Sunday, 1 March 2020



Turkey has shot down two Syrian war planes over Idlib and destroyed 100 tanks as it launches an illegal military offensive against Syria.

Turkish defence minister Hulusi Akar announced the operation - dubbed 'Spring Shield' - on 1 March 2020.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey had 'opened its doors', causing an estimated 76,000 migrants to head for its borders with the EU.

Idlib is Syrian territory.

هادي نصرالله@HadiNasrallah
·Feb 27

- Turkey allowed ISIS to cross towards Syria -

Turkey armed Al Qaeda in Syria - 

Turkey occupied and ethnically cleansed regions in Syria - 

Turkey settled Jihadist mercenaries in Syria -

Now Turkey is using the refugees they initially created as a pressure card against the EU.


Sarah Abdallah@sahouraxo

Turkish soldiers invaded Northern Syria.

#Turkish soldiers were killed while being in Syria.

Idlib is not under dispute. It is part of #Syria

#Turkey is the aggressor nation, not the victim.”

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos@DrMarcusP

In Syria, Turkey has armed and trained Al-Qaeda and ISIS, while Turkish soldiers,following their invasion of Syria,have fought side-by-side with Al-Qaeda fighters and have filmed themselves mutilating the bodies of Syrians.

Wherever the Turkish Army goes, savagery follows.



  1. Another moron who has destroyed his own country (Jewrdogan)....


  3. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today says that Putin seems to be selling out to Israel, allowing them and Turkey and Nato to kill lots of Syrians and continue the process of mauling that country

    The war-making in Syria is horrid and wrong ... but at the same time one can reasonably have a lot of hesitations about supporting Iran and Assad too much

    Iran is quite a cruel country with some horrid satanic practices, stoning women to death, the amputations, floggings and slow-torture hangings

    Assad's popularity is understandable in much of Syria ... but one can doubt if it is really ethical to support 'keeping Syria intact', when Syria is a colonialist creation of Britain and France drawing on the map

    One can sympathise with the Kurds, deserving autonomy in Syria and also in Iran, Turkey, and Iraq

    And a lot of eastern Syria is quite conservative religious Sunnis, quite a different culture than the secular mix along the coast in the big cities ... not clear why the conservative Sunnis in Iraq and Syria shouldn't realistically have their own country, given the common culture, religion, language

    But maybe a lot of the world would be better off if various aggrieved minority regions got their independence

    Chechnya out of Russia
    Donbass out of Ukraine
    Catalonia out of Spain
    Scotland out of the UK
    Tibet and Xinjiang out of China

    Belgium and Canada are suprisingly both having rapid acceleration toward splitting up, tho for decades this was a 'just talk, won't happen' theme

    2020s may be quite the decade

  4. A big aspect of the Turkey-Syria situation is what is happening in Greece

    Greece has vetoed the Nato position in support of Turkey

    But on the ground, what is a huge matter, is not only Greece's centre-right government taking a hard-line on blocking the tens of thousands of migrants sent by Turkey and seeking entry

    But the fact that civilian Greeks in the thousands, have been acting as a mass militia against the migrants, and against Greek police who were trying to maintain the migrant status-quo, and expand the migrant centres etc

    Greek citizens have beaten back their police in successful street battles, forcing their retreat and surrender

    There is a huge amount of back-channel news on this from Greeks themselves, on alternative sites

    Militant Greeks are arriving on the islands to help the locals fight the migrants, and any police who get in the way

    Civilian Greeks are in boats as well as the Greek military, turning back migrant boats from Turkey

    There is a lot of Greek awareness that this is not just Turkey sending migrants ... It is the NGO complex, significantly funded and supported by George Soros and Jewish interests

    Greece's citizens are driving this situation, the Greek government feeling the tide and hesitant to stand in the way now that Greek citizen anger is rising

    Greece's government has filed with the EU that it finds it necessary to suspend 'normal' asylum etc procedures

    Brussels is a bit stunned, as the sentiment of EU citizens is much less pliable than in 2015 when 'Merkel's millions' began arriving, and more and more EU governments have harsh words on migration, given Erdogan's open threatening on this issue

    This is likely a major turning point