Thursday 1 August 2019


Lord Greville Jannner with Tony Blair, who is in Epstein's Black Book.

In 2015, Alison Saunders, England's Director of Public Prosecutions, said that there was enough evidence to prosecute Lord Greville Janner for 22 sex offences, reportedly committed in children's homes between 1969 and 1988.

Hamish Baillie says of Janner: "He abused me. It was indecent touching but he wanted it to go further … It lasted ... 30 minutes."


Janner was protected by the top people.

Police chief Mick Creedon was not allowed to arrest Janner.

Derbyshire's Chief Constable claimed he was forbidden to arrest Janner...

Janner and Boris Johnson.

Frank Beck accused Janner of buggering boys.

Frank Beck was jailed.

Beck died mysteriously in prison in 1994.

At Beck's trial, four witnesses gave evidence that Greville Janner had pursued a sexual relationship with a teenage boy who lived at one of Beck's care homes.

A teenage 'victim', speaking under oath, said that Janner had sexually abused him repeatedly between the ages of 13 and 15.


Carl Beech.

Carl Beech was only one of many whistleblowers who accused Greville Janner  of child sexual abuse.

A 'Jewish' judge jailed Carl Beech for 18 years for criticising Janner.

Operation Midland investigated the claims of child abuse by Harvie Proctor, Greville Janner, and certain other top Jews.

When police searched the home of Harvey Proctor they found blood-stained children's clothing, a whip, a cane, straps, restraints and indecent photos.

Operation Midland was closed down.

Henriques, a top Jew.

Retired Jewish judge Sir Richard Henriques now says that the police should not have searched the homes of Greville Janner and Harvey Proctor.

Henriques wants the police to be punished.

The police 'must be investigated' over Operation Midland, says former top Jewish judge Sir Richard Henriques.


According to the 2004 version of the Jewish Yearbook a number of the top judges in the UK are Jews:

Sir Richard Henriques - formerly Judge, High Court, Queen's Bench Division 

Baron Leonard HoffmanLord of Appeal in Ordinary 
Sir Simon Brown- Lord of Appeal in Ordinary 
Sir Stephen Sedley-Lord Justice of Appeal 
Sir Bernard Rix -Lord Justice of Appeal 
Sir John Dyson -Lord Justice of Appeal & Deputy Head of Civil Justice 
Sir Robert Jacob -Lord Justice of Appeal 
Sir David Neuberger -Lord Justice of Appeal 

Sir Gavin Lightman - Judge,High Court,Chancery Division 
Sir Laurance Collins - Judge,High Court,Chancery Division 
Sir Terence Etherton - Judge High Court,Chancery Division 
Sir Anthony Colman - Judge,High Court,Queen's Bench Division 
Sir Michael Burton - Judge,High Court,Queen's Bench Division 
Sir Stephen Silber -Judge,High Court,Queen's Bench Division 

Sir Hugh Laddie -Judge,High Court Chancery Division 
Sir Stanley Burnton - Judge,High Court,Queen's Bench Division


Floella Benjamin

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At 31 July 2019 at 14:40 , Blogger Tom said...

I saw in the news today that a priest was jailed for 'horrific' abuse of boys over two decades - for 18 years.
We need to start a campaign to free Carl Beech or at least get his grossly excessive sentence cut.


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