn is said to use Latino advocacy movements such as La Raza as a cover.

"Maya Santamaria who used to own the nightclub, and knew Chauvin and Floyd as quoted in media, owns a Spanish radio station, 'La Raza'.

"The police precinct involving the officers and with evidence there, the nightclub, and the radio station, are all burned down now by 'rioters'.

"Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar - a Democratic Presidential candidate earlier this year - had been helpful in getting earlier charges dropped against Derek Chauvin

"Minnesota is a known hub for human, drug and money trafficking, a Sinaloa cartel stronghold"

"Sinaloa Cartel leader, Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán, was a few cells away from Jeffrey Epstein in the same jail when Epstein was allegedly 'suicided'

"Is there a cover-up because big politicians are involved, of what may have been a mob hit caught on video?"

screenshot of 4chan thread on this

St. Louis rioters not being prosecuted, attorney general says .

George Floyd's roommate of four years Alvin Manago, 55, tells that Floyd would never use counterfeit money intentionally.

Manago said Floyd was a regular at the store and he doesn't understand why the police had to get involved. 

He added that Floyd barely drank alcohol and he never did drugs.

Manago said he wasn't aware of any pre-existing medical conditions listed in the probable cause statement for Floyd.

'If that $20 bill was a counterfeit, George didn't know it!' Floyd's roommate says he was a stand-up guy who would NEVER use fake cash or take drugs and barely drank alcohol

Trump wants to designate antifa a terrorist organization, despite lack of authority and evidence of wrongdoing.

The FBI’s Washington Field Office “has no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement/presence” in the violence that occurred on May 31 during the D.C.-area protests over the murder of George Floyd, according to an internal FBI situation report

FBI Finds 'No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement ... - The Nation

All organised well in advance?

Police in the USA showing the White Power sign?

"You want to talk about “looting”?

"Over the past 30 years the top 1% gained $21 trillion in wealth while the bottom 50% lost $900 billion in wealth."


A heavily armed man wearing a National Guard uniform was arrested early Tuesday morning on assault weapon charges in Los Angeles, according to FOX 11. Reporter Bill Melugin said the arrest occurred near protests over the death of George Floyd in the city’s downtown area.

The suspect, 31-year-old Gregory Wong, was taken into custody at 1st Street and N Main Street around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. The site is located across the street from the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) headquarters.

“Authorities [said] that the suspect was dressed in National Guard apparel and had multiple weapons on him at the time of the arrest,” FOX 11 notes. “Officials say Wong is from Nothern California but was living in the Los Angeles area.”

Who pulls the strings?

Pallets of bricks have 'randomly' appeared during the protests across the US, sparking theories they were planted to stoke violence.

Reportedly, the bricks belong to "ACME BRICK COMPANY owned by Berkshire Hathaway and Bill Gates (who recently left the board) and The Chicago Marmon Group founded by JAY & ROBERT PRITZKER and Berkshire Hathaway"


There are videos of 'police' vandalising police vehicles.


John W. Whitehead warns of the threat of a domestic standing army in the form of militarized police.

Trump posing with a Bible, in front of boarded-up, burned, historic 200-year-old St Johns Church near the White House.

Brabantian 2 June 2020 at 05:19 -

Trump looks feckless and ridiculous.

Apparently tear gas had been used to clear away protestors to help produce this photo.

Tear gas is obviously effective as well as generally non-lethal.

Yet police across the USA are not using their ample tear gas supplies, to stop the rioting and looting and killings, and destruction of billions' worth of property, including the wiping out of most stores in black neighbourhoods?

The Episcopal (USA Anglican) bishop of the diocese including the church, has denounced Trump commandeering church premises for propaganda purposes


"A Twitter account claiming to belong to a national “antifa” organization and pushing violent rhetoric related to ongoing protests has been linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according to a Twitter spokesperson."

Andrew Kimmel@andrewkimmel

Minneapolis Police slashed every tire on my rental car, as well as every tire of every car in this parking lot.


'The George Floyd protests appear to be yet another Vladislav Tserkov-style “shiftshaping” operation. 

'For background on such “political technologists” it is best to watch Adam Curtis’s 2016 film “Hypernormalisation.”

'The idea is to turn politics into a sort of shape-shifting theater, where nobody knows what is true and what is fake.'

George Floyd: Just Another War of the Walls

The Police arrive to investigate (circled top left).  Floyd’s car is also circled (right)

Cat Retweeted Chris Spivey@ChrisSpivey3

According to Christopher Spivey  -

On the evening of 25 May 2020, Floyd bought a pack of cigarettes from Cup Foods, a grocery store.

Believing the $20 bill Floyd used to be counterfeit, a store employee reported it to police… Source

Floyd then walked across the road to his car, where he sat calmly until the police arrived…

Floyd was sitting with two other people in the car.

According to a press release from the Minneapolis Police Department, cops found a man believed to be in his 40s, who appeared to be “under the influence”, sitting on top of a blue car… Source

One officer talks to Floyd who is SAT in the drivers seat, whilst the other cop gets the passenger out of the car…

The person parked behind Floyd's motor filmed it on his phone so as we could view it.

We are told that the officer had trouble getting Floyd out of the car prompting officer number 2 to leave the passenger unattended and go to his colleague's aid.

Meantime the now unwatched person in the front passenger seat calmly gets out onto the pavement as does the woman who was sitting in the back seat.

What's in the bag?

The police officer looks quite relaxed.

It's Floyd.

Floyd’s vest appears to have a yellow or beige trim around the arms and neck which it doesn’t have on the other video showing Floyd on the ground after being arrested.

 If you watch the NBC News video (found HERE) you will notice that the yellow/beige vest trim comes and goes.

They filmed the incident twice and did some editing?

Floyd sits quietly, as extra 'police' arrive.

How bald is Floyd?


"The murder of George Floyd is looking increasingly odd. If you’ve seen the footage, the whole scene makes no sense.

"Derek Chauvin stares right into the camera several times as he kneels what seems like forever on Floyd’s neck, despite Floyd being handcuffed, with his face on the pavement and not resisting. Very, very odd."

"Chauvin and George Floyd worked security together for at least a couple of years at the El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub.

"This club was allegedly a front for money laundering and its ownership was a shady network of companies that might connect to one or more US intelligence agencies."

Allegedly, El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub is linked to Mexican drug cartels.

Minneapolis mayor policy aide facing charges on drugs and guns ...

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·6m

They didn't protest about being deprived of their basic freedom of movement by a dubious pandemic, yet they ignore social distancing to take part in another Soros psyop. Are people too stupid to be free?

High streets are being destroyed by the Coronavirus Lockdown and by the rioters. 

Who gains?

On 31 May 2020, during the riots, this church in Washington was set on fire.

The protest came here peacefully. Hours later wreckers arrived.

Bezos and Gates.

America's billionaires saw their fortunes soar by $434 billion during the U.S. lockdown between mid-March and mid-May 2020, according to a new report.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had the biggest gains, with Bezos adding $34.6 billion to his wealth and Zuckerberg adding $25 billion, according to the report from Americans for Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies' Program for Inequality.

According to the report, the net worth of America's billionaires grew 15% during the two-month period, to $3.382 trillion from $2.948 trillion. The biggest gains were at the top of the billionaire pyramid, with the richest five billionaires - Bezos, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison - seeing combined wealth gains of $76 billion.

Previous riots are linked to George Soros? Do certain people fund certain riots?


Posh equipment.

"Veterans Today has carefully examined video in Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis and has found members of organizations, Pentagon contracting firms, present at each protest, handing fire bombs, throwing large rocks, and leading the violence...

VT Spots Army Intelligence Dressed as ANTIFA at Protests ...

"Minneapolis is “ground zero” for a very powerful child sex ring that services political and business/military/police leaders at a bevy of exclusive resorts, some run by the Trump organization, some by groups like St. Hubertus and the Bilderbergers, long tied to the Epstein-Maxwell-Mogeleivich cabal."

VT Spots Army Intelligence Dressed as ANTIFA at Protests ...

Who is Derek Chauvin?

Maya Santamaria, the former owner of the South Side nightclub in Minneapolis where Floyd and Chauvin worked.

Nightclub owner Santamaria said that she did not initially recognize either of the men in the video showing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

"My friend sent me (the video) and said this (Chauvin) is your guy who used to work for you and I said, 'It's not him.'"

An actor?

Derek Chauvin - same nose, same ears!

An undercover agent?

Are the riots organised by the Powers-That-Be?

At the scene of the 'crime' we apparently see the number 33, beloved of the Powers-That-Be.

Are certain agents being used in more than one of these false flags?

In many false flags, the perpetrators leave shoes on the ground.

Brabantian 29 May 2020 at 06:51 writes - 

Was the USA 'police racist killing' in Minneapolis USA, leading to the terrible violent riots, a staged false flag?

The world has been horrified by the video, of white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, kneeling on the neck of black George Floyd, apparently leading to Mr Floyd's death

But: "George Floyd and now-former Officer Derek Chauvin both worked security at the El Nuevo Rodeo club on Lake Street", apparently working sometimes on the same evenings, likely knowing each other.

Are the powers that be inflaming race-hate and a summer of riots in the USA, for their own satanic purposes?


Brabantian29 May 2020 at 07:06

The next-door neighbours of the policeman Derek Chauvin who allegedly killed Mr Floyd, say they had no idea he was a policeman

The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, is Jewish


Eyewitness accounts and videos confirm that agent provocateurs were at work in Minneapolis.


Henry Makow@HenryMakow·

St. Paul policeman outed as individual who smashed AutoZone windows

Russ Winter is gathering anomalies

Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George ...

"I asked a police friend about this knee-on-neck method of restraint.

"In his years of training, he’s never been taught to use this as a method of restraint.

"I wonder when these officers were hired (if they were hired), and where were they trained?

"Clues here? Young American Jew protester in Israel gets the knee-to-neck treatment."


Russ Winter -

"Was his neck broken? The autopsy was inconclusive, so apparently not as that would have been easily spotted.

"The police cruiser that arrested him has a completely different number (830) than the one where he was “killed” (320). 

"There is a time gap that doesn’t explain why the detainee was moved or how he ended up in the roadway.

"How does he go from being sat against the wall to being choked with a knee on his neck on the other side of the street and in the roadway?"

Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George ...

"Floyd was cuffed at his car, on quiet street. Then he was held briefly on a sidewalk, before being perp walked to a cruiser.

"But instead of going into nearest cruiser, No. 830, he’s taken to an opposite corner on a busier street to a second cruiser, No. 320, and in view of an audience.

"He’s then choked in full view, slowly over many minutes, while shouting that he can’t breathe."

Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George ...

"A video shows Floyd removed from his car by police. He looks unstable and intoxicated, or perhaps handicapped. Initially, he appears to be uncooperative, but then stops resisting and is compliant.

The Daily Mail talked with Chauvin’s neighbors. The neighbors states, “We had no idea he was a cop. We thought he was a realtor.”

MORE HEREGlaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George ...



  1. Awesome, I was going to write a similar article, but you did it already, will re-blog at nukepro.

  2. Nice work (as always). Had the usual gut feeling something was a miss. I seen all the reports and figured something was wrong.

    No need to do any 'poking around' I'll look at your submissions later.

    Definitely a false flag designed to cause civil unrest.


  4. Before he was assassinated, USA black leader Malcolm X talked about the role of Jews in manipulating American black people in order to cause racial tensions. In 1965 Malcom X wrote:

    "Many Jews actually were hypocrites in their claim to be friends of the American black man ... In the Negro civil rights movement, the Jew played roles for a strategic reason ... The more prejudice in America could be focused on the Negro, then the more the white Gentiles' prejudice would keep diverted off the Jew."

    Photo meme with Malcolm X's picture and the above quote:

    Source of the above quote in Malcolm X's writings:

    1. The so called 'Jews' of today fought abolition and profited most from the slave trade. The so called Jews are not the saviour of the black race, if they were they would go home and let us return to Israel. As A black woman, I know my true heritage.

    2. Anonymous31 May 2020 at 19:53
      The ACLU and the Civil Rights movement were both founded with the help of American Jews. The fall of the Jim Crow south was done by Jews working for blacks.

  5. Tho whites see this as a case of police brutality, they are growing angry at blacks for the riotous aftermath

    But it seems USA blacks seem to have long been manipulated, in order to damage the USA black community and black-white relations

    1960s US welfare programmes gave black mothers more benefits, if no father was in the home ... encouraging the decline of two-parent families

    1970s Hollywood movies by the largely Jewish movie studios, began their 'blaxploitation' films such as 'Shaft' (1971) and 'The Mack' (1973), giving glamour to gunmen and pimps

    1980s Jewish music industry moguls such as the late Jerry Heller, began pushing 'gangsta music' songs and videos, also giving glamour to criminal life:
    'The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews'

    It seems the CIA and US government themselves sponsored flows of dangerous illegal drugs into minority communities over decades.

    "Journalist Gary Webb claimed the CIA helped foster the crack epidemic that ravaged Los Angeles in the 1980s. On December 10, 2004, the journalist was found dead in his apartment, with TWO .38-caliber bullets to the head - from an 'apparent' suicide."

    The Taliban wiped out most heroin production in Afghanistan - but it seems that one of the goals of 9-11, was that the 'US invaded Afghanistan to restore the heroin industry – now pretending to fight it':

    US prosecutors and judges don't seem to care if a black jailed for a crime, is actually the person that did it ... leading to young black men feeling that they are going to be arrested eventually whether criminals or not. "African-American prisoners who were convicted of murder are about 50 percent more likely to be innocent than other convicted murderers and spend longer in prison before exoneration"

    US whites too often say the US legal system is corrupt, the judges and lawyers robbing people in divorce cases or business disputes, favouring the rich and politically-connected. Yet those same whites, hesitate to think that many of those 800,000 blacks in US prison, might be innocent.

    There maybe should be no surprise Minneapolis is on fire; it is much more than about one black man being murdered

    1. Well that's the point though isn't it? Was he murdered? It was clearly a hoax. Just like the hoax that was Trayvon Martin, this guy too is / was a mason! George is / was a mason (he was in the music industry!!!! Hello -). The picture of him in front of that brick wall is defining for me. This man will most probably still be alive somewhere - or he will have been martyred for the cause.

      And yes, I have thought about this.

    2. Just to be clear: Trayvon Martin was not a mason, his father was. Trayvon was his father's sacrifice.

    3. Michael Brown's father too. Michael Brown could be found making all kinds of Illuminati handsignals online. Question is whether he, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd are really dead. He Had a black girlfriend, Shabamba Hill and a white fiance who speaks like a crisisactress Courtney Ross.

  6. the paramedics do not check his pulse before moving him, that to me was a break in protocol that is automatic for first responders, or even checked it after putting him on gurney, its like they didn't do what normal EMS does.

  7. This has got to be the dumbest article I have ever read on this site, bar none.

    Even the part about the gas prices is wrong! No one in the US is paying gas prices that were current before the plandemic.

    In fact in northern New England is far less than $2. In Connecticut it is $1.50 where a couple for months ago it was closer to $3 a gallon. Did you forget that oil prices plummeted to minus $5 a barrel last month? We are stealing all the oil form Syria and Iraq.Saying that the video is not current when the gas prices shown are in fact exactly right is not only dishonest, it's insane and shows you have no idea what is really happening in US.

    Just because two men were working at the same place, which contradicts other reports, does not mean they were friends. In fact, it is more likely the cop had something against him. That cop had a long record of mistreating people.

    The cop already got away with shooting an unarmed person in 2008, and the insane Hillary wannabe,(((Amy Klobuchar))), was a prosecutor then and did not see anything wrong with what he did.There have been calls for her resignation from the senate now. Apparently throwing things at campaign staff members in a drunken rage was okay.

    This is not an isolated incident by any means.

    No doubt that a race war is planned, but if you look at any protests, the crowd is just as much white people, if not more so, as black.

    The sheer amount of disinformation around this event is staggering. It's too bad Brabantian and whoever else wrote this tripe seem to have no ability to think for themselves. Of course, it's not surprising that someone who styles themselves "Brabantian" would say such things, as the sorry Dutch nation was totally subject to Jews centuries ago, and it is worse than ever.

    the real story is that cops in the US are trained by Israelis for years now. They all know krav maga and every method of inflicting pain and damage. Like Israelis, they target practice with pictures of the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. They routinely violate the constitution that they swore to uphold by oath. They routinely rob people and destroy their property. There are websites with long lists of names of cops who were busted for child porn, child abuse and spouse abuse. Rape victims don't report the crime because there is a good chance the responding cop will rape them. It happens every day.

    AS Gilad Atzmon said years ago, "We are all Palestinians now".

    1. Yes the large white attendance at these George Floyd gatherings is very interesting isn't it? Especially when 'black twitter'seem to have no idea whatsoever as to their presence. It is a head scratcher. They are most commented on in their posts. Who knew white people cared so much eh? Maybe George Soros organised their presence purely to act as 'agent provocateurs' to finally get his illuminati / nwo (fake Jewish cabal) dreams up and running. Oh, no doubt it will all come out in the wash

    2. Interesting comment, however, try not to miss the point of the originators post.

      Adhomeim appears to be your motivation here. Even though the 'gas prices' are probably wrong. It would be very easy to attack your assertions too. You state gas prices were minus $5. In fact, they were minus $37 at one point.

      In essence, so what. Mistakes are made, people misread situations and make erroneous analysis. I myself have made mistakes likewise. That is not the same as acting in bad faith.

      Your 'over the top' attempt at character assassination says more about your perceived judgement than it does about a comment given in good faith.

      There are no experts (as such) here. A reasonable group of people fighting against a tidal wave of propaganda, falsehoods and paid liars - a thankless task.

      Perhaps your 'skill set' may be better used helping to expose those that seek to deceive.

      The event has many of the hallmarks of contrived events that have happened previously. My suspicions were instantly heightened because of this.

      Looking at the bigger picture is far more important than 'knit picking' over the odd mistake.

      Peace to the humans

    3. Truly, thank you so much for the laugh. My mates call me Zio-Bob.

      Really good that you have managed to 'out' me after all this time.

      Ive been getting away with my Hasbara Trolling for years.

      I might end up furloughed because of you. Never mind.

      Shalom to the humans.

    4. Trumps suggestion about vicious attack highly likely to have emanated from the Jews in Israel....they make a point of employing dogs for the psychological effect....different races act in different ways when confronted by aggressive dogs.
      Obviously the demonstrators are likely to counteract this with something like bear spray used by walkers in national parks etc.

  8. Excellent, by far the best article I've read on this false flag.

    Just one thing: I notice you're linking to Moon of Alabama. I consider this another gatekeeper blog. Like WSWS (and so many so-called "alternative" blogs) b. at MOA has been pushing the coronavirus panic really hard since the whole thing started. This is according to off-guardian commenters. I no longer visit MOA, so I can't confirm, but commenters at off-guardian also say they've had comments removed and/or they've been banned by b. for going against the MSM narrative on coronavirus

  9. The kneeling Minneapolis man have a resemble to one of the Craft contractors at the Boston Marathon bombing.

    1. Link all over the internet. Also Sandy Hook. His face, ear, hairline, eyebrows do not match the picture of the one given now as being Derek Chauvin. First thing former employer said was That is not him.

  10. Even-when-Google-tries-harder-and-harder_to-hide-the-anomiles-and-false-flags-AANG-digs-deeper....


  11. Speedway sign says 1.89 for unleaded and .99 for a coffee, not diesel. Prices are current. The video mostly has people with no face masks, but it also shows few people wearing masks (might have been painted in?).

  12. Awesome, I was going to write a similar article, but....if you look below the prices it says $1 off per gal with Speedy Rewards. I asked My Dear Aunt Sally to calculate and she said "2.89". What about the year make of the vehicle. I asked My Dear Aunt Sally to calculate and she said, "I only do Math". We'll see what happens, that's why we are here, to see what happens.

  13. FYI diesel for motorcars in the US hasn't been below 1$/gallon since before 1998. That theory doesn't hold much water and the regular non-diesel gas (as you say, petrol) price is within the overall median currently according to

    1. You haven't heard the recent news about negative prices for oil futures? It was a big story. Prices in places down to a buck.

  14. There is a photo of him as Realtor with Re/Max. His wife's bio says she went to Real Estate school in Iowa.

  15. I saw Ollie north cover-up for Marine drug runners in 1979. In 2003 and 2007 ollie north ‘s boys tried to kill this witness in Woodstock NY
    Michael pacut USMC 75-79

  16. So the Floyd family is apparently so rich they can afford someone like Michael Baden, who is Jewish btw?

    1. Now that the autopsy report showed that Floyd actually died of a heart attack, Floyd said to have had a heart condition and used cocaine apparently -

      People on social media and 4chan are doing the 'Floyd Challenge' where you grab a buddy and take turns trying the Israeli restraint technique used on Floyd, putting knees on each other's necks to see if anyone chokes or starts to be in great fear

    2. The man worked in security. One would expect he would have known how to prevent this ending. Memorial day and not that long ago another black man saying I cant breathe and them dying

    3. They had a go fund me page where the last time I had checked they had 12 mil Which is probably more than that now.




  19. Minneapolis crisis actors and propaganda galore

  20. Bloody-interesting-recent-news-out-of-Newtown-CT.regarding-Sandy-Hook-Promise-'no-guns'-promoter-Peter-Manfredonia-who-stockpiled-guns-himself-and-goes-on-a-bloody-rampage-and-is-only-recently-captured-or-whatever-in-the-state-of-Maryland.I-particularly-like-Newtown,CT.-local-Rebecca-Carnes'-take-on-the-Peter-Manfredonia-rampage-which-can't-be-found-on-the-google-search-so-I-place-it-here-first-as-she-has-had-to-endure-so-much-intimidation-for-being-about-the-only-resident-who-openly-questions-the-Sandy-Hook-official-story.A-very-brave-woman-and-a-very-good-researcher-and-writer-as-well.

    'Nicer in Newtown'? If you like bloody rampages and lies, maybe
    Yes, Peter Manfredonia does indeed have deep ties to Newtown. Let's take a look at them and a hard look at what's going on here in this town and beyond.

    Peter Manfredonia, nephew of Chris Manfredonia, who was ...
    4 days ago - Peter Manfredonia's uncle, Chris Manfredonia, is the man who was ... The number connects to 'Newtown, Connecticut' as well as 'Society of .


    Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia Tried to BAN GUNS ...
    5 days ago - CONNECTICUT killer Peter Manfredonia was an outspoken anti-gun activist who ... Manfredonia was a student at Newtown High School in 2012 when 20 ... What's more, a man by the name of Christopher Manfredonia was ...

  21. Suspicious Man Breaks Window & Starts Minneapolis Riots

    AutoZone, located across the street from Minneapolis police's 3rd precinct

    “This was the first man to break a window at autozone.

    A move that started the string of looting and damage to businesses. He is seen wearing all black and carrying an umbrella to conceal the hammer he is holding in the same hand.

    No one knew this man, he didn’t protest, when confronted he ran the other way.

    And by the looks of it- his boots- are military grade. Meaning this man is either in some form or militia or he is WITH THE POLICE.”

  22. HELLO,
    Why is the date on the body camera indicate 26 of May?

    Is it because they had to shoot the scene more than once or is it because the camera is linked to the Tel Aviv time zone?


  23. Carrying an umbrella might be a sign to the initiated that you are protected and untouchable.

  24. The person in the mugshot and the person in the video is obviously not the same person. The owner of the club was shown the video by someone and did not recognize the person and basically was convinced by the person that it was the bouncer..oh yeah...thats it.

  25. Nightclub owner:"Santamaria said that she did not initially recognize either of the men in the now-infamous video showing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck.‘My friend sent me (the video) and said this (Chauvin) is your guy who used to work for you and I said, “It's not him.”

  26. How about the obvious civilian state vanity plate on the police car where he "died"? It says Minnesota on top and POLICE as the custom vanity plate. A quick search shows that police car plates there say OFFICIAL and have a star and a letter/number on it.

  27. U should also know that:


  29. Among other numbers, "they" love no. 3 whether there are local or international incidents and now there was no xception, Anyway all 3 of these are hoaxes and false flags. Rings any bell?

    1. Ahmaud Arbery - black "shot"/"killed" by white "cops" (on 23.02.2020)2. Breonna Taylor - black "shot"/"killed" by white "cops" (on 13.03.2020)
    3. George Floyd - black "shot"/"killed" by white "cops" (on 25.05.2020)

  30. Who was the camera man? Who published this video?

    1. The same guy that managed to be in position for the lunar lander touching down.

      Just happened to be there before the event.

  31. Same tactics employed in so called London riots. Mark Duggan BlackBerry phone messages telling gullible youth where to meet police told to stand down. Just when even the most retarded among us could see the link between Cameron Murdoch and The Met. Same people running both sides now. Queer and Bumble.

  32. Anomalies or not, race is an issue in the US of A since its founding in 1776 and it still is, no possibility of staying in denial, winter, spring, summer or fall...

    Sail the Nile - not with Eyes Wide Shut - that is to my surprise what the Times of Israel did in 2019:

    1. Race is an issue (in the US of A) because Jews are behind black slavery and the so-called Civil Rights movement too. Address the issue as u should!

    2. Fake Jews you mean. These are not the Jews from Scripture. White supremacy is the leading cause of racism against blacks. So the 'jews' are to blame for that I guess.

      1776 marked the end of white supremacy. It is over now. In a few years time the world will look very much changed.

    3. We are one human race, coming in different groups all intermingled. I hear racism on all sides. Understand it it not safe to enter a neighbouhood where predominantly black people live. Bantus now colonized many countries in Afrika,making indigenous tribes withdraw in the background like Tibetans in Tibet. That said Antifa and others fan the flames of these riots like in Ferguson. Many False Flags.

  33. MrCris2101 posted on YouTube now censored, an irrefutable video that proves the George Floyd event is staged to deliberately cause civil unrest. Urge him to repost to an independent site and start email chains. This was the link:

  34. Photos of police in 3 different countries placing their knees on necks to restrain suspects on the ground

    France, Portugal and Israel

    Article in French confirming the photo from France is genuine

  35. Craig Murray:

    "Here are two murdered men who have even less chance of receiving justice than George Floyd ...

    "Iyad, on the left, was on his way to classes for those with special needs when he was chased and gunned down by Israeli soldiers."


    'Israeli occupation forces have gunned down and killed two unarmed Palestinians in the past 24 hours.

    'Iyad Hallak (L) was on his way to the school he attended.

    'Fadi Samara (R) was going to pick up his wife & children.

    'Experience indicates that there will be no accountability.'

  36. The techniques Police use to incapacitate or restrain individuals are based on efficiency, practicality and effectiveness.

    They drive cars better and faster than us (as a rule of thumb), restrain and detain better, are usually fitter (doughnuts aside), can detect and find individuals (when they choose to) and likewise, deceive when needed to. They have a pretty limitless skill set. Like Government, the Police are not too concerned by being described as bumbling idiots. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The last thing the Police want when detaining or restrainting someone is for the individual to wriggle free or struggle.

    Simply put, it would increase the chance of the officer being injured or the person escaping. It may also increase the likelihood of the detainee being injured too - not the greatest concern, however may also mean extra time filling in reports instead of eating doughnuts.

    The technique to incapacitate by placing the knee at the kneck (when used properly) is a means to control a person and apply focused pressure.

    The body can be controlled by controlling the head and pressure/pain applied until compliance is reached. Equally, half a dozen officers overpowering the body would also be useful.

    It doesn't change the fact that Minneapolis is fake as f#£&.

    Everything we know about this incident thus far has the usual suspects, agent provocateurs, planned violence, Hegelian outcomes and fake outrage.

    The 'knee on kneck' incident was to ensure the masses could have a 'visual fix' and an instant guilty verdict.

    Of course this cheap, tawdry rabble rousing event is nothing new. Think back to the Rodney King incident. Another fake race beating/bating event if ever there was one.

    The Rodney King beating took place on March 03. Indeed, 03/03. Seen that number anywhere before??? It was also 1991, a number that is palendromic.

    The masses then respond in the predictable manner expected of them, thus furthering the interests of the few.

    The Parable of the Wheats and Tares sums up beautifully the world today. Not divided by race, colour of creed. Rather, divided by deception and fraud.

    Peace to the humans.


    Rodney King video shows officers in low light administering a beating.

    The video predates mobiles. The 'shaky video' being shot showing officers beating Mr King on the 3/3 1991 has all the same characteristics as the fake/false flag terror videos. Likewise, who was the guy with shoulder held camcorder that the officers couldn't see.

    What was his proximity to the event with his crappy analogue 'video machine' and why the officers failed to spot him despite having a helicopter on site too.

    Yup, all the usual questions and zero answers.


  38. Subhumans acting like subhumans

  39. what happened to the two guys that were in the car with floyd ? another witness that took video says there were two guys in the car with him when he was pulled over by the police. i don't understand why these two men have not been interviewed. has anyone heard anything about this ? was the witness wrong and floyd was alone ?

  40. Anonymous releases court documents alleging Donald Trump raped a 13-year-old girl

    "The 13-year-old female plaintiff alleges Trump raped her no less than 4 times at four different parties starting in 1994, threatening to kill her and her family should she tell anyone."



  43. Why were four police officers involved in a simple case of a forged bank note? $20 fake note and you send out four policemen during Covid1984. That in itself is strange.

    All the groundwork has now finally been set. Riots and violence? - tick! Containment camps are coming next America. You will all soon be rounded up and placed into vacant and empty Wal-Marts (martial law...) and there you will be kept until a suitable vaccine is produced. Only then will you be allowed to return to 'normal life'. If you choose not to take the vaccine then they have a guillotine ready and waiting. Truthers overseas have been calling this one for years. Just wait til they start converting the yellow school buses into transportation...

    1. Well, if those protests continue and people start to be arrested or killed, they will have to find space to place all those people.

    2. If the police knew who he was and his violent gun assault conviction, it is standard practice to send out two cars and multiple police.

    3. He has no history in police at all. Check official records online whetger minneapolis or nypd or whatever records. No bookings.

  44. We, the human race, Are going through an evolutionary process. NOT revolution, but quiet calm evolution: 11:11 and

    1. Revolution is part of the evolution, can u hear urself?

  45. Anyone else following the Anonymous Trump and Epstein leaks? Looks like Trump and Epstein were fighting over the virginity of a 13 year old. Fucking wild and sick

  46. @ Anonymous 31 May 2020 11.03

    I did not know that yet, the j. slaveship owners, thank you for informing me, hell o.

    Read the gj comment of 13/15/29 May 2019 at Vidrebel, many unknown details about the background of the majority of todays American blacks.

    I quote "young black native American scholar Johnnie Aborigine. He delivers the goods, does his homework, is very original and sharp as a knife”:

    “Only 14 % of black Americans are African slaves descendants, the rest are aboriginal ´black´ people who are reclassified American aborigines. Less then 190.000 slaves directly from Africa were shipped into the United States.

    Direct African imports were imported primarily into Virginia and Carolina. Another 198.000 slaves were shipped into the United States from the Carribean.They were mainly Caracal and Arawak Indians.”

    The US police are a continuation of the slave patrol. Black car drivers in the US are definitely more stopped by (mostly white) cops and if at all George Floyd was killed it would not be the first time that a real setting like this takes place.

    Todays US police have the Freemasonry symbol in their badges etc. And many are even trained in the slc.

    Race is an issue all over the globe, certainly in the US. Let us not live under a Moonrock. The original name of Planned Parenthood is the Negro project. The majority of abortionclinics are in the blacks-only-hoods.
    by Amma Diop an African (a Senegalese) living in Washington

    The term African American was launched in 1988 by Jesse Jackson FBI operative in the MLK murder.

    MLK´s "we are held in exile in our own land" "we were here,..." were messages that even the jew and white liberals behind him found a bit too liberal.

    The Luzia skull who survived the zio fire in the Rio museum in 2018 starts to wiggle and says worry about the cv19 vaccine:

    the gj comment 29 May 2020

  47. Wag the dog, how can u distract sheeple even more? By creating another distraction. The Minneapolis hoax made them forget they have been more enslaved by a scamdemic.

  48. We have to understand this situation is a projection of their fear not ours. They are terrified of us and know the game is up. What did old Coleman used to say? It's only a matter of time. The US empire is like a drunk refused entrance to a nightclub on a saturday night. So it might go home and get a gun or drive it's car up onto the pavement at the bouncers. Truth is it ain't coming in. No one wants a drunk on the dance floor. No one. Everyone has had enough of this tosser. And yes it will rage and threaten and intimidate. But sooner or later someone will kick the shit out of the drunk. It won't take much. Really it won't. And most people will be completely unaware. But it's coming. Nothing and no one stops the dance.

  49. Photo of a darkened USA White House with lights turned off, being guarded from riots as smoke rises, President Trump and family taken to an underground bunker for safety

    60 agents of the USA Secret Service - the special force guarding the US President - have been injured in the last three nights of rioting

    Jared Kushner is reported to have instructed Donald Trump to not address the nation and largely let the riots continue

    We are seeing the older type of USA leadership being replaced

    Within 12 months, the USA President will likely be one of three black women - Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, or Michelle Obama - whom the dementia-afflicted Joe Biden will be assigned as his vice-president running mate

    The USA will be another Mexico or Brazil, in theory rich, but violence-ridden and poor for most people, with a Latin-American-type nominally 'leftist' leadership

    It will serve the oligarchy whilst speaking leftist slogans, and ruthlessly suppress dissent against the black female US presidency, which will claim only 'racists' oppose it

  50. Israel,Ehud-Barak,Jeffrey-Epstein,New-Orleans-Covid-19

    To Fight Coronavirus, This City Is Asking 911 Callers To Agree To Self Surveillance

    On a regular day in New Orleans’ 911 communications center, 45 people answer approximately 2,500 emergency calls. But days are anything but regular right now. Starting on March 16, 2020, emergency responders in the city of New Orleans are adapting to the new normal amidst the coronavirus pandemic by testing out Carbyne, an Israeli startup providing “next-generation 911” tech, founded by 35-year-old entrepreneur Amir Elichai.

    These responders are now using a tool built in part by former members of Israel’s military intelligence—Elichai being one—that’s backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who is now the company’s chairman, and a small, passive investment from deceased multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein


    The ambulance arrived with no EMT's. It was officers who loaded Georges coprse onto a stretcher and hauled it off. They didn't check for vitals or anything. None of that is standard. Police *never* do this kind of work in lieu of paramedics, and paramedics always begin working on the victim right away, they down't just scoop him up and whisk him away.

    It's reminiscent of mass casualty events which totally lack any evidence of triage.

    The officers who killed him were wearing blue uniforms, the officers who hauled him away were wearing brown uniforms.

  52. Derek Chauvin - Chauvinist pig (because a pig is a cop)

    Chauvinism is defined as a kind of reckless nationalism; the term is derived from a literary caricature of a bumbling patriotic Frenchman humiliated in the Revolution.


    Ahmaud Arbery - "Armed Robbery"

    1. Check Out:

      "I'm a redneck and I love America - A call for white folks to take responsibility racially." April 2015

      (Floyds roommate story could undermine the false flag speculation. The I can´t breath T shirts all over the place is def. Soros - BLM. That Floyd and Chauvin were doing security in the same bar does not mean that they were buddies, as noted already in this thread of comments)



  53. I suspect the claim that Chauvin and Floyd worked together at a nightclub is disinfo--a conspiracy angle "hook" to get skeptics of the official story to buy into the narrative that "Derek Chauvin" really was a Minneapolis police officer. If Chauvin worked at this (conveniently defunct) club for seventeen years it should be easy to find additional people to corroborate this claim. I haven't seen any.

    I think it's more likely that the guy in the video is some kind of deep state impostor (in a fake-looking uniform) and "Derek Chauvin" ("chauvinist pig") is a notional entity. Hence his flimsy and contradictory back story, residence in Florida, etc. I can't be certain, but this is my take.

    1. It is not disinfo.

    2. Anon23:59. I find myself agreeing with you about there not being more people coming forward claiming to know both of them from their time together at the club. I find that strange and highly suspicious if they were there for 17 years. It is not a huge venue.

  54. Also worth a mention. A photograph of Chauvin during the 'knee' incident has his hand in his left pocket.

    This has two important points. Firstly compromising the officers safety. If you were dealing with a large male needing restrained, you certainly wouldn't have your hand in your pocket for anything. You need both of them for the task of restraining the suspect.

    Secondly the hand in the pocket is esoteric symbolism (the hidden hand). A very subtle gesture repeated throughout the ages countless times.

    You will see this gesture in prominent historical figures from Napoleon to Royalty and many others.

    The hand in the pocket or resting through a buttoned jacket seems of little interest, however is associated with Freemasonic teachings.

    A quick search from Prince Harry to Presidents. Many people know of the supposed Merkel Diamond - another gesture given. A name by virtue of Merkel being noticed more than most giving this gesture. It is the same idea.

    Another variation of this gesture is one hand surreptitiously holding the other. Seems natural and of little interest, however, is very deliberately done and is also a variant of the hidden hand. George Floyd is in another picture doing this gesture.

    Just a point, for what it's worth.


    1. 'Master of the second veil' hidden hand gesture.

      Jeremiah Cohen has an excellent channel very OTO involved.

    2. FYI

      Worth a look. Same stuff

    3. An enhanced view of it shows that he was wearing black gloves which were resting on his thigh on his dark pants. Just saying.

  55. 'Suspicious Man Breaks Windows' video. 100% Agent Provocateur. It's like catching a ghost or 'UFO' on tape.

    In fact, even in the middle of the unrest, the locals called him out as being a cop. A white male, objectively smashing the windows then just leaving the scene.

    Fair play to the young black dude in the pink. He was facing a clandestine assailant who is armed with a hammer at the very least.

    Proof positive that the riots and civil unrest are orchestrated and organised. Mankind is under attack from its own Governments.

    Medical frauds, Police frauds, Military frauds, Political frauds, Social Work frauds, Teaching frauds.

    'THEY' rule over us. 'THEY' are the Tares in the Parable of the Wheats and Tares.

    They are the Djinn.

    Folks they look like us. 'THEY' ain't us.

    Peace to the humans.

  56. Meanwhile....

  57. There is also black supremacy, hindu supremacy and other races/ethnicities supremacy, but white ppl are singled out and take all the blame. Give me a break!

    1. White supremacy is the most prolific / problematic. Just look at all the 0.01%ers - and what they're getting up to ...



  60. Media photo of Trump posing with a Bible, in front of boarded-up, burned, historic 200-year-old St Johns Church near the White House

    Trump looks feckless and ridiculous

    Apparently tear gas had been used to clear away protestors to help produce this photo

    Tear gas is obviously effective as well as generally non-lethal

    Yet police across the USA are not using their ample tear gas supplies, to stop the rioting and looting and killings, and destruction of billions' worth of property, including the wiping out of most stores in black neighbourhoods?

    The Episcopal (USA Anglican) bishop of the diocese including the church, has denounced Trump commandeering church premises for propaganda purposes

    1. Supposedly the government stated that tear gas was not used.Where are the water cannons?
      Gloves off should have been a long time ago.
      Religious politician upset that someone stole their thunder.
      Too many "health deniers" and "American priviledge"
      Populations need to wake up and realize that politics is the virus and the motive behind this dangerous situation.


  62. "I am going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups. We'll put them into a mental trap and make them blame White people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate". George Soros, from an interview with Germany's Bild in Sept. 2014

    1. Linky please?...

      He's not that fkn open no matter how fkn important he thinks he is.

    2. I concur: Link please. That is too delicious to not be able to view with one's own eyes.

  63. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

    Sinclair Lewis

  64. Why were the onlookers so passive when Chauvin was doing his thing...I don't believe that is his name, nor do I believe that this was a real arrest. These two clowns are now on holiday somewhere until the rioting that they caused has died down.

  65. Look who's talking!

  66. Does anybody notice that the ambulance took only 2 minutes and 20 second to come and save George (the "victim")?

    Indeed when George suddenly stop "breathing" and talking we see the ambulance coming (in less than 3 minutes) with two policemen in brown shirt and their bulletproof vest....

    We are supposed to be in a full covid pandemic and in Mineapolis they find an ambulance in just 2 minutes and 20 second !!!

    Isn't strange.

    The other strange thing is when the ambulance came Derek Chauvin continue to have his knee on George neck !!!
    WTF ! If he is so bad that he needs an ambulance why continue to keep him like this ?

    Complete nonsense as well as the transfer of George on the stretcher.When I take bag of patatoes I' ll do it more softly.

    I think George is not only a porn actor but he may also be a crisis actor.


  67. Present WH resident Donald T. with a Bible in front of St John´s Church?

    A footnote by a former Redneck from Tennessee:

    6.51 : “I am not against Christianity, I am against the way Christianity has been used, I am against white Jesus, white Jesus is a (...) lie. Even the Bibble says Jesus was´nt (...) white.”

    Revelation {1:15}: “…And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace”

    99 % of killings by police from 2013-2019 have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime

    24 % of them were black while blacks are 13 % of the US population


  69. "The Floyd Hoax is a mannipulative coordinated ploy, to secure a second presidential term. Plan A Failed. Plan B is failing. What might Plan C be? All deceit ofc."

    1. "The Floyd Hoax is a manipulative coordinated ploy, to STOP a second presidential term. Plan A Failed. Plan B is failing. What might Plan C be? All deceit ofc."

    2. I see the Floyd hoax as just another continuation of the Covid1984 hoax /(Coax). Soros is behind it as we know. He's been waiting for this since before Trump came into office. Superbowl ... (whatever one it was) with Boyonce's 'BLM' was supposed to then inspire rioting. But this time George has got his riots and civil unrest. It was all in the plans. Just another tick on their list of things to do - in order to get to their 500 000 000 wet dream. In my opinion -





  74. Small questions, what is so good about a 2nd T. term, will he all of a sudden put a hold on the 5 G 60 ghz WMD roll out and say we should follow the example of the slc, it has no 5 G and does not fry the brains of kids in its public schools with wifi?

    Will he all of a sudden stop the billons of usd yearly military aid to the slc?

    Will he all of a sudden say no the US national Education or Sharing Day, say no to his son in law, Chabad whisperer Jared K.?

    Will he all of a sudden say no way to the Noahide laws and say they hide the total destruction of the US?

    Will he all of a sudden say I am fed up with the FED and end it?

    Will he all of sudden MAGA?

    Of course not, black filmdirector Spike Lee calls him Agent Orange. I call him Donald Swamp.

  75. It is common to think that these riots in the USA are finishing Trump politically

    But some note how riots such as these, quite often move populations toward the right wing, even some of the minority voters who want urban peace and 'law and order' ... is this why the riots have been sponsored?

    These USA riots now, are the worst there since 1968, after Martin Luther King was assassinated in April of that year

    US cities burned ... and the US electorate moved very quickly from left-liberal, and increasingly anti-war, to a fairly hard right wing

    1968 had 3 major USA presidential candidates, the moderate left Hubert Humphrey, the Trump-like quasi-populist Richard Nixon, and the extreme-right US Southern segregationist George Wallace

    After a hot season of US cities in flames, Wallace's support hit a high of 21%, before losing some of them to Nixon on election day

    Because of the rioting - even outside the doors of the political conventions - 57% of US citizens that year, voted either right-wing or far-right, and even tho two right-wing candidates were competing, Nixon was still elected

    The USA is demographically different now, but observers are noting a trend for non-black US minorities - the more numerous Latinos plus the Asians - to drift toward the right, because of concerns about crime and riots, and also a wish to avoid paying huge taxes for 'slavery reparations'.

    These last few days have seen street battles between USA Latinos and blacks, as Latinos have tried to stop rioting entering their neighbourhoods

    Stony Brook University Professor Helmut Norpoth, noted for his at the time bold 2016 prediction of Trump's victory, says it is 90% likely Trump will win this year too

    1968 US election photo, 3 campaign buttons for
    Humphrey - Nixon - Wallace

  76. there used to be islamic terrorism

    but then there was covid
    and the islamic extremists became quiet

    there used to be covid virus panic

    but then there were race-issue riots
    and the covid virus receded rapidly

    covid cured the terrorism ?
    race-issue riots cured the virus ?

    or can spook operations only focus on one scam at a time?

  77. As noted in Aangirfan's article,

    The El Neuvo Rodeo night club where Chauvin and Floyd worked as bouncers, is said to be tied to the Sinaloa Cartel drug trafficking organisation, which is in turn is said to use Latino advocacy movements such as La Raza as a cover

    Maya Santamaria who used to own the nightclub, and knew Chauvin and Floyd as quoted in media, owns a Spanish radio station, 'La Raza'

    The police precinct involving the officers and with evidence there, the nightclub, and the radio station, are all burned down now by 'rioters'

    Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar - a Democratic Presidential candidate earlier this year - had been helpful in getting earlier charges dropped against Derek Chauvin

    "Minnesota is a known hub for human, drug and money trafficking, a Sinaloa cartel stronghold"

    Sinaloa Cartel leader, Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán, was a few cells away from Jeffrey Epstein in the same jail when Epstein was allegedly 'suicided'

    Is there a cover-up because big politicians are involved, of what may have been a mob hit caught on video?

    screenshot of 4chan thread on this

    1. I am sorry, what exactly was the mob hit when all was staged?

  78. george floyds masonic connections & other interesting insights ..big up Just Tis

  79. "Police in the USA showing the White Power sign?"

    Also a well known 666 satanic sign. Too easy to dismiss this as white power.

    Looking at the symbolism, regalia and Freemasonry connections to practically all the worlds Police forces from upside down pentagrams to the chequered hats.

    Saying these officers are 'white power' rather than 'satanic agents' is missing the point so spectacularly as to defy belief.

    White Power is trivial by comparison. I firmly believe they are displaying satanic signs.

    Even groups like the KKK are more in line with satanists and hidden occult symbolism than perceived white power.

    KKK. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet and using simple English gematria yup K+K+K = 11+11+11. Or 33 for short.

    So whilst the brain dead rednecks think they are white power or whatever, there is a more sinister and divisive force pushing the narrative.

    The entire power structure that sits further up the feudal food chain is entirely counter to the interests of mankind. The Police are only one part there of.

    White Power, Black Power, makes no difference. A failed perception passed off as reality, wrapped in injustice and enmity.

    Back to the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares yet again.


    1. I couldn’t agree more - all these events have an occult angle which is their true purpose. Now they have created a Christ type figure who we are all told to kneel in front of ...

  80. George Floyd died from coronavirus

    The medical examiner said that, in addition to covid 19, George Floyd had "arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease, fentanyl intoxication, and recent use of methamphetamine and cannabis"


    Lawyers say that police charged with murdering George Floyd, have strong legal grounds for being acquitted, if the courts are not biased, because:

    Minneapolis Police written rules of conduct specifically authorise and approve knee-on-neck tactics to subdue persons resisting arrest, and speak of training to use such techniques

    This technique is used by police in multiple nations, as media photos make clear

    Minneapolis police have apparently taken their police policy manual offline, but an archive of the web page can be viewed:

    "Minneapolis Police Department Use of Force Policy:
    Use of Neck Restraints

    Non-deadly force option. Defined as compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or leg, without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway (front of the neck)."




  84. Total acting, watch!

  85. From Jim Stone's site and I dont doubt him either:

    "There's a new rumor going around that I'd LOVE TO SPREAD because it is probably 100 percent legit, and how such horrible people were recruited for these riots -
    Here it is folks, and I'd bet it is SPOT ON:

    Rumor has it that a large number of people were released from prison under the excuse of "avoiding covid" and upon release went straight into training for these riots. That would explain why so many were totally unafraid to destroy as much as they did, the way they did. The prisons were the source, and COVID was the excuse used to get these people out to "do their service" and be forgiven for whatever put them in jail to begin with."

    1. Rumour???????

      It's the effing law in Scotland. Prisoners have a legal right to release in Scotland.

      The Release of Prisoners (Coronavirus) (Scotland) Regulations 2020.

      I am pretty certain the right is also enshrined in law in other countries too. If not law - then at least policy.

      In Scotland prisoners serving less than 18 months will qualify for release. That accounts for violent thugs, house breakers and all kinds of nutters.

      Good observations as to why the violence is so extreme and the disorder so organised and extensive.


  86. Phone data from about 400 activists in Michigan’s capital who protested coronavirus-related government orders was unconstitutionally collected by a progressive advocacy group, but the same group has curiously not collected similar data on George Floyd rioters.

    Must just be some innocent & unbiased coincidence, right?

  87. Now, for more interesting news...
    Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw paid lip service to the right of citizens to defend their businesses and lives on Tuesday during a press conference, but in the next breath expressed how disturbed they were that they would take matters into their own hands.

    The statement came after a gun store owner in the city shot and killed a looter.

    The 67-year-old owner told cops he spent the night at Firing Line Inc. on South Front Street after a recent attempted burglary at his business, CBS Philadelphia reports.

    “He was inside of his gun shop overnight because someone had attempted to break in over the past few days,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told the station.

    The owner, Greg Isabella, opened fire with a Bushmaster M4 rifle, police told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    A group of four men used bolt cutters to cut a lock before forcing open a door to the gun range at about 4:15 a.m., police told CBS Philadelphia.

    The suspects proceeded to a second floor, where an armed Isabella was waiting after seeing them moments earlier on surveillance cameras, the station reports.

    “One of the males pointed a gun at the owner, and that’s when the owner of the gun shop, who was in possession of one of his guns, fired several shots, striking the one male at least one time in the head,” Small said. (NY Post)

    While customers praised the owner, Kenney and Outlaw appeared to condemn him.

    “We do not endorse or condone any form of vigilante justice or taking the law into one’s own hands,” said Outlaw, who encouraged people to protect themselves by “safe, nonviolent” methods where possible. She was, however, forced to admit that “there are very clear laws that allow us to protect ourselves and our property from harm.”




  91. Accidentally my foot and those are not real policemen at all. I mean they willingly gave themselves away, excuse me? All staged, folks, move on now!



  94. Stoned or MK ULTRA glitch?

  95. Political artist of our time, David Dees has sadly

  96. The Club/La Raza/Cartel connection is very interesting and could be some connecting dots. Perhaps it was a cartel hit. The cartel make videos of them killing enemies all of the time and Chauvin was almost relishing being filmed.

  97. Check Out:,week%20has%20sparked%20widespread%20protests

    Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey kneels and sobs in front of George Floyd’s casket

    The Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey IS REAL

  98. A youtube comment:

    Fatova Mingus 1 hour ago

    "This kid was a civil rights lawyer before he oddly was elected mayor. I think he IS crying for every black man that was shot. Every case he could not win. Every family he could not help. He's only 38 years old and he's devoted his life to civil rights. This is no PR stunt. We just have never witnessed an elected official clutching on to the casket of one black man who represents every black man he thinks he failed. I think we should step back on Jacob Frye."

    1. Hilarious! - and the masses just eat it up. All I am seeing is a continuation of fake white guilt being used to further exploit the race war that is building nicely in the United States.
      He is an 'elected official', he's 'in the club'. The All-Seeing club. He'll do as he is told to help out his satanic bosses. Did you see any real tears in his ...'performance'?

    2. With special dedication for u, perhaps u will wake up:

    3. Perhaps I could join the party.

      Frey grew up in Oakton, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. His mother was born Jewish, and his father converted to Judaism.

      Frey is a Reformist Jew. Judaism like Islam doesn't do 'reform' too well.

      Orthodoxy is very important in faith. Reformists often apply the hand of man to further the aims of those who seek a clandestine agenda.

      Many who practice Orthodox faith would view reformists as heretics or apostates.

      The view being it is not up to mankind to reform (change) what he has no authority over.

      Of course, yet another careerist that has a 'too good to be true' CV.

      His Wiki page makes an interesting read too. Again, human rights, activism, gay rights and marriage and of course climate change activism and a Reformist Jew and just manages to be all of this in a town no where near DC.

      The Mayor is the leader of DFL the Democratic Farmers. Strange that the lad from DC can lead the farmers of Mineapolis.

      This guy has GIANT FRAUD written all over him.

      Back to the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares.

      Not taking sides here, just offering a few observations from an orthodoxy perspective and a 2 minutes look at his wiki page.

      Peace to the humans.

    4. @ Anonymous 6 June 2020 at 08:48

      If Frye is fake, I accept that, not ok, but no problem:

      The problem is the USA is fake or as Bobby Fischer put it in a plane to Iceland after 8 months jail in Japan instigated by cryptojew Bush:

      "The United States is an illegitimate country just like Israel. That country, the United States, belongs to the red man, the American Indian. It's actually a shame to be a so-called American because everybody living there is a usurper an invader."

      That is standing beside the chesboard.

      I had that view on the USA already as a 16 year old kid demonstrating against the US killing fields in Vietnam and it never changed, because the US never changed, it only got worse.

      If the USA burns down to the ground which I truly don´t hope then it would be just collective karma for the landtheft and masskilling that started btw by the catholic Spaniards who with the whitewashed JC and backed up by the papal bull of Spaniard Rodrigo Borja who became Vatican ceo 11 august 1492.

      Things Fischer did not know yet, the majority of todays black Americans are direct dna descendants of the native black people of the Americas as seen by Chris C. and all the other European explorers after him.

      An important omission in the txt books from kindergarten to university and on the Hollywoodscreen.

      The "American Indian" jew run Hollywood shows is the mongloid Indian, who formed 1/3 of the whole spectrum.

      The US has GIANT FRAUD written all over it as a nation as a whole.

      And I don´t play advocate for Frey here, saying this.

      If you wanna know US history check out Constantine Rafinesque, he described the great diversity of peoples in the Americas in great detail: there is no Red Man.

      The term Redskin is derived from the scalps of Native Americans that the "Euro-American" bountyhunter had to show his paymaster in order to cash. It hapened on a assembly line, so to speak.

      As I noted earlier in this Minnesota thread the term African American is launched by Jesse Jackson in 1988 who is a FBI operative in the MLK killing.

      MLK started to find out that blacks were already in America
      before the Europeans came, who were not amused by this nor were the jews behind him.

      Jack D. Forbes is another reliable source, lightskinned Native American founder of Native American Studies at UCLA:
      "Columbus and Other Cannibals".

      Karma which simply means action-re-action ad infinitum, collective and individual is not limited to one life.

      Collectively it can be understood. But individually not, at least not by the peoples of the Abrahamic organised religions.

      The Christian clergy aborted the Law of Reincarnation from the Bible. There are verses, sayings of JC refering to reincarnation.

      No peace without justice, no justice without truth, amego.

  99. Check Out:

    Meghan Merkle Meghan gives a speech - 4 june- to the 2020 graduates of Immaculate Heart High School which she herself began to attend when she was 12 during the Rodney King Riots in 1992.

  100. Anyone noticed the Corona Light advertising at both sides of the Floyd actor? He had probably been drinking Corona. *Corona=crown. Sun/corona.
    Kneeling is submission and in other crisis actor demonstrations they crowd on demand repeatedly fell flat in the sand (head in the sand), face down, as token of total spineless submission. Now if that isn't a sign of mass conditioning. Or they lay down on the streets as sheep and cowards.
    Message: don't resist or protest, be obedient, submissive, be scared, brave etc.
    Wonder if that is about the cabal, the masons, or perhaps pro-Islam Pavlov reflex programming?
    Kneeling is also done with Knighting.
    Now why would the world suddenly kneel for a multiple convicted criminal?
    There are out there thousands of better occasions to mourn.
    More proof that it's all pre-scripted. A typical Psyop operation.
    Cops can be brutal, but why this? It happened so many times before.
    This is clockwork orchestrated for sure.

    1. And dont forget the newly minted expression "Blackout Tuesday". What does "blackout" mean? MK Ultra vibes anyone? Yep, I thought so.

    2. Black Tuesday refers to economic and financial crashes, all organised of course, like in the 1929's.
      You can bet that any mayor "incident" like Floyd bears it's fingerprints of the Deep state and the "bricklayers" or the symbols of numerology. Numerology is something those masonic Talmoed adoring sniffers and puppet-players are obsessed with.

  101. I an seeing double and triple, but, why, why? Oh yes, that's right,I see several "crisis workers"! Not to mention what I didn't see here, but it's out there, the terrible fake tears of the 'relatives'. It's like the WORSE the acting, the EASIER to spot the BS, seriously. So, what YOU should take away from this is the following: the goal is to have you, me and anyone who is not an elitist dead!

    There's 500 million spaces available on a ticket to another location, but those chosen have already been selected , notified, and prepared for this day years ago for this day. That leaves about 8 billion remaining here for their off-world distant viewing enjoyment until we're all dead, eventually (I refer to the Georgia Guidestones - those "New Age of Reason" commandments have become much clearer as of 40 years later, no?

    And, we thought 'Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor' was some dystopian fictional trilogy, when it was really a preview of things to come - as you are now the story, maybe you don't know it yet? When it's your turn to be taken as "Tribute" for their viewing pleasure, they will be passing around your fingers and toes for the guests to eat while laughing and watching you animals kill each other to stay alive! Heck,t hey probably won't even eat all of us - I'm sure some of us will be left as food crumbs and pieces for their pets!

  102. What if all these thousands of empty beds in "Covidiot emergency hospitals" are made available to the coming civil wars?
    The focus shifts to the old never to be solved Madeleine case (was it ever a case?). It won't be solved since there are to many high level paedophiles involved. Always handy to shift the focus to children in wars and revolutions.
    They themselves don't care about children, Most of them are unmarried or sexual perverted. Besides, they have no problem to kill thousands of children by bombings or trough "vaccinations". 500.000 permanently damaged by Bill Gates "Philanthropic", "health preventive" actions with untested or deliberately hazardous "vaccinations" in India. Hundreds killed. Millions of woman unauthorised sterilisation campaign as part of the "vaccination" bogus.

    Sturgeon visited a silicon covidiot "zombie patient".
    Covid causing plastification in the "House of Wax".

  103. Check Out:

    “This is not just about the eight minutes of time where our officer had his knee on George Floyd’s neck. This is about the previous 400 years. This is about a hundred years’ worth of intentional segregation and institutionalized racism.”

  104. More deep Freemason connections in the George Floyd event

    Highly visible in media regarding George Floyd is his famous millionaire basketball player best friend from youth in Texas, so close he is called Floyd's 'twin brother', Stephen Jackson

    Jackson has posted on Instagram about his 'fathers Mason Brothers 33' with a photo of Masonic gear with the all-seeing eye, and how he will follow his father

    Photo of Masonic gear here:

    Stephen Jackson with George Floyd's daughter Gianna

    A former USA footballer, Larry Johnson, charges that the George Floyd death was a human Masonic 'sacrifice'

    Maya Santamaria is the Latina media and entertainment mogul who had owned the El Nuevo Rodeo Nightclub, where Derek Chauvin and George Floyd both worked at 2709 E Lake St Minneapolis

    Maya Santamaria also owns the Masonic-tied edifice on the same block; the ancient hall of the International Order of Odd Fellows, at 2701 E Lake St Minneapolis, now called the '27 Event Center', but with the IOOF letters still on the facade


    On the Odd Fellows and the Masons:

    "The two Fraternities are very similar in the symbolism they use, the values they share, and in the way they began.

    Both Fraternities use many of the same symbols--the All Seeing Eye, the sun and moon, the Holy Bible, and the beehive, Odd Fellows also have an initiation and degree system much like Masonry, and use aprons as part of their regalia.

    Throughout history, many Freemasons have also been Odd Fellows. Freemasons like Winston Churchill, William McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Red Skelton, and USA Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren were also members of the Odd Fellows. One of the best known Masons, Albert Pike, was an Odd Fellow!"

    1. Masonry involved or not, it was all just a big hoax. H.O.A.X. and even a blind can see, end of story.

    2. Oddfellows spawned B’nai B’rith

  105. Along with their “special numbers” the elite also like to involve twins in their rituals for some reason.
    And now we find out that NBA star Stephen Jackson states George Floyd is my twin....
    Also these two men look very, very similar - just saying.

  106. More important info:



  109. Meanwhile, who cares about this?

  110. Today, in Wiki's Did u know:

    "....that cloth face masks are considered source control but they are not considered personal protective equipment?"

  111. So this is not black terrorism/rayssism?

  112. Not much attention given to this:

  113. Cult-owned world ‘leaders’ literally read their script to hand billions of our money to Gates front GAVI for global vaccinations – puppet Johnson to the fore



  116. Whenever you see celebrities jumping on the bandwagon for anything like this, you know it's fake or some kind of psy-op.


  118. USA you are facing a very subtle and well orchestraded coup d'etat...take a look at 1974 Portugal and 1975 Angola...the same bosses and the same strategies...if you guys let it happen very soon you all face a civil war...

    25 de Abril de 1974 - O Momento

    Kenneth Jones - Angola Independence 1975

  119. Yeah sure Darpa would be the "solution".
    Create a hoax virus-scare and implement the forced "testing" and "vaccination". Or was it the Waxination?
    Ever seen the "House of Wax". (movie)
    Think about it, the "biosensors" in your body track you down trough mobile phone and "safety-scanners" everywhere on the planet. Before you realize it, the robo-cops and white suits will force their way into your life and transport you to concentration-camps to be tested and "treated". Without your knowledge that biosensor will continuously communicate with the "doctors"?. In the WWII people were forced in cattle trains to be transported to hard labour-camps presented as the "labour-paradise" to be "disinfected". Well with their extinctions the illness itself died indeed, so the case was successful, although the patient lost his life. Nowadays the treatment is worse as the ailment ruining business and lives. It's like middle age blood letting, stay home and close windows and curtains. Absolutely silly and beyond reason.
    Worldwide many more died of other illnesses thousands of times worse. But no it's all covidiot brainwashing.
    Suddenly the focus shifts to the riots. They have something else to poke and write about. The virus mysteriously vanished, if ever it existed. What is it's just the common flu together with another more dangerous string all presented as Covididiot victims. We hardly care about the global treat of most important illnesses. How many have died of these ill-minded lockdowns?
    It's to bring the economy to the Marxism proletarian technocracy of plutocrats (the old aristocracy).
    Bring in the 3e world to destroy our way of living and reduce us to slavery and blind (Chinese?)obedience.
    Why do we have to be monitored 24/7 as if we are a bunch of heavy criminals. What do they think they are, to interfere with our lives, as there is no legal reason to track us down like terrorists, (who they secretly support).
    If anything like these great "revolutions" or virus scare occurs, you should ask yourself, who benefits? What is it they want to install in the police-state.
    It's always the same strategy. Divide and conquer and problem reaction solution. It was the covidnuts against the Covid deniers. Now it turns into the war of the races because one guy supposedly "died". Many more have died because of the riots. The same is true with Covid.
    The world is a gunpowder store "suddenly" hit by a spark.
    Did Covid drive them into insanity and mass hysteria?
    Or was it just the puppet-players, media and big money?
    History will teach that this happened before 100 years ago.
    Now most of them died of age, who will remember?

  120. Quote: "2018-2020: Serco shareholders appear to offer XX Viapath vaccination services to un-sick intellectuals and world bankers such as Bill Clinton and late David Rockefeller and George H. Bush (ΦΒΚ) and Michael Bloomberg, Wilbur Ross and Larry Fink (KBΦ). " Serco had allegedly deployed vaccinated Con Air SWAT teams to create hot spots and conceal a possible carbon-footprint cull 2018 through 2019, Serco’s Resilience trainers, apparently working with Clinton Con Air SKAB and prison-based Phantom Secure communications networks, synchronize a BBC and Cambridge University production of Contagion! in Haslemere, UK. November 17, 2019: First case of COVID-19 detected in Wuhan, weeks before China acknowledged the outbreak and after Con Air actions. October 18, 2019: In NYC Pierre Hotel, Serco’s Resilience trainers appear to synchronize Event 201—co-hosted by Johns Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—which preceded the spread of a mutated virus “modeled largely on SARS .. [but] more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms”. July 2019: Gates Foundation Trust buys stake in UK prison firm Serco, which runs six UK for-profit prisons and gives insiders ability to deploy vaccinated prisoners on JABS. August 2019: Serco, Inc is awarded a potential five-year, $608 million indefinite-delivery, indefinite quantity contract from the U.S. Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWARSYSCOM) which thereby enables shareholders to control U.S. response (e.g. surrender!) to existential threats from CBRN weapons of mass destruction."

  121. Open Letter To:

    Sir David Cecil Clementi, Oxford Chairman BBC Board, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, former chairman Prudential plc [N.B. Prudential Plc + its fellow Serco shareholders, including Educators’ pension funds (TIAA & USS) and International Bankers (Blackrock & $100+ trillion Global Custodians) met for live action role play (LARP) on 47th floor of WTC1, NYC, on 9/11!]; ex Master Mercer (i.e. City & Guilds insider with WCIT Bill Gates whose Microsoft SMS allegedly linked Serco Twitter time to BBC XX TRUMP in 1998 to conceal Sidley Austin tax and sidecar frauds and Phantom Secure and Starnet crimes.)


    Past and present BBC Director Generals: Resigning Tony Hall; Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Studios (formerly known as BBC Worldwide); Mark Thompson, President and CEO of The New York Times Company; Greg Dyke and, John Birt, Strategic Adviser to Tony Blair (2001-2005)

    From David Hawkins—Discovery CSI © 2019, 2020 David C. Hawkins

    Re: Reverse CSI, Template Download, Patreon account, Deductive Computing Machine, Object Oriented Fractal Paintbrush, HESPER—Expert System For Petrophysical Formation Evaluation,

    June 3, 2020

    Dear Sir,

    “Did The Phantom Kill In Twitter Time” refers to the murder-for-hire services of a 20,000-member crime group, Phantom Secure, launched out of Richmond B.C., which allegedly uses a BBC Double Cross (XX) TRUMP template of patented devices in the de facto custody of Serco Group Plc to kill targets in Short Message Service (SMS) or Twitter time and fund FVEY attacks on U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand with Sidley Austin sidecar tax-shelter frauds.

    I allege that certain Rhodes Scholars selected by N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd., set up the BBC XX program in WWII and, by 1996, had backdoored Serco’s Prisoner Escorting and Custody Services tracking system to Phantom Secure to fix the killing of George Floyd, Jeffrey Epstein, Gareth Williams, Captain Gerald DeConto, Peter Ganci Jr., John O'Neill, Carlton Bartels, Jill Dando and Princess Diana in Twitter (SMS) time on TRUMP.

    “BBC George Floyd death: Lawyer calls it 'premeditated murder' 31 May 2020."

  122. The real George Soros. A lovely man.

  123. Obama Foundation tweeted 16th May about George Floyd,days before he 'died'.

  124. Coronavirus: "What is going on is one of the greatest wealth transfers in history" - CNBC's Jim Cramer

  125. RE: 'Are cops and soldiers, like football players, under some sort of Masonic control? "Taking a knee" is a gesture of Masonic allegiance'


    1. The taking a knee gesture is present in many religions and cults all over the planet, it is not strictly confined to Freemasonry, nor was it invented by them, let's get real! By and large it is indeed a gesture of obedience and/or submission.

  126. And no protest over blacks killing each other, as usual....

  127. A lot of this is bullshit like the cop "vandalizing" their car. Full video shows rioters jumping up and down smashing the SUV. Window was destroyed so police could see safely to srive it off the streets. Don't be blind sheep.





  132. Grimes and dancers wearing COVID FACEMASKS in a music video 4 Months before Wuhan happened. Don't worry. Its just a coincidence...

  133. Check Out:

    9 june 2020

    Derek Chauvin and George Floyd had history of not getting along, coworkers say

  134. Economists have declared that the longest economic expansion in American history, which has been presided over by President Donald Trump since his taking office in January 2017, has come to an end.

  135. The anti trump drek is lame, tear gas was not used, and that church is the church of the presidents, 41 Presidents have been there. There is a photo of clinton holding up a Bible in that exact spot. It had been vandalized and wild protesters had set up a street fire earlier. There was arson at that church. The church is also a landmark for the civil rights movement.

    However, there are some good points made regarding the staged "32" degree (see the cop car number) masonic ritual. The shoe is there, and one cop calls dispatch and says "there is blood coming from his mouth" even though clearly there is not.

    Floyd didn't drink or use drugs? The 911 call said he was drunk, and wasn't he ever busted for coke possession. Autopsy said fentanyl but who knows

  136. We all know how both parties are, but check this out:

  137. Of course that is not the real killer"

  138. Like I said, how did they get the "virus" if they are isolated? More bs then:


  140. Check Out:

    Another fake moonlanding orchestrated from Houston in todays lunatic society?

    Seems to be some body in the golden casket. Paid by boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. Don´t think any of the people bringing the last salute to George Floyd were paid crisis actors...













  153. The kneeling to the rioters and their associated movements, by all sorts of political leaders, people and even police and military, is disturbing for many people, whether left or right, white or black

    This seems to be groveling and humiliation, that is encouraging aggression by the lawless

    US whites, 56% of the population and on the verge of becoming a minority - already true of USA schoolchildren - are fearing a South-Africa-style ending of bloodshed against themselves, indulged by the next government

    Trump has made a 30-second campaign video, 'Kneel', where he contrasts himself 'standing up for keeping communities safe', contrasted with Joe Biden genuflecting amidst riot images ... Trump talking about Antifa burning and looting, the strange demands that police be defunded and eliminated

    The video is effective ... Was this the plan? So much disorder and violence perceived as from the Left / minorities, that the Right wins?