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 The late UK politician Greville Janner (right) had powerful friends.

Anonymous quotes from the following -


Christopher Stanley, Litigation Consultant with KRW LAW LLP in Belfast:

"I represent a client ('A') who was trafficked from Belfast to London to be a sex-worker into the notorious Piccadilly Rings, a Dilly-Boy.

"He also 'worked' in a male brothel in West London. 

"His sister and brother were also abused in Northern Ireland and his brother was also trafficked to England. 'A' was 16 when he arrived in London having escaped the 'care' system.

Greville Janner was close friends with Uri Geller, who has been linked to Mossad and various alleged child abusers.

"At the request of the  Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse he has provided a detailed Witness Statement which alleges that he was 17 when he was approached by GREVILLE JANNER in Piccadilly and then lived with him for a week at his DOLPHIN SQUARE FLAT in Westminster and accompanied him to a performance at Earls Court where he met PRINCE ANDREW and SARAH FERGUSON.

"The date of that performance at Earls Court cross-referenced with Prince Andrew's diary engagements and the date of birth of 'A' suggests he was 17. 

"'A' was paid by Janner for sexual services and provided with meals and clothes. Janner also appeared as a witness on his behalf at Bow Street Magistrates Court when 'A' was charged with offences relating to prostitution.

Greville Janner is seen above with cabinet minister Michael Gove and a boy.

" 'A' freely admits that he would not have thought of making a complaint to any institution as he had been abused by politicians, social workers, judges and policemen – those who were trusted with the protection of the vulnerable.

"Having been invited to provide a Witness Statement to the IICSA in relation to the module 'An inquiry into the institutional responses to allegations of child sexual abuse involving the late Lord Janner of Braunstone QC' I attended what in effect was a case-management hearing.

"'A' is not a Core Participant (yet) but a potential witness.

"My expectations of the culture and organisation of the IICSA, given the seriousness of its work, had been raised following what can only be described as a troublesome beginning. They had been raised because of the relative silence around it proceedings ...

Greville Janner has been linked to child abuse rings.

"... [Daniel Janner said:] His father was now the victim, his reputation (and that of his family) was on trial. 

"He used the words 'kangaroo' (40:21) and 'Kafkaesque' (43:6), 'gravy-train lawyers' (42:14), 'Auschwitz' (49:2), and 'but this strand actually is a gift to the Jew haters and anti-Semites' (41: 22 – 23) and 'We saw it with the collapse of the civil claims against him, and then the estate. 

"We saw it with the false allegations of the fantasist Carl Beech - 'Nick' - who accused my late father of raping him in the Carlton Club, and here we have a number of 'Nicks''. (40: 15 -19).

"... [Daniel Janner also said:] 'Now, another false complainant recently jumped on the infamous – this is quite an easy one to jump on: Dolphin Square – Dolphin Square rumours to allege that he was raped there'. (47: 21 – 25).

"... In response to the family of Janner, a counsel for a number of complainants (the abused accusers), sought to recalibrate what had gone before. He recognised that 'filial piety is a virtue universally recognised, but so, too, in a legal forum, is objective engagement with the facts' (62: 11 – 14). 

"He reminded the panel that a report by a High Court Judge had commented that in 1991 and 2002 and 2007 Janner should have faced prosecution for indecent assault and buggery ...

Greville Janner has been linked to powerful people.

"'A' is silenced even before he speaks. He is the corrupt and venal accuser claiming/complaining of abuse (rape, buggery, indecent assault) – he has a criminal record, he has mental issue 'issues', he was 'in care'. He did not complain at the time. 

"He has not spoken before because he was silenced by the likes of the institutions Janner was a part of – the Court, his Church, his Westminster (including the environs of Dolphin Square). 

"[On 5 March 2020 the Chair wrote:] 'I have carefully considered all of the written and oral submissions made to me, including those made in closed session. Having done so, it is my decision that the Investigation should continue ...

"'The main reason for my decision is that there remain, in my view, too many unanswered questions about institutional responses to the allegations made against Lord Janner. Those allegations were extremely serious, and they span a period of decades ...

"'First, let it be said that Lord Janner, described ... as a devoted public servant, died while awaiting trial at the Central Criminal Court on 22 CHARGES OF SEXUAL OFFENCES AGAINST CHILDREN. 

"On several previous occasions, he should have been prosecuted. In the view of Sir Richard Henriques, prosecution would have led to a realistic prospect of conviction ... [T]he allegations against Lord Janner ... were of rape, buggery, indecent assault and gross indecency, dating from around 1955 until August 1988 ...'


"The investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse made against Greville Janner will commence on 12 October 2020.

"The complainants (those who accuse Greville Janner of sexual abuse) will be able to maintain anonymity ...

"THE BULK OF THE HEARING WILL BE IN CLOSED FORM. This means the complete record of those proceedings will not be published. This will also mean any Report of the proceedings will similarly be restricted in what it can comment on and this will circumvent its Conclusion and Recommendations.

"CPS Complainants (the alleged abused accusers) and possibly 'A' as a witness, will give evidence, IF INVITED, in some form ... even if it will be ... IN A CLOSED AND SILENT SPACE."


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