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"They planned and prepared for the coronavirus (false flag) decades in advance

"The infrastructure has been clearly set up over the last 2+ decades to ensure that when Operation Coronavirus went live, all the pieces would be in place to bamboozle and enslave people, forcing them into a place where they would gladly accept or beg for mass vaccination. 

"Operation Coronavirus resembles a false flag op in many ways. 

"One similarity is that it was meticulously planned for long in advance. 

"Astute readers may notice another similarity: the phenomenon of the drill “going live” (we are in a "live exercise" as Mike Pompeo said). 

"This crops up in so many false flag attacks, i.e. when the exact scenario being trained and prepared for in an exercise occurs in the real world."

Some 100 million city dwellers around the world are likely to fall into poverty because of the coronavirus lockdown, the World Bank has warned.

Almost half of the entire global work force could lose their livelihoods because of the coronavirus pandemic, a UN agency has revealed.


Thousands of people lined up for nearly two and a half miles for emergency food parcels in the South African city of Centurion amid lockdown

The International Labour Organisation reported reports that some 1.6 billion workers in the informal economy are in 'immediate danger' of losing their livelihoods. 

Amazon  has gained from the coronavirus.

Jeff Bezos has added billions of dollars to his personal fortune.

The estimated wealth of Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix,  has jumped from £3.39billion to £4.16billion.

The wealth of Eric Yuan, who runs the video conferencing service Zoom, has surged from £3.2billion to £6.3billion, according to Bloomberg.

Pierre Andurand, formerly of Goldman Sachs.

London-based Pierre Andurand's main fund – the Andurand Commodities Discretionary Enhanced Fund - rose 63% in March.

The Andurand commodities discretionary enhanced fund rose 153% in March.

Crispin Odey (right) who has bankrolled Boris Johnson.

Financier Crispin Odey has reportedly made £115million, as the result of Coronavirus.

Man got $69M to make ventilators after tweeting Trump, but sent none.

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein.

Brabantian 30 April 2020 at 06:22 writes -

Bill Gates pushed lockdown.

The massive 'WFH' Work from Home pivot has resulted in huge profits for Bill Gates' Microsoft.

Companies have massively adopt Microsoft's corporate cloud computing services.

"Microsoft Corp. announced the following results for the quarter ended March 31, 2020, as compared to the corresponding period of last fiscal year:

Revenue was $35.0 billion and increased 15%

Operating income was $13.0 billion and increased 25%

Net income was $10.8 billion and increased 22%

Diluted earnings per share was $1.40 and increased 23%"

Now, we are all Palestinians.

The Lockdown Regime is causing increasing health problems.

Deaths from the lockdown will far exceed deaths from coronavirus:

"Virtually everything mandated by governments to combat this virus is extremely detrimental to life, and this may be by design.

"The more stress, the weaker the immune system. People will get sick simply because of undue stress."

In England and Wales, the flu season 1919-20 does not have a large number of 'total deaths from all causes'.

LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health ...

The Covid-19 virus peaked before the lockdown.

LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health problems 

"The RT-PCR test for Covid-19 does not appear to be very reliable.

"Furthermore, the man who won the Nobel Prize for designing it specifically stated that it could not identify a virus.

"Emerging studies indicate a much higher infection rate and thus much lower mortality rate for Covid 19."

LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health ...


"In the UK, a positive test is not even required for someone to be deemed to have died from C19.

"Nor does there need to be any clear evidence of causality for C19 to be declared as the underlying cause of death.

"Merely “mentioning” C19 is considered sufficient. Regardless of other, often multiple, comorbidities and infections.

LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health ...

"In addition, from an age demographic perspective, C19 deaths appear to be indistinguishable from quite normal mortality.

"If the system for recording hospital C19 deaths is questionable the one suggested by the CQC for care homes is downright bizarre.

"At the request of the State the CQC have asked non medically trained care home providers to report, what they suspect, are C19 cases.

"These figures will then be added to the claimed C19 mortality figures.

"The lack of testing in care settings suggest the CQC will be adding far more suspected cases to the ONS statistics than confirmed.

"Care homes, other than nursing homes, do not typically retain medically trained staff. The vast majority of those who suspect C19 from care homes won’t be basing their suspicions on qualified medical opinions."

LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health problems...


Syrian Girl @Partisangirl·29 Apr

"Being against a Bill Gates Vaccine is not to be confused with being against ALL vaccines."


Henry Makow@HenryMakow 19h

David Crowley and his family were found dead in their home before he could finish his movie, A Gray State.


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At 1 May 2020 at 00:35 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...


In early March, Prof. Neil Ferguson, head of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London issued a widely-discussed model that forecast possible COVID-19 deaths in the UK as high as 500,000. Ferguson works closely with the WHO. That report was held responsible for a dramatic u-turn by the UK government from a traditional public health policy of isolating at risk patients while allowing society and the economy to function normally. Days after the UK went on lockdown, Ferguson’s institute sheepishly revised downwards his death estimates, several times and dramatically. His dire warnings have not come to pass and the UK economy, like most others around the world, has gone into deep crisis based on inflated estimates.

Ferguson and his Imperial College modelers have a notorious track record for predicting dire consequences of diseases. In 2002 Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people in UK would die from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, “mad cow disease”, possibly to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep. A total of 178 people were officially registered dead from vCJD. In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million (!) people worldwide would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1. By early 2006, the WHO had only linked 78 deaths to the virus. Then in 2009 Ferguson’s group at Imperial College advised the government that swine flu or H1N1 would probably kill 65,000 people in the UK. In the end, swine flu claimed the lives of 457 people. Ferguson and his Imperial College group have a notoriously bad track record for predicting disease consequences.

Yet the same Ferguson group at Imperial College, with WHO endorsement, was behind the panic numbers that triggered a UK government lockdown. Ferguson was also the source of the wild “prediction” that 2.2 million Americans would likely die if immediate lockdown of the US economy did not occur. Based on the Ferguson model, Dr Anthony Fauci of NIAID reportedly confronted President Trump and pressured him to declare a national health emergency. Much as in the UK, once the damage to the economy was begun, Ferguson’s model later drastically lowered the US fatality estimates to between 100,000 to 200,000 deaths. In both US and UK cases Neil Ferguson relied on data from the Chinese government, data which has been shown as unreliable.

Neil Ferguson and his modelling group at Imperial College, in addition to being backed by WHO, receive millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ferguson heads the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium at Imperial College which lists as its funders the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Gates-backed GAVI-the vaccine alliance. From 2006 through 2018 the Gates Foundation has invested an impressive $184,872,226.99 into Ferguson’s Imperial College modeling operations.

Notably, the Gates foundation began pouring millions into Ferguson’s modelling operation well after his catastrophic lack of accuracy was known, leading some to suggest Ferguson is another “science for hire” operation.

At 1 May 2020 at 00:43 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Note how Boris last night referred to Ferguson’s fraudulent exagerated figure of 500,000 dead implying that the false imprisonment of UK citizens had saved us all from that terrible fate.
Boris speech 30/4/2020

And so my message to everyone again today is your effort and your sacrifice is working and has been proved to work.

Today the number of Covid hospital admissions is falling; the number of patients in ICU is falling.

We have so far succeeded in the first and most important task we set ourselves as a nation: to avoid the tragedy that engulfed other parts of the world.

Because at no stage has our NHS been overwhelmed: no patient went without a ventilator; no patient was deprived of intensive care; we have five of the seven projected Nightingale wards.

And it is thanks to that massive collective effort to shield the NHS that we avoided an uncontrollable and catastrophic epidemic where the reasonable worst case scenario was 500,000 deaths.

Ferguson and Gates along with their co-conspirators should be arrested charged with conspiracy to defraud and placed on remand in order to protect the public.
Every Big Pharma org should be nationalised and investigated with a fine tooth comb.


At 1 May 2020 at 00:48 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Between the writing of the Third Quartet and the Fourth, Shostakovich's music had been denounced in a new crack-down in Soviet ideological correctness. The result was a virtual ban on performances of his works and his dismissal, in 1948, as professor in the Moscow and Leningrad Conservatories. With the loss of employment and performance revenues, Shostakovich's finances became dire. He took commissions to compose film music and sought opportunities to demonstrate his commitment to Socialist Realism. The first step on the road to redemption occurred when he submitted a seven-movement oratorio entitled The Song of the Forests, opus 81, celebrating 'The Great Stalinist Plan for Remaking Nature', a fifteen-year project for planting trees to protect southern Central Asia from drought 2. The oratorio fulfilled the requirements of Socialist Realism and was consequently an outstanding success, winning the Stalin Prize - First Grade3.

At 1 May 2020 at 01:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is already economic disaster in Britain, the high street destroyed, a third of the econmy shut

"A fifth of retailers suggested they will not reopen after the pandemic has passed,"

The 'nation of shopkeepers' is no more, the once-middle-class is viewing its end, it will never again be as it was

At 1 May 2020 at 03:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1 May 2020 at 03:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two idiots:

At 1 May 2020 at 03:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1 May 2020 at 03:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mise en scene repeating in Brazil

At 1 May 2020 at 04:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news, irrelevant if they support Trump or not, it's about human freedom and rights after all

At 1 May 2020 at 04:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dummies? Crisis actors? Or even both....

At 1 May 2020 at 04:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this true? Tragic if so:

At 1 May 2020 at 04:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another big bs

At 1 May 2020 at 06:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 1 May 2020 at 07:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brandon Smith via 4chan:

'China & USA secret Covid-19 tyranny partners

You think China bad, make bio-weapon at Wuhan labs?
You think USA bad, make bio-weapon, launch in China when US troops attend Oct 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan? Or US just trying to blame China for big total of US deaths - if you believe those numbers?

It's all a FRAUD says Brandon Smith of Alt-Market

Fake 'frenemies' USA and China are doing this TOGETHER for the globalist tyranny that is coming

"With the US blaming China and the Chinese blaming the US, the truth is being lost in the fog of propaganda. The truth being that BOTH sides and the WHO made this pandemic possible, and that the elites on ALL sides have something to gain. The end game they desire is global governance, a one world digital currency system and a rationale for full spectrum surveillance of the citizenry. The pandemic allows them to have all of this, unless the people take action to fight back and disrupt their plans.

If you examine the chain of events, the amount of give and take between China, the WHO, and other governments including the US government and the fact that the globalists are about to get everything they want from this catastrophe, I do not think it is outlandish to suggest that perhaps this virus was unleashed deliberately and that globalists in multiple nations are working together to achieve a specific outcome."

WHO chief Tedros is associated with funding from Bill Gates
WHO chief Tedros is associated with funding from China
US globalist vaccine-for-everyone billionaire Bill Gates, defends China

They all work TOGETHER'

'Brain lighting up' photo meme with above:

'4 stages of covid-19 awareness'

'1) Covid-19 is a danger to life and to the entire global economy
2) Covid-19 could be a bio-weapon made in China!
3) Covid-19 could be a bio-weapon made in the USA!
4) The USA & China did Covid-19 TOGETHER to enslave the entire world for tyrant globalists!'

At 1 May 2020 at 13:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lancashire Council ran programming events for kids in 2014:

At 1 May 2020 at 14:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mass unemployment, civil unrest...=war rhetoric ramped up....third world war...good old Dave Icke...on the money again.
The fake democracy....Australia bans Icke from entering the country....

Western nations should start experiencing an increase in the numbers of advertisements promoting recruitment into the armed forces....which will be assisted by mass unemployment.

At 1 May 2020 at 17:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you and fully agreed: The building blocks have been put in place for decades, logically and meticulously.

Or were we to believe that globalization and the internet were rolled out to boost productivity? That mobile phones were created to enhance our lifestyles? That Facebook is here so that we can "keep in touch" with old schoolmates? That 'smart cities' were just an edgy PR idea?...

Now these have added up to a global physical infrastructure of total control. And that's just the material aspect. Along the way, a new citizen has been groomed, just as painstakingly: Self-serving, self-protecting, self-worshipping. Addicted to digital gadgets and terrified by real human contact. Vacuous and godlessly materialistic. Absolved of reasoning and responsibility. Devoid of any sense of what is real.

Come to think of it, Covid is just the icing on the cake. Humanity has been subverted and enslaved for a long time. The new generation, engrossed in posting bare-ass selfies on 'social media', won't even notice that all freedom has vanished. Instead they will nudge their friends -- cute hashtags and all -- to get the latest vaccine and nano-ID. So well done, globalists! Never has the adage of people loving their slavery been more true than in 2020.


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