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The official story is not true.

Elliot Rodger - mind controlled?

The CIA and its friends are the organisers of Operation Gladio.

Agents of Operation Gladio carried out a number of terror attacks in Europe, such as the 1980 Bologna bombing.

In Gladio A, the CIA employed Nazis to carry out its attacks.

Thre attacks were wrongly blamed on Leftists.

In Gladio B, the CIA employed 'Moslems' to carry out its attacks.

Osama bin Laden reportedly worked for the Jewish mafia, and his brother Salem reportedly was involved in Iran Contra.

The Gladio C attacks have been blamed on 'lone nuts'.

It is likely that the Gladio C attacks are carried out by gangs of shooters employed by the CIA.


The rather casual arrest of a surprisingly tall 'Patrick Crusius' body double?

Patrick Crusius's body double has reportedly confessed to targeting Mexicans.

"This is a photo of Trump grinning while Melania holds a baby orphaned by the shooting

"The baby was taken from its home and forced to serve as a prop at the photo-op."

Above, we see a bearded 'Patrick Crusius', not wearing glasses, after his arrest

Above we see different versions of 'Patrick Crusius'.



Texans should note that ALT-RIGHT KILLERS are creations of the 'Deep State' (aka Kosher Nostra).

(This blog post is being hidden by the 'Powers That Be?')

On 21 and 22 July 2019, General James C. McConville, the Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army, was visiting Fort Bliss, very near El Paso.

Fort Bliss hosts Vice Chief of Staff 

There were soldiers from Fort Bliss inside Walmart when 'the shooting' took place.

"Among the injured were military service members from Fort Bliss, according to local news reports."

'Hero' Fort Bliss Soldier Glendon Oakley Jr 'Ran Into Gunfire' Saving ...

Trump visits Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, to celebrate another successful false flag?

Trump visited hospitals after the Dayton and El Paso 'shootings'.

The El Paso shooting victims in hospital refused to meet Trump.

El Paso Shooting Victims in Hospital Refused to Meet Trump


Beto O'Rourke and Trump are in the same gang?

The Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso said it was treating patients from the shooting episode.

The hospital recently held a training exercise in which staff members prepared to treat a large number of patients from a mass killing. 

"We actually brought people into the hospital to do a dry run of a situation just like that," Dr. Flaherty said. "So we have been through this before, without the real patients."

El Paso Shooting: Massacre That Killed 20 Being Investigated

Before a false flag attack there is usually a practice drill.

Were they using crisis actors in the Dayton, Ohio shootings?

Belgian supermarket attacked by the 'Deep State'.

In Belgium, in 1984, a squad of US Marines was parachuted into Belgium, and met by a member of  Belgian military intelligence.

They carried out a false flag attack in Vielsalm.

The attack was later proven to be the work of the American and Belgian militaries - as confirmed by Belgian Senate investigations of 1991.

This is all part of the CIA's Strategy of Tension

On 9 November 1985, three armed hooded men entered a Belgian supermarket and started shooting. 

Eight people were killed.

In 1990, an official report published on these 'Brabant Massacres' concluded that the killers had official links:

"According to the report, the killers were members or former members of the security forces – extreme right-wingers who enjoyed high-level protection and were preparing a right-wing coup" 

[NATO’s Secret Armies, pg 145] NATO, Gladio and the strategy of tension. N.A.T.O stay behind


In the El Paso and Dayton shootings, the authorities produced 'patsies'.

Connor Betts is the alleged Dayton shooter.

Friends of Connor Bates have said that Connor supported gun control. 

"He was actually pro-gun control,' one friend told the Dayton Daily News

Above, we see the rather casual arrest of a surprisingly tall 'Patrick Crusius', the alleged El Paso Walmart shooter.

The above photos are said to show Patrick Crusius, but the photos could show his body-double.

The mother of Patrick Crusius is reported to be Hispanic.

So it is unlikely that he wanted to kill Hispanics.

Kurt Nimmo writes:

"Patrick's father, John Bryan Crusius, worked with Colin A. Ross at the Timberlawn Mental Health System in Dallas.

"Ross is said to have shared a relationship with Sydney Gottlieb, the father of trauma-based CIA MKUltra LSD mind-control experiments, including brainwashing Manchurian candidates.

"Patrick Crusius is three degrees removed from the CIA and its mind control program."

Follow The Dots: MKUltra & The El Paso Shooting

Above, we see the real Patrick Crusius (right) with his father (left).

The real Patrick Crusius appears to be not as tall as the man who was arrested.

Above right, we see Patrick Crusius. Above left, we see Santino Legan, the alleged Garlic Shooter. 

The media tends to present Patrick Crusius as being unfriendly.

However -

Daniel Heo of Plano, Texas, attended Beverly Elementary School with Crusius.

Heo said he remembers playing basketball and soccer with Crusius during recess.

'I'm shocked. I remember him being a nice kid,' Heo said.

El Paso Walmart - Daily Mail

Adriana Quezada, 39, was in Walmart in the women's clothing section with her two children.


She said she saw four men, dressed in black, wearing shirts, moved together firing guns indiscriminately.

'I saw four men, shooting everywhere,' Quezada said.

Above, we see the real Patrick Crusius (right) with his father (left), in 2014

Patrick Crusius' father Bryan wrote a memoir about almost 40 years of drug and alcohol addiction which he says tore apart both his marriages

Patrick Crusius' father Bryan claims he has spoken directly to Jesus.

El Paso Walmart - Patrick Crusius' father 

Bryan Crusius is now a therapist.

The CIA likes to recruit children from troubled families. 

Above, we see Bryan Crusius, the father of the alleged El Paso Walmart shooter, Patrick Crusius.

Above right, we see Patrick Crusius. Above left, we see Santino Legan, the alleged Garlic Shooter. 

A mass shooting occurred at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, on July 28, 2019,resulting in four deaths - including the gunman.[4]

Are Mossad and the CIA involved in the Strategy of Tension (Operation Gladio) to get people scared, so they will support the rich elite, whether Republican or Democrat.?

On 3 August 2019, a mass shooting took place at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.

"Twenty people were killed and at least 26 others were injured,[4][1]

"Among the injured were military service members from Fort Bliss, according to local news reports.

"A  white gunman, aged 21, is suspected of committing the shooting.[6] He was apprehended by police shortly afterward and arrested."[7]

We have multi reports of multiple shooters.

7:11 PM - Aug 3, 2019 · El Paso, TX

The El Paso suspect, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius

A manifesto, alleged to be written by the alleged gunman, has appeared on news sites, allegedly used by certain security services.

The manifesto claims to support the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter, who reportedly live-streamed an attack on a mosque in New Zealand.


21-year-old Patrick Crusius was allegedly opposed to the policies of the Democrats. [10][11]

Two law enforcement officers told ABC News that after Crusius was taken into custody, he told investigators that he wanted to inflict maximum Mexican casualties.[12]

Crusius is from the Dallas suburb of Allen, a 9 hours drive away from El Paso.

Dallas is associated with CIA mind control.

Were crisis actors being used?

Abandoned shoes - a sign of a False Flag.

On 4 August 2019, in Dayton, Ohio, at Ned Peppers, there was a mass shooting.

Ten people were killed, including the alleged shooter, who was killed by the police.

Police scanners stated a second shooter left the area in a dark-coloured Jeep.

Officers were initially hunting for a second gunman who fled in a dark Jeep.

Sister of Dayton gunman and her boyfriend are found shot ...



Anna Giaritelli‏Verified account @Anna_Giaritelli

According to my law enforcement source in El Paso, a 2nd suspect was killed when police responded to the Walmart shooting. Police have not disclosed this info yet. Mayor says otherwise but my source says 2nd suspect is dead.

Anton4th‏ @Anton4th 8h8 hours ago

Yeah, I was wondering how the "lone" shooter got away with all the Law Enforcement Officers there and arrested blocks away.

Anton4th‏ @Anton4th 7h7 hours ago

They said he was shooting again 20 minutes later than initial shooting. Then he escapes and they catch him in his car?

Loren Porter‏ @rorochub2 6h6 hours ago

I was listening live to the San Bernadino police scanner when they were chasing the 3rd shooter and all of a sudden the feed just stopped. All of the eyewitness said 3 guys in military gear.

Pasha's Resistance‏ @Pasha_Enrik 8h8 hours ago

Pasha's Resistance‏ @Pasha_Enrik 8h8 hours ago

Adriana and her two children were inside the El Paso Walmart  near the cash register when the shooting started. She says she saw 3 or 4 men in black as shooters.

urwhatutweet‏ @urwhatutweet3 7h7 hours ago

Who is his therapist? I hate to sound like a broken record, but seriously. Who?

NOLAnon‏ @the504ever 7h7 hours ago

His father is a therapist. Name is Brian.

Think First‏ @news24r 6h6 hours ago

This woman says there were multiple shooters. She saw them all come into the Walmart, then dropped to the ground as they all went passed her & her kids & they ran into the back of the store. She says she saw 3 or 4 men in black shooting. #FalseFlag

BabyDubhCards ❤️‏ @BeauCards 4h4 hours ago

The alle shooter was a registered Democrat.

Joe‏ @Joec509 7h7 hours ago

I've seen no less than 4 eye witnesses interviewed who all stated 3 to 4 men in black with rifles were carrying out the shooting. They were interviewed by the local news stations, so there is that footage still around somewhere.


  1. US Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke is also from the same city of El Paso Texas ... O'Rourke is floundering in the polls, and gave a press conference on the shooting, where he was eventually shedding some on-camera tears, but at first you can see him oddly laughing, at about the 42 second mark:

    There has been a Twitter account said to belong to 'El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius', copy preserved on the internet wayback machine archive org

    The tweets refer to David Duke etc, in a crude style, seemingly quite different from that of the somewhat university-educated and once again odd shooter-incongruous wording of the 'manifesto'

    In his Twitter profile, 'Patrick Crusius' has a link to the 'furry scene', in particular 'babyfur' on 'deviant art'

    'Furries' are the people who dress up in costume play as animals and in part as a sexual game, said to be as much or more a gay as well as straight interest ... 'Babyfur' combines the furry interest with infant child ageplay, e.g., wearing a fur animal outfit along with a nappy diaper

    And then there has been another shooting in Dayton Ohio with also a number of people dead, along with the California Garlic Festival shooting the other day ... this trio of events not long after the USA FBI warned about the 'domestic white terrorist' etc threat

    1. There were several shooters, and, Patrick Crusius is simply the patsy. This is an Operation Gladio type of attack, as in the case of the Belgian supermarket some decades ago.

  2. Looking like brothers or cousins - side by side here,
    'Santino Legan, California Garlic Festival shooter'
    'Patrick Crusius, El Paso Walmart shooter'

  3. Is it my eyes or the man dead in Walmart El Paso looks like facing down and up both? If you look at his feet he looks facing up, but his upper middle part looks facing down.
    This reminds me some bodies in the shooting of Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
    Sorry my English, I am from Spain.

  4. Notice the Star of David in the background of his Daddy's Jootube page?
    Crusius is Juden.

  5. NY governor Cuomo went on a 2 day solidaritytrip to the slc sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean end of june 2019 after ´some alleged shootings´ in slc related circles in the USA.

    He came back with a memorable souvenir: " C. anounces sweeping series of economic development partnerships between New york and the ´slc´.

    1st of july:

    17 companies of the slc will roll out 5G and the whole IoT.

    3rd of August:

    While everyone in the msm and the alt. media is being played with the Epstein game.

  6. Go to Jim Stone's site for more details on this ff/shooting hoax. He's got it rite again.

  7. To paraphrase an old John Le Carre line, "you shall know them by their lack of restraint".

  8. Whereas the other 2 of these 3 'shooters' have more right-wing profiles, alleged Dayton shooter Connor Betts, was a 'leftist' with antifa & satanist inclinations, who supported USA Democrats and candidate Elizabeth Warren

    'Leftist' Connor Betts in Ohio ... shot dead several black people ... and killed his own sister, and shot and wounded her boyfriend

    Connor Betts was on Twitter as 'Flowers for Atomsk - I am the Spookster', you see the face and eyeglasses and tattoo on the left arm, twitter account is deleted but archived here
    quick photo montage here

    What is very unseen re USA mass shootings due to the focus of media coverage -

    "a New York Times story from 2016 stated, much to the surprise and chagrin of the reporters, that whenever there are three or more victims of gunfire, 75 percent of shooters in America are black."

    Leading up to the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, in the USA -
    "over a two week period between July 16th and July 28th, 2019
    ... there were 36 other mass shootings from coast to coast — and 34 of those shooters were black. One was white and one Hispanic."

    1. There was more than one shooter, it seems, and Connor Betts is simply the patsy.

      Facebook and Twitter pages can be altered by the spooks, reportedly.

  9. Keep in mind that the Christchurch shooter used the word MILQUETOAST in his manifesto.This word is uniquely American English.....and is not even commonly used in the USA.There is NO WAY an Australian would use this WHO wrote the manifesto?.

  10. Anonymous

    5 August 2019 at 06:59

    From Jim Stone's site (1):


    1. How many cameras are in a Wal Mart? We got one video "from someone with a cell phone on the floor, which only recorded audio" YEAH RIGHT. Why, if this shooting lasted for 20 minutes, is there not at least 10 consecutive hours of shooting video from 30 PERFECTLY CLEAR VIEW CEILING MOUNTED cameras? There's more than 30 in a Wal Mart, but let's guess 30 caught it REAL GOOD. Where is that video?

    2. How in the * did this shooting continue for 20 minutes? How long does it take for people to bail from a Wal Mart? The largest wal marts in existence are 600X298 feet. They have two doors. That means NO ONE was more than a 100 yard dash distance from the door. most people, male or female, in totally average condition can do that in 20 seconds. Add obstacles and maybe in a worst case scenario, 40 seconds. What would be the reaction of people hearing gunshots in a Wal Mart? My guess is that all opportunities to nail people would be totally over in 1:30 (which is generous) yet it continues for TWENTY DAMN MINUTES while the shooter went "aisle to aisle" nailing people who must have been all deaf and did not realize there was a shooting underway. 20 minutes is NOT BELIEVABLE. Virtually all "aisle by aisle" opportunities were OVER in seconds flat.

    3. Let's say this shooting really DID continue for 20 minutes - WHY THEN, did this shooter not get a can of cream of mushroom soup in his left ear at 57MPH from weak throw willie? I'd have probably delivered one at about 81 MPH. SHOOTING OVER. Ha, they claim Wal Mart had no guns on site, so the shooting continued and continued and continued . . . . when the store was full of places to hide from the shooter and throw something back at him, like, you know, perhaps a cordless drill? A can of spray paint? How about a small exercise weight?

    No, that did not happen, instead, everyone went back to the toilet paper aisle rather than run out the door and waited THERE, in the paper aisle because there was enough paper towel and nearby cat litter in that section to clean up the BIGGEST blood spill. They knew someone needed a story, and were polite about getting it done.

    20 minutes? People were there for 20 DAMN MINUTES? Yeah right, this story is STUPID folks.

    I have successfully, in a hurry with Claudia waiting, parked over 100 feet from the door, gone in, got something, hit express checkout and got back to the car in under 3 minutes. That's quick for a Wal Mart, but it is possible, and an ENTIRE SHOPPING PROCESS. I PROMISE, IF THIS SHOOTING WAS REAL, THAT NO ONE WOULD HAVE HIT EVEN THE EXPRESS CHECKOUT. The store should have been empty in absolutely NO MORE than 1:30, thus leaving the shooter with no one to hit.

    SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. REPEAT: SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. Ha, that's great, I am in aisle 43, I'll get those Ramen noodles . . . . . and you can't say the shooter had them cornered, there are two widely spaced exits plus emergency exits in a Wal Mart."

  11. Anonymous

    5 August 2019 at 06:59

    From Jim Stone's site (2):

    "4. So he killed 20 and injured that many more. By himself. That's a lot of bullets for a 30 round clip. IS THAT WHY WE GET NO WAL MART VIDEO? BECAUSE THERE'S NO MAGAZINE CHANGES? Look folks, THEY GOT THE REQUIRED EVENTS FOR THIS SHOOTING TO BE REAL, ON VIDEO, IT'S A WAL MART. Let's see video of a magazine swap! If we don't have that the day after, well, that can be deep faked now, it DID NOT HAPPEN, that's a PRIME moment they would have released already.

    5. Why, in ALL the CNN videos (and I watched quite a few) is there only ONE ambulance and ONE stretcher showing up? Hell, they had at least 40 people needing ambulances. Where was the overwhelming paramedic support? I have seen a few tards post that "if they are dead, they don't move them". That is true, IF and ONLY IF the body is so dead it has riga. All these were fresh. They should have all been pronounced dead at the hospital. Why ONLY ONE DAMN AMBULANCE?

    You can see in the videos the BORDER PATROL, FBI, and regular cops were there, plus ONE fire truck and ONE ambulance. That's a repeat we see at these shootings- totally underwhelming EMT support. And I'll tell you why: EMT's are GOOD PEOPLE, and they could not get 165 of them who were corrupt pieces of shit to front this lie. But they could find five. (including driver). The FBI and border patrol would be EASY to pull enough dirt bags from, but the local police presence was weak too.

    I could go on and on with this but I have probably said enough. BOTTOM LINE: They can't do one of these false flags, because they have SJW'ed unqualified people onto the scenario planning teams. Harpreet, who was in the Indian military, said you can't get that high a casualty count with people trying to avoid you in a short time, so the shooting had to be a long one, and Polly gave the go ahead for it to be TWENTY DAMN MINUTES LONG without considering the fact that the place had doors. That's an EMERGENCY GAFFE, and I mean, an F-5 cow throwing gaffe, a product of sheer stupidity and poor planning. That alone kills the story, on the outside edge I might believe 3-5 minutes because Aunt Edna had the electric cart and got lost in the clothing section on the way out . . . . and then only she would have been dead, the casualty count would not have been that high with so many places to hide, in Wal Mart you would never get a clear shot at ANYONE who was not handicapped after the first few seconds."


  13. Garlic festival, ned peppers and (old) el paso?

    Are they cooking with false flags now?

    Reminds me of 'The Hunger Games' links you found with the last big smattering of shootings.

  14. 'El Paso massacre' BBC video - man in red giving instructions to crisis actors?

    In this BBC video, at the 52 second mark going to 1m04s, there is a Hispanic-accented man in red, giving instructions to a very calm crowd of Wal-Mart 'shoppers', about where the shooter may be and which way to eventually run, no one seems to be panicking

    Man in red appears to be giving instructions to crisis actors, not to people in fear of being killed

    English subtitles on screen due to the man's heavy Hispanic accent

    On BBC site - go to 52 second mark:

    Back up on BitChute - crisis actor instruction segment at start:

    1. That video with the 52 mark, that is not in the walmart. That is video from the shopping wall that is adjacent to the walmart. This is why the Hispanic man in red is telling the crowd that the shooter is at the Dillards (incorrect information they had at the time).

  15. It is a drill, pretty simple really.


  17. "Are Mossad and the CIA involved in the Strategy of Tension (Operation Gladio) to get people scared, so they will support the rich elite, whether Republican or Democrat?"

    But why then El Paso? Let's see:

    A TIGHT-KNIT LATINO COMMUNITY. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles often actively and positively involved in children's lives.

    A RELATIVELY LOW LEVEL OF INEQUALITY. i.e. Relative lack of extremely wealthy people.

    OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE relations between the Latinos, Whites and Blacks, compared to other US big cities. High levels of racial integration, a low level of racism.

    TOLERANT AND INCLUSIVE POLITICAL VALUES. An overwhelmingly Democratic city (though not liberal in the same way as San Francisco), with strong anti-racist, anti-immigrant bashing credentials.


    Little wonder that El Paso is, or was, ONE OF THE SAFEST BIG CITIES IN AMERICA, according to crime statistics.

    Is this part of the reason why El Paso was selected to be terrorized? To convey the message:

    'Don't you dare relax. You thought El Paso was safe? WRONG!!! No city is safe, CERTAINLY NOT YOURS (wherever that might be)!

    'Time to change your mind!

    'YOU should fear your neighbours, immigrants, foreigners... anyone you don't know!

    'YOU had better demand more police and military spending, more police militarization, higher border walls, more private prisons, and longer prison sentences!

    'YOU had better support authoritarian 'anti-terrorism' policies curtailing your civil liberties! Let the authorities spy on you, harass and control you, in order to protect you!

    'YOU should be fearful of other types of people every single day! YOU should allow yourself a little hate of the Other! It's what 'Those People' [insert the name of any demographic group here] deserve!

    'Liberty through imprisonment, people!'

    Is this the intended message for anyone, in any city in North America (or in any other country, for that matter), who has heard about the carnage that unfolded in kind and sleepy El Paso? :(

    1. Good points.

      - Aangirfan

    2. What carnage? There was no carnage at all.

  18. It is all about the oriental concept called The Mind of The Macaque or Monkey adopted by our "friends" from the intelligence services...they expect that we are all Macaques living between concious and uncounscious thoughts and stimulated by emotions not focusing in the real reality. But, we are not mental retarded or suffering from the virus of stupidity. We Are Awakening!

    1. Awakening? Really?

    2. yes,...awakening, an example, i am awakening and now i see that i am a macaque living in a cage,...if i touch red button i receive an electroshock but if i touch green button i receive a peanut.

  19. The worst of it is that people say they have woke but they are still deeply asleep. In Socratic scense we are asleep to the fact we are asleep

  20. Thanks for posting that interview with the woman saying 4 shooters in her interview in Spanish. I stili can't find the maiden name of the alleged shooter's mother to see if that name is spanish ornot.
    Her name still doesn't appear in news today but she claims she called the police in Allen,Texas and told them he bought a gun and that she was concerned because he didn't know how to use one.
    I guess he's a fast learner.

    Also if you haven't done so take a look at the youtube video
    Brabantian posted at the top of this comment section. Not only does Beto O'Rourke have one of those weird Sandy Hook laughs but instead of saying he was returning to El Paso to be with the community he he says he's going back to be with the law enforcement agents.
    Also I saw a blurred video of the Dayton shooter entering the bar in shorts with his sister who he allegedy shoots but I couldn't make out if went to the bathroom to slip on his shooting noutfit or how he could even be carrying it and a gun and not be noticed.

    Brabantian4 August 2019 at 02:26
    US Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke is also from the same city of El Paso Texas ... O'Rourke is floundering in the polls, and gave a press conference on the shooting, where he was eventually shedding some on-camera tears, but at first you can see him oddly laughing, at about the 42 second mark:



  23. USA politics has turned some kind of strange corner with these 'massacres'

    Trump behaving as if under orders ... Trump fiercely alienating own base - almost ensuring he will lose re-election - whilst not winning over USA Democrats, who say Trump is a 'Hitlerite sponsor of mass murder' - We see:

    - Massive website censorship, banning of Trump's own party people and supporters on Facebook, Twitter, Google etc, Trump doing nothing

    - Trump's new agenda of national USA gun confiscation

    - Trump's personal denunciation of 'white supremacy' & white nationalism, tho his own voters were largely white ... Democrats are firing white people to make room for 'people of colour' ... black nationalism, latino nationalism, jewish nationalism etc is however all ok

    The 'left' is saying that all Trump supporters & Republican politicians are responsible for massacres ... the US Senate Majority leader is Republican Mitch McConnell, and a 'Massacre Mitch' theme is 'trending' on Twitter, which Twitter is allowing

    Senator Mitch McConnell, however, has had his Twitter account banned, for posting video of protestors talking about killing him

    Yet Republicans and Trump are not doing anything about censorship except mild complaining?

    Trump has talked about 'quick death penalty executions for those engaged in hate and white supremacy' - even tho a core of Trump support was 'white identitarians' - and Trump endorsed a massive new programme of gun confiscation, under 'red flag' laws

    A 'red flag' law enables 'administrative' gun confiscation by police, after some person, or police or government, accuse the person of being 'possibly mentally disturbed' - these laws are already in place in some localities

    In Maryland Gary Willis, age 61, was reported as 'disturbed and angry' by his sister ... police went to his house to take his guns, and shot Willis dead

    After the 'Pittsburgh synagogue shooting' allegedly by Robert Bowers, police went to the home of Jeffrey Clark, because Clark was 'following' Bowers on social media, to seize Clark's guns ... One of the guns was illegal, so Clark now faces 10 years in prison

    Video gamer Tyler Barriss made a false call to police trying to accuse another gamer, police went to the address where the gamer used to live, and killed an innocent man

    Leftists now celebrate that they can simply 'report' right-wingers they know for 'being disturbed', and their guns will be taken away, or worse

    This is probably the last straw alienating Trump's base, taking away the guns, along with no wall & 4 million non-legal migrants arriving during Trump's term ... and Trump letting his own supporters be banned, censored, Alex Jones de-platformed for example

    Trump voters feeling they got close to zero of what they wanted, nothing except Trump twitter rhetoric

    Trump voters are saying, we'll maybe vote for some extreme Democrat in 2020 just to accelerate USA downfall and secession into pieces ... themes on USA 'right-wing' websites tend now toward US civil war & partition

    Trump prosecuted mentally-impaired right-wing James Fields, attacked by leftist antifa and then driving into a crowd when escaping, an obese woman was knocked over and died from a heart attack ... Fields was sentenced to life plus 419 years in prison

    Whilst Jewish Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Grubman, rammed her SUV into a crowd, apparently shouting 'f-ck you, white trash', sending 16 to hospital, then served only 38 days in jail

  24. USA Democratic party politics are curious as well in these odd times

    The anointed successor to Hillary, super-well-funded half-Jamaican-heritage Kamala Harris, has imploded once Tulsi Gabbard reminded minorities that Kamala was a prosecutor ... sending 1500 mostly minority people to jail on marijuana charges whilst Kamala laughs about smoking it ... and Kamala supervising the jailing of 120,000 blacks & Latinos all across California when she was Attorney General there

    Minorities feel that US prosecutors are generally liars who jail random minorities for sport and don't care who is really guilty, part of why minority crime continues ... Kamala's support has plummeted to near zero

    And despite how the Democrats are a party of minorities, the 3 candidates having nearly all the poll numbers are all older white-ish people - Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren & Jewish Bernie Sanders

    Why do even US black people prefer white Democratic presidential candidates? The feeling they are the most effective providers of government largesse? The other US black candidates have issues tho - Cory Booker is seen as crypto-gay, Wayne Messam is a little-known small city mayor

    A likely scenario - US Democrats will nominate the youngest of the above 3, Elizabeth Warren, still 'only' in her 60s, not late 70s like Biden & Sanders ... this also makes up for the 'woman should have won last time' need, Warren's auntie-grandma aspect a 'comforting' counter to Trump's crude persona

    Very possible vice president for Warren, is Latino ex San Antonio Texas mayor Julián Castro, married with two children ... Castro will help sweep Texas for the Democrats, ensuring victory against a failed Trump, and Hispanics are 2x the blacks in the USA now

  25. "Abandoned shoes - a sign of a False Flag"

    Like all the shoes in the zum Kotzen holo..... museums in the western world.

    Eustace Mullins said somewhere in a speech that the fact the holocaust museum in Washington DC is right next to the Federal Reserve building , the FED´s actual Headquarters is no coincidence.

    The left and right shoe of the wandering you know who.

  26. Domestic false-flag terrorism: summary:

    - An initial attempt to tarnish dissidents may entail provocation, rioting and arson.

    - The attack may even be in an allied country. It may "coincide" with an anti-terrorist exercise, thus delaying prompt response. This was the case for New York in 2001, London in 2005, Oslo in 2011, Paris in 2015, Christchurch in 2019.

    - The supervisors assigned manage the following: (a) recruiting the agents, including hardened foreign terrorists (b) providing transport, personal documents, training, weapons, accomodation and even wages (c) planting props, e.g. explosives, corpses, items to incriminate stooges, etc. (d) planning and coordination (e) video-recording the event, perhaps for manipulation (f) evacuating surviving agents, injured victims to be killed, inconvenient props, etc., in disguise as ambulance staff, fire-fighters, etc.
    -The cyber-war aspect includes concocting the news, evidence and even red herrings in advance., e.g. a "confession" or "manifesto" to provoke further violence. The attack may be completely concocted, existing only in reports, e.g. (a) one of the multiple incidents of "Syrian chemical weapons"*- [Alan Sabrosky, 2018] (b) the "Iranian sabotage" of 2-6 tankers off Fujairah [William Boardman, 2019]. Related video may entail [Scott Bennett, 2019] (a) CGI technology (b) special guns or ammunition. Discrepancies that tend to belie such a video include (a) the effect of weapons, e.g. the reaction of victims and objects, and marks on them [Scott Bennett, 2019] (b) the sequence [Wolfgang Eggert, 2019]. In many such cases, the sky appears bland as it is too complex to fabricate over time and varying angles [Compare to "9/11" videos].

    - A deliberately flawed video may be a red herring to confuse or alienate the sceptics [Gordon Duff, 2019].

  27. These shootings are leading 'coincidentally' to new Israeli-supplied super-surveillance, to help 'stop mass shooters', take away guns from 'disturbed' people, etc ... China already using a similar product ... a product tied to Jeffrey Epstein


    On 23 July, 2019, US Attorney General & 'former' CIA agent William Barr, was speaking at Fordham University on cyber-security:

    « Barr concluded his speech by stating that he anticipated “a major incident may well occur at any time that will galvanize public opinion" » leading to legal demands for the end of privacy and encrypted communications etc

    On the same day, 23 July 2019, FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke to the US Senate, where he surprised many by saying that, "The most persistent threats to the nation and to U.S. interests abroad are homegrown violent extremists (HVEs), domestic terrorists ..."

    Five days later, on 28 July, there was the California Garlic Festival 'mass shooting'

    Six days after that, on 3 August, there was the El Paso Texas Wal-Mart 'mass shooting'

    Followed in turn within a few hours, on 4 August in the early a.m., by the Dayton Ohio Peppers Bar 'mass shooting'

    Leading to mass calls for more surveillance, cyber-monitoring etc just as US Attorney General Barr had anticipated 10 days earlier

    And apparently the big solution to

    stopping crazy shooters with guns
    stopping underage trafficking Epstein-style
    stopping money laundering & tax evasion

    Is the new, latest, Israeli-supplied security and surveillance software, able to predict who can become a mass shooter or a 'conspiracy theory' internet poster ... and to help decide which 'possibly dangerous' USA people need to have their guns quickly confiscated under the new national gun-taking programme announced by Trump

    Which just happens to be the kind of product offered by Carbyne911, a company with a heavily Mossad-involved board of directors, including Jeffrey Epstein's past friends, Ehud Barak the former Israeli prime minister, and spooky London-based Nicole Junkermann who flew very privately on Epstein's jets

    Carbyne offers a successor to the earlier Promis software bought by many governments, Promis having a back door relaying information to Mossad, one salesman for Promis being 'Israeli super-spy' Robert Maxwell, father of Jeffrey Epstein's good friend Ghislaine Maxwell

    Some of this is covered in the 3rd installment of the Epstein series by Ms Whitney Webb on Mint Press News
    Who notes that
    "the Chinese government uses a smartphone app very similar to Carbyne as part of its mass surveillance apparatus"

    Ms Webb links to a spooky-seeming Jewish journalist, Zev Shalev of 'narativ org', doing a 'Secret Life of Jeffrey Epstein' series, who also talks about how this new Israeli software is touted as being able to help stop mass shooters


    Re: The photo of Trump grinning with a 'thumbs up' while grinning Melania holds the orphaned baby

    Here is what mental health professional have said in the past:

    "...'Textbook narcissistic personality disorder,' [according to] clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis ...

    "[Though] narcissistic personality disorder was removed from the most recent issue of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, for somewhat arcane reasons, the traits that have defined the disorder in the past - grandiosity; an expectation that others will recognize one's superiority; a lack of empathy - are writ large in Mr. Trump's behavior ...

    "[Developmental psychologist Howard Gardner said]: 'For me, the compelling question is the psychological state of his supporters. They are unable or unwilling to make a connection between the challenges faced by any president and the knowledge and behavior of Donald Trump. In a democracy, that is disastrous.'"

    "The renowned psychoanalytic theorist Heinz Kohut argued that narcissism stems from a deficiency in early-life mirroring: The parents fail to lovingly reflect back the young boy's (or girl's) own budding grandiosity, leaving the child in desperate need of affirmation from others. Accordingly, some experts insist that narcissistic motivations cover up an underlying insecurity. But others argue that there is nothing necessarily compensatory, or even immature, about certain forms of narcissism. Consistent with this view, I can find no evidence in the biographical record to suggest that Donald Trump experienced anything but a loving relationship with his mother and father. Narcissistic people like Trump may seek glorification over and over, but not necessarily because they suffered from negative family dynamics as children. Rather, they simply cannot get enough ...

    "Who, really, is Donald Trump? What’s behind the actor's mask? I can discern little more than narcissistic motivations and a complementary personal narrative about winning at any cost. It is as if Trump has invested so much of himself in developing and refining his socially dominant role that he has nothing left over to create a meaningful story for his life, or for the nation. It is always Donald Trump playing Donald Trump, fighting to win, but never knowing why."



    Two (2) different photos purporting to show Jeffrey Epstein as he's wheeled into New York Downtown Hospital:

    Is the man on the gurney the real Jeffrey Epstein?

    And putting that question aside, was/is Epstein really dead in any case... or is he being prepared for transfer to Israel?

    That would depend on whether the paramedics in the photographs are indeed FDNY (New York City Fire Department) paramedics - as their uniforms indicate.

    If they aren't legitimate FDNY employees, then just who are they, and for whom do they work?