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In New Zealand, a prominant mosque leader has blamed Mossad for the Christchurch attack.

Ahmed Bhamji said:

"Do you think this guy was alone... Where did he get the funding from?"

"I have a very very strong suspicion that there's some group behind him and I am not afraid to say I feel Mossad is behind this."

Mosque leader blames Mossad for Christchurch attack...

Reportedly, the Zionists use Freemasonry to promote their agenda.

Reportedly, Brenton Tarrant's agenda was meant to send out the following message:

1. Moslems and mosques lead to trouble.

2. Do not blame Israel for sending a lot of Moslems to your country.

Candace Owens (right), a strong supporter of Israel.

'Brenton Tarrant' wrote that his chief inspiration was Candace Owens.

Candace Owens, the woman who 'inspired' the Christchurch shooter...

Candace Owens has said that: "if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine."

Candace Owens.

Candace Owens is the Director of Communications at the conservative group Turning Point USA whose major donors include the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

There is a belief that the Moslem terrorists, Zionist terrorists and Nazi terrorists all work together on the same side.


"Exclusive footage obtained by NBC News shows an active shooter drill in which blanks and fake blood were used by students and crisis actors."

The Parkland students (Florida school shooting) grew connected to the Christchurch community when they visited New Zealand in July 2018 on a learning and healing trip.

Parkland students received some healing during New Zealand visit ...

Above, we see 'Julie Phillips Pollack', carrying a very large gun.

Julie Phillips Pollack is the mother of Meadow Pollack, who reportedly died in the Florida School shooting..


Clockwise from left: Ofer Mizrahi (died), Ofer Levy (died), Gabi Ingel (died), Liron Sade, Guy Jordan and Michael Fraidman.

In 2011, there was a major earthquake in Christchurch, in New Zealand.

Six Israelis were hit.

An Israeli, named as Ofer Mizrahi, was found with at least five passports when his body was recovered after masonry fell on his van.

Three Israelis in the vehicle escaped serious injury and rapidly left the country within 12 hours.

The Southland Times said the group were suspected of trying to hack into the country’s police computer system.

Christchurch earthquake unmasked team of Israeli spies in New Zealand

Ofer Mizrahi was 'part of a Mossad spy team'

'New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service ordered checks into the police national computer system following the earthquake because of fears Israeli agents had loaded software into the system that would allow backdoor access to intelligence files.

'One intelligence officer said that the service was suspicious of activities of several groups of Israelis during and immediately after the disaster.'

John Key, who is Jewish Aangirfan: MAX KEY; STEPHIE KEY

'New Zealand's former Prime Minister John Key confirmed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rang him four times on the day of the earthquake.

Mossad agents have been caught and convicted of identity theft for illegally obtaining New Zealand passports.

Tarrant's 'manifesto'

Brenton Tarrant's manifesto was designed to cause trouble?

"Islamophobic incidents have rocketed by almost 600 per cent in Britain following the New Zealand terror attack, a monitor has reported.

"In the week after the Christchurch incident, offenders used 'language, symbols or actions' linked to the atrocity to target Muslims in the UK."

Islamophobic incidents rocket by 600% in UK during week after New ...

In the Netherlands, the pro-Israel anti-immigrant party, Forum for Democracy (FVD), led by Thierry Baudet, won a big victory, just after the Chrischurch mosque attack.

Thierry Baudet

Sayyad Milne, victim of the Christchurch attack.

Sayyad Milne is the son of John Milne who was once married to Noraini Abbas, a woman originally from Singapore.

"When John Milne went to the Christchurch hospital at night he could not find his son."

Sayyad was reluctant to return to New Zealand during his last visit to Singapore, in December 2018.

Son of Singaporean 

John Milne's Facebook friends include:-

What happened to Sayyad?

Is this Brenton Tarrant?

What went on at the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch?

"There is intentionally-created confusion re Christchurch in order to foster the 'conspiracy theory' smear - in particular, a fake 'shooter video', with the likely purpose of distracting from real mosque killings done by government-complicit operatives, killings which we didn't see on camera." 

(Left) Three-year-old Mucad Ibrahim, 'killed in the mosque'. (Right) A Christchurch mourner.

The funeral of Sayyad Milne, reportedly a victim in the Christchurch mosque attack.

The funeral of Sayyad Milne, reportedly a victim in the Christchurch mosque attack. 

'Sayyad Milne was buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Christchurch on March 21, 2019.'

Brydie Henry is the sister of Sayyad Milne, a victim in the Christchurch mosque attack.

Click on the following video -

The police in Christchurch have admitted that a woman named as a murder victim in the Christchurch mosque shootings is actually alive and well.

Christchurch shooting: alleged murder victim is alive and well 

Tarrant, or his body double, in Pakistan, in 2018. 

Tarrant, with different ears?

The purpose of 'False Flags' is to promote the interests of the 'Powers-That-Be'.

The 'Powers-That-Be' include certain elite Moslems, elite Christians, elite Hindus, elite Jews and other elites.

Sayyad Milne (second from the right), on Krabi, Thailand, in January 2019, together with his sister, Cahaya Milne, 16, his brother, Shuayb Milne, 16, and his cousin, Mr. Khairul.

Brydie Henry is the sister of Sayyad Milne, a victim in the Christchurch mosque attack.

Sayyad Milne 'will be buried on 21/3/19  at the Memorial Park Cemetery.'

Above we see people at the funeral of some of the 'victims of the Christchurch mosque attack'.


Via: New Zealand Herald:

"Some of the world’s most deadly sharpshooters were in Christchurch when New Zealand’s worst ever terror attack unfolded on Friday, with NZSAS (Special Air Service) taking to the streets to help hunt the rampaging mosque shooter.

"Snipers from the New Zealand military, as well as professional snipers from Australia and Asian countries, had been at the Defence Force shooting range at West Melton, 25kms west of the city, the Herald has been told.

"New Zealand Police special tactics group (STG) officers were also on the frontline.

"The two police officers who finally apprehended the gunman on Brougham St were also out-of-towners who joined the urgent scramble to find the fleeing gunman.

"They were on a training session at Princess Margaret Hospital in Cashmere, using a disused floor of the hospital to practice room clearing and dealing with armed offenders."

'Tauranga mum Brydie Henry lost her brother Sayyad Milne.'

Brydie Henry lives in Tauranga, New ZealandMilne John Milne is Sayyad's father.

Brenton Tarrant. 'Brenton Tarrant' visited Israel in 2016. › World News

In false flag attacks, there is almost always a practise 'drill' by the authorities before the attack.

"Chris Cahill, a detective inspector, says that the police were involved in a drill near the Christchurch city centre when the shooting broke out."

NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque attacked...

LEFT - Fair-haired Sharon Tarrant and Gerard Tory. Gerald Tory is the partner of Sharon Tarrant 'who is Brenton Tarrant's mother'. RIGHT - Brown-haired Sharon Tarrant with late husband Rodney Tarrant and son Brenton.

Gerald Tory says that Sharon Tarrant is being kept in a safe house by police.

Sharon and her daughter Lauren have been placed under police protection, without mobile phone contact with the rest of their family.

Sharon and Lauren are not in a position to confirm or deny that the 'Brenton Tarrant' in court is the real Brenton Tarrent.

The last time Brenton Tarrant returned home to New South Wales in Australia was for his sister's birthday in 2018.

Eleni D Boukis .

James H. Fetzer‏ @JimFetzer

"Here's a clip from New Zealand, which was made in three layers: first, the street scene; second, the toy gun; third, the animation of cartridges being ejected from the weapon. ALL STAGED. ALL FAKE. ALL PHONY."

"Brenton Tarrant (top left) played for the Grafton Ghosts under 15 rugby league team in 2005."

Christchurch mosque shooter was 'picked on pretty badly' as a child ...

"Brenton Tarrant" (right) has a thin face and non-fuzzy hair.

'Brenton Tarrant' has large earlobes and dark hair?

Christchurch mosque shooter was 'picked on pretty badly' as a child ...

Brenton Tarrant (LEFT) has fair hair? 'Brenton Tarrant' (RIGHT) has small earlobes?

Brenton Tarrant has a body double?

Veterans Today alleges that 'Brenton Tarrant' is Jewish.

The Unraveling of an Israeli Mass Murder? | Veterans ...

Allegedly, "a gun can be seen on the footpath in front of this man."

Mosque shooting: Man in military clothing arrested

'Stephen Millar' told NZME he was arrested while trying to pick up his 13-year-old brother in law from Papanui High School on Friday afternoon.

'Millar' was wearing camouflage when the incident took place. He claims he wears it every day.

Christchurch terror attack: Camouflage wearer seeking compensation .

Witnesses have said that Tarrant's accomplices waited in a car outside the mosques.

PressTV-New Zealand gunman 'fled in waiting car' after attack

Daryl Jones, left, and Christopher Havard, who both attended the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch.

Australian Christopher Havard, 27, and dual New Zealand-Australian national Daryl Jones were reportedly recruited to al Qaeda while attending the Christchurch mosque reportedly attacked by Brenton Tarrant.

Al Qaeda is believed to be run by the CIA and its friends.

Two Men recruited at Christchurch Mosque
 / America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group - Global Research / christchurch-mosque-linked-to-alqaida

Thanks to Brabantian for the link.

Sayyad Milne, 14, reportedly killed in the Christchurch mosque. What is the link to Margate? Could Margate be the next Rochdale? .

There is a belief that the CIA and its friends were very well acquainted with the Al Noor mosque.

On 22 February 2019, in Spain, there was a break in at the North Korean embassy.

Reportedly there is evidence linking the North Korean embassy break in and the Christchurch attacks.

Brenton Tarrant at school in 2005, and, 'Brenton Tarrant' in North Korea.

The Twitter account purporting to belong to Brenton Tarrant was opened in February 2019.

Shootings At Two Mosques In New Zealand

The security services apparently took no action!

"In the dock, 'Brenton Tarrant' looks 5ft 4inches. Muscular. He looks special forces - small and powerful."

Official version - only one shooter

The Strategy of Tension is designed to get people scared, so they will continue to support the rich right-wing elite.

The Strategy of Tension aims to get you frightened of going to the mosque, going to church, going to school, going to the airport, going to the supermarket...

You are supposed to be scared of such things as -

Railway stations (Bologna massacre 1980).

Supermarkets (Brabant Massacres in Belgium 1980s).

Tall buildings (9 11 2001).

Public transport (London Bombings 2005).

Underwear and flying (Underwear Bomber 2009).

Elliot Rodger (2014 Isla Vista killings) and his father Peter Rodger at the premiere of The Hunger Games. Elliot Rodger is the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Elliot Rodger's father Peter Rodger is a friend of Hugh Jackman, the star of Bryan Singer's X-Men.

You are supposed to be scared of such things as:

Cinemas (2012 Aurora shooting).

Marathons (Boston Bombing 2013).

Churches (Charleston shooting 2015).

Theatres (Paris Attacks 2015)

And elementary schools (Sandy Hook 2012).

Dylann Roof (Charleston shooting)was arrested in Shelby, in South Carolina.The cast and crew of The Hunger Games used Shelby as a base. Much of the Hunger Games was filmed in Shelby.

The shootings at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, Beslan in Russia, Mumbai in India, Utoeya in Norway, Xinjiang in China, Istanbul in Turkey, Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, Liege in Belgium and Toulouse in France, may all be linked.

Why are they not showing us the face of 'Brenton Tarrant'?

Above, we see Brenton Tarrant, with fairly big earlobes?

Who is Brenton Tarrant? 

Above, we see 'Brenton Tarrant' with fairly small earlobes?

The above is said to be Brenton Tarrant? 

Yeni Zelanda'daki katliamcı saldırıdan ...

New Zealand mosque attack

In false flag attacks, there are usually photos of shoes.

London attack.

In false flag attacks, the police are usually told to delay their arrival at the scene.

A survivor of the New Zealand  attack has criticised the police for taking '20 minutes' to arrive at the Al Noor Mosque after the shooting began.

Khaled Al-Nobani slammed police, saying they should have take just 'two minutes' to respond.

'We are in the middle of the city. There was no traffic about.' he told The New Zealand Herald.

Witnesses said that there was more than one shooter.

Seven minutes of terror

In Norway, in the attack blamed on Breivik, witnesses said that there was more than one shooter.


Above, we see 'Brenton Harrison Tarrant' in Turkey.

There have been many false flag attacks in Turkey.


Tarrant's manifesto says that Constantinople (Istanbul in Moslem Turkey) will become a Christian city once more.

Naeem Rashid (above), from Abbottabad in Pakistan, "died as a result of the shootings at the New Zealand mosque."

Abbottabad is closely associated with the CIA.


A spokesman for Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that five Pakistani citizens are missing.

Christian Crusaders attacking the Christian city of Constantinople

Kevin Barrett, an author, journalist and radio host with a Ph.D. in Islamic and Arabic Studies, writes:

"Tarrant, is lionizing Trump at the same moment that Trump himself is surrounded by the Zionist neo-conservative wing of power in the West... 

"The Zionist neo-conservative wing of power in the West created this entire clash of civilizations with their false flag mind-controlled operation of September 11, 2001 that was designed to inculcate inter-generational Islamophobia."

false flag op
  / Bernard Lewis: one of the secret rulers of the world?

The original Brenton Tarrant and the 'body double'? Different ear lobes?

The original Brenton Tarrant seems to have disappeared sometime after 2011?

The 'spooky Brenton Tarrant' says he's not an antisemite, and adds that "a Jew living in Israel is no enemy of mine".

He makes claims of "brief contact" with Anders Breivik.

Suspected killer is fascist Zionist? 

'Brenton Tarrant in Pakistan.'

'Brenton Tarrant' loved the Moslems of Pakistan.

Christchurch shooting attacker Brenton Tarrant

'Brenton Tarrant in North Korea.'

Spooky Brenton Tarrant, or his body double, has been in places of interest to the CIA and Mossad.

Christchurch shooting attacker Brenton Tarrant

"One of the shooters livestreamed 18 minutes of his attack on Facebook Live, where he identified himself as 28-year-old Australia-born Brenton Tarrant.[23] Prior to the shooting, he posted a manifesto on the image board 8chan outlining his attack.[24] "

'On 15 March 2019,  at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand,  about 49 people were shot dead.

'It is suspected that four perpetrators were involved, one of them identified as 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant.[5][6]

There were reports of a bomb being found in a crashed car on Strickland Street.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

This is the first mass shooting in New Zealand since the 1997 Raurimu massacre.[14][15][16]

In the case of the Al Noor mosque, "The shooter identified himself on Twitter as 'Brenton Tarrant' from Australia, 'just a regular white man'."

Mathieu, Alexandre and their father Raymond Bissonnette.

The name Alexandre Bissonette was on 'Tarrant's" rifle equipment.

Brenton Tarrant: 5 Fast Facts

Alexandre Bissonnette is the 'patsy' in the Quebec Mosque shooting.


The innocent Dylann Roof

Hours before the attack, Tarrant published an online manifesto detailing his plans to carry out a massacre. 

Tarrant wrote in his manifesto:

'I have read the writings of Dylan Roof and many others, but only really took true inspiration from Anders Breivik.'

Dylan Roof is the innocent 'patsy' linked to Sandy Hook, Elliot Rodger and the Hunger Games.


The aim of 'Dylann Roof's manifesto' is to get the American public to turn to the military, the police and the security services for protection.

Anders Breivik

THE REAL ANDERS BREIVIK is an innocent patsy.


Brabantian comments:

"The alleged 'shooter manifesto' has some USA spelling, as a USA Yank or Israeli would use ... would not someone from Oz - NZ be using standard UK-type English?

"There are odd elements of apparent humour / satire / sarcasm in it, as if intel agents are having a laugh at us."

Sam Clarke, a reporter with TVNZ, told Al Jazeera that 'the gunman' had a machine gun.

"A gunman – dressed in black with a helmet carrying a machine gun – came into the back of the mosque and started firing into the people praying there," said Clarke, according to Al Jazeera.

Brenton Tarrant: 5 Fast Facts

Israel has been busy.

On 15 March 2019, Israeli warplanes attacked Gaza.

Former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark, whom Mossad reportedly tried to assassinate. In 2004, Mossad's Zev Barkan's reportedly tried to to assassinate New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. ( Assassination)

"In December 2016 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed Israel's ambassador in New Zealand to return to Israel for consultations, in response to NZ's support for United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334.

"Immediately after the vote, Netanyahu ordered a series of diplomatic steps against countries that co-sponsored the resolution and with whom Israel has diplomatic relations. 

New Zealand prime minister David Lange, who claimed the US government threatened to kill him.

"Israel-New Zealand relations had not been so poor since 2004, when New Zealand imprisoned 'Mossad spies' for attempting to fraudulently obtain a New Zealand passport.[4]"


  1. Fits the profile of the usual shooters from previous false flags, probably mind controlled and trained by security services.

    Thing is, cui bono? I suppose if it's not perpetrated by Muslims and not a 'terrorist' attack to scare/divide the populace, then it's just another gun grab by the powers that be? Not sure what gun ownership laws are like in NZ. What other motives might there be?

    1. The Bologna Bombing, and all the other false flags, are not related to gun ownership.

    2. The Boston Bombing was such a fiasco. I have screen shots of no blood, the fake leg falling off and being put back on etc. That was about getting people used to Marshall Law-like presence of armed personnel going into homes. I even screen shot the poor accused with a CREAM back pack slung casually over his shoulder. The BOMB was in a black back pack with a white square and was HEAVY. Such a fraud.

    3. BOTTOM LINE: New Zealand’s gun laws came under scrutiny in the aftermath, specifically the process of buying a military-style semi-automatic weapon and its difference compared to Australia.[145] As gun policy specialist Philip Alpers noted, “New Zealand is almost alone with the United States in not registering 96 percent of its firearms — and those are its most common firearms, the ones most used in crimes… If he went to New Zealand to commit these crimes, one can assume that the ease of obtaining these firearms may have been a factor in his decision to commit the crime in Christchurch.”[146][147]

      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that “Our gun laws will change, now is the time… People will be seeking change, and I am committed to that.”[146] Attorney-General David Parker was later quoted as saying that the government will ban semi-automatic guns,[148] but later walked back on this statement, saying that the government had not yet commited to anything and that regulations around semi-automatic weapons was “one of the issues” the government would consider.[149]

    4. Check this timeline out.
      Note; Remembering,The "sposid" live feed was 16.00 minutes in total starting at 1:40pm.

  2. Morning Aang. My initial thoughts were this has been staged or fake or faked with real consequences or what ever.

    The timing of the event would indeed coincide with Friday Jummah (prayers) and the Khutbah (sermon) would be underway. The format for Friday prayers is Sermon then Dhur prayer which is called Jummah on Friday and is compulsory for the fit and able. Therefore, maximum attendance.

    However, initial concerns were thus - although the attack was 1.30pm local time, it is 11.30 am (AEDT). Yet again the presence of [33]. Presumably AEDT is Australian something time!!!

    The ever present manifesto which was initially reported as 37 pages - then turned into 87 pages. The assailant was apparently inspired by Breivik, Dykan Roof and some other miscreant. As always, the ever present hallmarks of the security services and the hoax brigade.

    Cant think why an Aussie national and his co-conspirators would bother to fly to Christchurch. Much easier to shoot up a mosque in your own backyard.

    That said, Christchurch has undertones of Christendom, whiteness etc. Helps the hive mind compartmentalise and see differences where none exist.

    If indeed this was a 'real victims' event with the obvious occult/security services at play or whether it was entirely staged - I'm certain this thread will produce enough comments to piece things together.

    Interesting analysis about the name on the gun etc. As always, nothing is ever as it seems and barely scratching the surface produces more questions than answers.

    What a pile of utter tripe.

    Peace to the humans

    1. This time, your comment is nothing special :
      "staged, faked or fake with real consequences" ?

      FF doesn't mean that they are NO victims.
      Some things are quite easy to check, no need for too much of 'conspiracy' : somebody who is living in NZ can easily verify it, just calling the hospital, or, even better, contacting somebody who works on hospital, relatives etc ?

      WHY you ppl always try to see 'fake' attack :
      killing so many ppl will help to generate negative energy, fear mostly, uncertainty.

      You can be right, or wrong ?

      But i am always for the Truth...


    2. Thank you for your comment. Can I clarify the meaning of 'fake'. Fake is a 'catch all' term. To better qualify and understand it, it means: 'not as we are being told'. The narrative is false.

      Some events have real victims (911) but have been 'faked'. Again, not has been reported and not what is in the public domain.

      Some events are actually 'fake' with no victims and this can be evidenced easily (Sandy Hook).

      It's not about conspiracy. It's about careful analysis of available materials in the public domain. It is a form of reverse engineering.

      The MSM, Government and Police/Security Services are known liars and cant be trusted with even the most benign or seemingly irrelevant information or news.

      Sadly we live in a post truth era and very little can be believed. Therefore, using due diligence and analysis - stories and events can easily be proven to be 'false' or full of lies.

      I too am for the truth and Aangirfan and many others on here are doing exactly the same.

      Peace to you

    3. This happened. My wife's close friend lost a husband. We have spoken to him .and he was shot yo death during Friday prayers.

    4. Today my Chinese masseur questioned events in NZ. He correctly pointed out that a hate filled Aussie terrorist anti Muslim nut job would have simply put a bomb or two in Mosques here and detonated them. Why go to NZ, buy guns, train at a rifle range etc. It doesn't make sense. He could have still got publicity by posting on Twiter etc. My Chinese friend also told me that poison would do the job as well. During WWII when Japanese were at 50/50 point with Chinese soldiers in Shanghai they tipped the scales by sending a 'spy' paid well, to gain the trust of the Chinese Army at the base. When there he poisoned their water supply. Reducing the number of Chinese soldiers and giving the win to Japan. Makes no sense to go to NZ and use guns.

  3. You are so quick. It was suspicious that a video now on FB alleged to be live footage was made the day before and the 'bodies' piled up had no blood. The 'lady' in the gutter had a shot to the head and not a drop of blood. You taught me that. Oh and no wet pants after death one's body fluids 'release'.. Gun control is not so bad but why do they do it like this...??? All this horrific fakery. I fell for it to start with. Made by the Kashmyrat???

    1. I'm glad someone notices no blood. For some reason even youtubers and bloggers who can usually see through this kind of fakery seem to believe this one. Why?
      There is no blood, no body fluids, no exit wounds, no shattered glass in door glass, no bullet holes in windows.
      People seem to be just lying on one pile in the corner befor he even starts "shooting". People don't run even thought they have open door next to them. It's ridiculous beyond belief.

    2. Watch it in slow motion and the bullet casings disapear into thin air after recoil not on lands on the ground ,so is it cgi then who knows ?

  4. Video made the day before. Bodies piled up. No blood. Scott Morrison went to NZ a week or so ago (secretively) is this what they were cooking up? Gun control? Because something big is about to break and they are worried people will start to do something about the diet of lies eg 9/11

    1. Or the diet of toxic vaccines, toxic fluoride in our water and toxic chemicals use in fracking.

    2. John Podesta was also in New Zealand 4 days ago. That alone is enough suspicion for me. He has been associated with some pretty sick things and has been a part of the group here in the U.S. pushing for extreme gun restrictions and regulations. So, it wouldn't surprise me if he had a hand in any of this

  5. Same old, same old (scenario, broken record, u name it)....

    1. Worth noting. Brenton stayed with ISRAR n Pakistan. (Israel?) Sun report says 'no interest in guns, well mannered' December 2018 Pakistani are 'kind-hearted best in world' - no mention of how happy he was there in the Sun -inference being he was radicalised there. This woman (whose face I've seen before in False Flags) now announces Q had posted about the event before and there is a time gap. Do they realise they've been outed then expedite matters to hurry it along? Gun Laws now changing says NZ PM - record time?

  6. The alleged 'shooter manifesto' has some USA spelling, as a USA Yank or Israeli would use ... would not someone from Oz - NZ be using standard UK-type English?

    There are odd elements of apparent humour / satire / sarcasm in it, as if intel agents are having a laugh at us

    The shooter has a Q&A with himself, and asks in his self-interview, "Is there a particular person that radicalized you?" [not 'radicalised']

    The shooter's self-answer is preposterous: "The person that has influenced me above all was Candace Owens ... her own views helped push me further and further into the belief of violence ... Though ... extreme actions she calls for are too much, even for my tastes"

    Candace Owens is a petite-looking, attractive, well-spoken black female, who has made waves as the 'new face of black conservatism' and being a supporter of Donald Trump ... she is right-wing but far from 'extremist'

    Numerous other silly items are in the 'shooter manifesto' and 'photos' ... saying he learned ethno-nationalism from the cartoonish 'Spyro the Dragon', a Playstation video game; some phrases are copied from right-wing young people's racist jokes

    He claimed to have received a 'blessing from the Knights Templar', the 'new Christian Knights Templar' being an Anders Breivik theme ... the intel people perhaps arranged that?

    1. Thank you, Brabantian.

      But what if this was real, to make muslims worldwide boling with anger and rage, and of course revenge ?

      16 march is coming, 17 follows, 22nd soon :
      new 'revenge' attack for this will happen in Europe ?

      ( Real was this NZ attack or not, looks like scenario is being 'augmented' : live stream, face clearly visible...and , of course, mossad behind, as always.
      Also possible that this young Aussie was only another patsie, and real killing was carried by mercenaries :
      and why so far NO second person's name revealed ? ( i mean the one who did shooting in second mosque ).

      Do you claim that muslims witness recorded by tv stations after shooting were the crisis actors as well ( 'Collabos' in French language ) ?

      i do not claim that.

      But interested in your comments, opinions...?


    2. Peace to you Alan. As a Muslim I can offer an insight into this event. Firstly it's as real as the moonlandings. There is occultist numerology, fake manifestos and has the hallmarks of the security services all over it. It is a fake pile of tripe. Some comments suggest the event was filmed before the so called 'live event' took place. This has happened previously too.

      As for a backlash from the Muslim community - ain't going to happen. The crazies are in the other team I'm afraid to say. The ones that organized this fiasco.

      That said, two events are approaching that give cause for concern. Firstly, 22 March or 322 as its known is heavily associated with Skull and Bones and the occult. Two recent events on this day. Westminster Bridge and Brussels Airport. Both as real as dinosaurs (sorry they're fake too).

      That said, the other upcoming day is of course Easter. So the Satanic Paedos (US, UK and Israel) would happily blow up Easter and blame it on the Muslims as a revenge attack.

      I prayed at home today because I couldn't be bothered with the perceived grief and head shaking. Mainstream Muslims believe what they are told and believe the MSM just like all other groups in society.

      I've been in mosques all over the world and because I travel a lot and pray a lot - I've been in plenty mosques when fake terror events have taken place and the Muslims genuinely believe they're 'wayward' youth had been radicalised and the elders are beating themselves up for rearing the youngsters badly.

      However, as some us know, the Machiavellian explanation under pins all most everything that happens in the world today. The security services (the actual terrorists) are responsible for all these atrocities and attacks. Whether real or faked or whatever.

      Sometimes (like Sandy Hook) it is a drill of sorts, sometimes there are actual victims (911) and sometimes its anyone's guess.

      Don't worry though this will be forgotten very quickly and everyone will turn back to hating the Muslims when the Satanic Paedos pull of their next stunt in the coming weeks.

      A final thought on the dinosaurs and the moonlandings.........just remember who told us they were real!!!!!

      Peace to the humans

    3. Hello Alan, - The powers seem to want to sow confusion - so in some cases there may be no one truly dead, in other cases some are dead, or all were dead as stated ... to keep us guessing, and our guesses at times in error

      Witnesses, victims' families, real in some, crisis actors in others ... in some cases it is obvious, in others hard to tell, at least for me

      It is specifically intel agency agenda, to sow confusion around truth-seeking in general ... so there are intel-tied websites twisting extreme forms of 'false flag' arguments, to try to discredit the more on-target ones

      We can only do our best to try and sort it all out

    4. March 16, 2019

  7. Just how lucky can you get...?

    1. Nothing suspicious, they just get THIS lucky...

  8. God, its all so fake it hurts, they're not even trying anymore....

    1. It's probably the "fakest" one in history. The guy is spraying bullets all over the place and doesn't even break one glass window in the door. No bullet holes, no blood, no damage to the victims, no sound of bullets hititing targets, no ricochets. Victims lying in one pile before he even shoots them. It's popcorn for imbeciles. It's not a false flag in a way, that they've send the hired guy to shoot some people... the guy was shooting blanks

  9. Also the Jewish festival of Purim starts next Wednesday - can we expect more play acts given top billing by the MSM over the next few days?

  10. Oh and don't forget International Terrorism Day aka 22/3 will be next Friday...

    1. Yes...

      And this time, we see TWO shoes left on the ground and bloodied rag, shoes aren't Nike neither adidas, somebody laughs at us or...just shoes ?

      And what Ole Dammegard will say : usually it was one shoe ?

    2. I see this a lot with these somewhere it is a masonic thing. Very strange....


  12. How odd that this happened only hours after Britain's democracy was de-legitimised, providing an important distraction, and a wonderful opportunity for politicians to demonise anyone with conservative views. And how odd that the Evil Indigenous European Terrorist failed to detonate a single one of the "many explosive devices" he planted in vehicles, all miraculously found and defused by police.

    And how odd that this happened on The Ides of March, complete with 74-page "manifesto" from the Evil Indigenous European Terrorist, who used the old Roman term "Justiciar" in reference to the other Evil Indigenous European Terrorist Breivik, who also had a book-length "manifesto" claiming to hate Muslims, but chose to kill only young Indigenous Europeans, while not harming a single hair on a Muslim's head. This time the Illuminati have corrected that mistake, to make it all seem more plausible.

    Breivik was a mind-controlled MK Ultra Assassin for the Illuminati, just like this latest one Tarrant in New Zealand, who has achieved NOTHING but worldwide sympathy for Muslims, "extra protection" for their mosques at taxpayers' expense, and an excuse to silence all criticism of Islam and Third World Invaders in the West.

    1. 1. The Breivik who appeared in court was a body double.

      2. The aim of the bad guys is to keep a certain rich conservative elite in power.

    2. Not necessarily conservative. Even so, they are conservative in name only.

    3. Aussie Senator blames Muslim Immigration. Others say payback for NZ criticism of Bibi. Gun control achieved -

    4. Here is a video presentation regarding the numbers, patterns and Symbols involved in the incident.

  13. Yep, this immediately reeks of a CIA false flag, particularly with the Aussie ties to the US. Note how it plays to the NRA narrative on gun control. Plus, the laid-on-with-a-trowel horror of the live footage, the divide-and-rule claims (quickly peddled by the BBC) that New Zealanders were urging the killer on online, and the similarity with other suspicious events.

  14. without knowing any details....I treat events as these as Fake - then I begin, without inclination or prejudice, to attempt to prove it True....and so, after detailed examination - I concluded, that ths was again, another staged exercise designed to deceive.

    1. The circus must go on as usual

    2. This was the report I picked up-no TV at home. Amazed at the amount of information on survivor profile after 24 hours. Chap shot 4 times, daughter shot 3, manages to upload FB video, forgets to mention daughter, making an amazing recovery. Poor Photoshop on his profile. Read no further..letting aanifran and Burning blogger to the dot joining...always good investigative reporting!

    3. Yeahhhh no one brings their girls to Friday prayers which is a congregational prayer for males only. No women either. Similar to the fake victims in Las Vegas smiling and hopping about, and the "Mummy" Mason boy present at two FFs.

    4. Sorry to say Jummah prayer on Friday often has kids in the main prayer hall (including girls) and isn't male only.

      Doesn't stop the NZ gog being fake as f%$# though.

  15. This one's about Internet censorship.

    News seems more concerned about the video being shared online rather than the event itself.

    1. You may be right

  16. Notice on the first round of shooting the dead guy under the middle white chair, then second round the body is in the same position but under the last white chair?

  17. New Zealand's government had made the Mossad very unhappy the other year

    "A Mossad spy team from Israel may have been uncovered by the Christchurch earthquake that hit New Zealand.

    An Israeli, named as Ofer Mizrahi, was found with at least five passports when his body was recovered after masonry fell on his van.

    Three other Israelis were in the vehicle but escaped serious injury and rapidly left the country within 12 hours, the paper claims.

    The group were suspected of trying to hack into the country’s police computer system.

    The country’s Security Intelligence Service ordered checks into the police national computer system following the earthquake because of fears Israeli agents had loaded software into the system that would allow backdoor access to highly sensitive intelligence files.

    One intelligence officer told the paper that the service was suspicious of activities of several groups of Israelis during and immediately after the disaster, which claimed 181 lives."

    1. You need access to the police database to substitute the patsy.

    2. Interesting info.
      They steal passports to fit people up for terrorist crimes they had absolutely nothing to do with.
      They're probably the very same passports that are found at the scenes of false flag ops.

  18. Definite false flag. Now Lucinda will have no obstacles to stripping the populace of legal self-defence.

  19. Some food for thought on the causes of this attack by an Australian in sleepy New Zealand with barely 50,000 muslims and no previous anti-muslim sentiment, in order:

    "Anti-Semitism has reached a new low in New Zealand" from 2005, the earliest story of anti-semitism in NZ I could find.. "a new low" lol..

    "Anti-semites" sprayed gravestones with swastikas, definitely not extremist jews annoyed by increasing muslim immigration..

    A collection of dubious victim signalling.

    The final straw in 2017, an Iranian diplomat 'Ghahremani said in his speech that the "anti-human regime" of Israel was trying to "deceive the world" and was fuelling terrorism and extremism to divert attention from the Palestine issue.'

    Iran responds to NZ attack:

    In a Friday tweet Mohammad Javad Zarif said: “Impunity in Western ‘democracies’ to promote bigotry leads to this.”

    Zarif also said the prejudice led to “Israeli thugs entering a mosque in Palestine to insult Muslims.”

    The Iranian foreign minister criticized the West for “defending demonization of Muslims as ‘freedom of expression’” and demanded its end.

    Meanwhile over here fans of Brexit and Israel, like Tarrant, are attacking muslims with hammers and calling THEM terrorists..

  20. So obvious..Check the masonic hand symbol whilst appearing in court.
    Hidden in plain sight

  21. What more proof do u need, guys? New Zealand PM promises to change gun laws after appalling massacre


  23. This whole shooting is fake! There is very little blood if any, no bullet holes in walls, no ricochets no servered limbs, splattered brains.
    At 06:55 of the video he shoots through the corridor but glass in the doors is somehow intact. He didn't even break glass in the door. This is ridiculous. I start to think it was all staged and the guy was shooting blanks.

    1. There was also a bizarre photo of a Muslim man raising his left arm to show the circular bloodstained "bullet hole" in the side of his shirt. But there was no hole in the fabric, just a circular red stain, as if carefully painted on, with various splashes elsewhere, and the man seemed perfectly fine.


    one question, which church or mosque has a supply of bandages ready for use

  25. I Have been a reader on this Blog for a long time and have never commented before today. SO Today I am Breaking my Duck with a Pair as it were.

    How the Christchurch and Norway manifestos differ? The Manifestos to compare? Who Wrote them, from where are they sourced. Whose narratives do they represent? #Christchurch #MayPeaceBeUponThem #ClashofOligarchsandUserers #ConquestofDough #Love #Peace

    Jo COx.

    Maddeleine Mc Cann

    I think the Control Files Theroy of Catherine Austin Fits is very Strong.

    The existence of control files is one of the most important concepts to understand when seeking change. At 4:37 she explains why the United States no longer exists. Without a Congress that is free to represent its constituents and is controlled by the NWO through the use of control files, there is no functioning Congressional body. The United States of America does not exist anymore. Something else has taken its place, but there was no formal announcement. This is vital to understand.

    1. Hi Roger! Nice to see you here. Kavy.

    2. Hi Kavy, you too mate.
      Its all very strange this business isn't it.
      very odd, this guy was talking about it before it happened and still seems to be pushing its real and its CLash of Civilisatiuon Stuff.
      He is related to partisan Girl who roused my Suspicions recently. and this appears to be actual
      rehearsal footage?

      what I can not understand is how a whole heap of people were discussing it the Day before on Thursday?
      Makes it look like they had a dry run almost like they are tryiong to find people who notice anomolies to pipe up?
      Also time anomolies when embedding posts and what appears on screen, Definitely some sort of excercies in scoping networks of possible resistance to the next Crack down on whats left of civil liberties.
      Message me mate would be grat to chat, have missed exchanging views with you been to long.

  26. Said my garbled bit and -- it's the quiet and gets me and how few into 'what about?' The ever-diminishing environment and once gathered. Oh well, there's here and ? As for 'the incident' all have heard is a bit of the note. Seems way too other hands contrived and begging internet suppression. Best we all comment, while we can, and in this and enough -- overcome.

  27. Dont hold ur breath:

  28. magic bullets ...not one drop on the vids I have seen


  30. I cannot believe it is that easy for one gunman, even if he were military-trained, to kill 49 people and seriously injure dozens more without anyone stopping him.
    There is something unconvincing about the statement by the guy whose brother was allegedly shot trying to save people too. Possibly it is shock but he seems very unemotional about it.

  31. So...the video looks like computer game.

    I was thinking ir really looks scary, horrible killing as read one clinical psychologist said : do not watch it !

    But this is a fricking game, joke ?

    How on earth muslims agreed to be crisis actors ?

    "Third league" asian actors ?

    But WHY "they" decide that killing will be faked, why they just don't 'sacrifice' 49 people , to create real fear and negative energy,anybody can explain this to me ?
    Using mk programmed mercenary with military training.

    What IF this was real...?

    Head of this woman lying near pavement,outside, m o v e s when he shoots her again...and in the mosque, there IS blood on one person leg : yes, there should be more blood, but are you military experts to give your opinions and being so "convinced" that this was fake, hoax, why ?


    One thing i am sure : world is mad, more mad than it was few days ago. Crazy . Sick.

    So, explain pls why you claim this CANNOT be real massacre?


  32. Meet the actors:

  33. The same New Zealand mosques are said to have radicalised some people who were later killed with USA-overseen drone strikes ... and some of the news stories that carried this are being deleted now. Here is one:

    « A Christchurch mosque has been linked to the drone killing of New Zealand al-Qaida suspect Daryl Jones.

    The parents of an Australian killed alongside Jones say their son was taught radical Islam in Christchurch, where he also met Mr Jones.

    Christopher Havard was killed alongside Mr Jones by a US drone in Yemen last year.

    His parents, Neill and Bronwyn Dowrick, say their son told them he was first taught radical Islam at the Al Noor mosque.

    Mr Havard moved from Australia to New Zealand in 2010. He’s remembered at the mosque by the name of Saleem Khattab. »

  34. Article by William Craddick detailing the apparent para-military nature of 'shooter' Tarrant - confirming the Makow post linked above - and what seems to be a team not a 'lone gunman' - with indications New Zealand authorities are hiding evidence and participants, and engaged in 'stand-down' during the 'lone gunman massacre' -

    « Tarrant and the group he worked with likely have professional military connections, are part of the same cell that perpetrated a February 22nd break in of the North Korean embassy in Spain and potentially have intelligence ties to various agencies that cooperate under the UK-USA Agreement popularly known as Five Eyes (FVEY) [USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand].

    Suspicions are inevitably raised over how exactly Tarrant and his alleged co-conspirators managed to stockpile the military-grade weapons and ammunition used in the attack in a country with comparatively strict gun laws.

    The Australian engaged in extensive travel abroad to a number of areas that should have raised red flags with intelligence services. Countries visited by Tarrant included Pakistan, North Korea, Turkey, parts of Africa, Portugal, Spain and France. The extensive travel and access to military grade firearms should have made detection by law enforcement and intelligence services nearly impossible to avoid.

    Facts shared by the attack on the North Korean embassy in Spain and the terror event in Christchurch suggest that the same team was involved in both incidents.

    Police speculated during the attacks that there were up to three suspects. But footage and photos that have emerged along with early reports of other suspected locations where incidents occurred indicates that the number of attackers was likely larger.

    Police stations in and around Christchurch shows that there were several just a few blocks away from the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre. This is about a seven to eight minute drive with normal traffic. But witness statements say that police took over 20 minutes to arrive at the scene. Ambulance services took over half an hour to arrive at the scene despite the fact that hospitals were in even closer proximity to the attack locations than police stations. »

    1. Wow that link is fantastic. Gobsmacked at how they think they can get away with it.

  35. Bombing attacks in Afghanistan attributed to Taliban, and similar attacks in Iraq attributed to "suicide bombers" could equally be carried out by Western-backed special ops - then blamed on "extremists". Including attacks on worshippers in mosques:

    Never made sense to me why muslims would kill their own in a building they consider sacred - especially when they already have a common enemy - the western invaders. The truth could be more sinister - people like Tarrant.

    1. Interesting comment : but not te one bout muslims...

      They really DO hate each other, sunni against shia et vice versa : there is a great hope that they will finish each other, or at least stay deeply divided haha.

      And this internal islam conflict was, very likely, made long time ago by jewish man...small world it is, huh ?


  36. Operation Gladio. Serial killings during the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's. THEY disappear. Today, we have all these mass shootings. Slave master's perception management. The super rich keep the super poor distracted with fear mongering/fear of the "other". It seems almost like some kind of algorithm of class warfare.

  37. I believe that if this were a true event planned by a white supremacist and maybe a few buddies that no one would have survived no one would have made it out it would have been a massive attack with massive murders and not just two dozen people.
    killing two dozen people in a church would require nothing more than a pair of scissors.....
    I believe this to be just another push against freedom's in America and globalism I'm gun confiscation along with the next series of elections in a variety of countries especially the USA

    It's kind of sad that they have to use the public no matter what religion they are -or are not- even if they're a bunch of crazy women beating gay killing Muslims.
    I wonder why the media didn't make such an uproar one all the Christians and the Sikhs were being killed off in their churches .... Easy answer is there was no agenda behind those mass murders

  38. Just watched 17 minutes live stream

    It is Fake as Fuck
    Start long time just driving around deems to be head camera but no head camera when he shows head.
    Gets out if car with automatic rifle then changes it for second automatic rifle in boot.
    Enters car park no one reacts to guy with automatic rifle.
    Starts firing as he enters Mosque .
    See flashes but his mike does not pick up load gun shot sound.
    Many shots before guy falls to ground no blood.
    Enters Mosque shooting random no aiming.
    Shoots guy next to white wall no blood on wall or damage to wall
    People on floor hiding or pretending to be shot.
    Not enough people in Mosque
    Shoots aiming to high to hit people on floor
    People do not react to being shot.
    goes closer and shoots again no reaction or blast effect
    Once or twice some small movement from shot effect possibly from blanks at close range or high pressure air no blood.
    leaves Mosque and shoots empty streets.
    Goes back in Mosque same as before goes closer to shoot people. We see 2 people now with blood colour on clothes one on back one on legs but no injury.
    Despite shooting at wall at close range no damage to wall.
    No blood on white walls anywhere
    Leaves mosque walks down street woman on floor moving
    shoots in head some reaction to shot possible blank.
    Gets in car and drives then shoots at front window of his car from inside but no damage. Shoots side window of car it shatters probably from blank. Drives on end of video.

    I have seen much more realistic video games.
    Must try harder But as George Walker Bush said
    "You can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones to concentrate on"

    1. It is chilling to watch that 'shooter helmet-cam' 17 minutes, in its video-game-like remoteness

      My main thought was - What have we wrought, with our video-game culture, and all these young boys spending years doing thousands of 'killings' on-screen?

      Are the lifelike violent video games, another tool by social engineers, seeking to intentionally foster chaos in the world?

    2. First question: Is the video fake?

      And, yes, the term "fake as fuck" is an entirely accurate description of the video. It's like a seriously badly made movie, by an idiot who admires Hardcore Henry. And Tipp-Ex, apparently, with the ridiculous white power scrawlings on the blank-filled weapons.

      Next question: Does the manifesto even exist?

      I tried finding this supposed 74-page manifesto. It's not even fake. It's non-existent, as far as I can tell. Just photos of a cover and a few disjointed extracts. No complete or even partial document.

      Another question: But was the massacre itself fake?

      It's possible to sow confusion by having a real massacre and a fake video. This helps to discredit any skeptics of the mainstream media. Really, I don't know.

      I strongly suspect so, especially as the Al Noor mosque is associated with some of the ISIS morons, who so eagerly bow down before the Zionist warmongers, who so vilely defame Islam while they also enslave the West and insult our intelligence.

      Final question: Why would they do it?

      The motive is clear enough: more gun control, more divide and conquer, fostering more hatred between the Muslim world and the West. And who profits from that? Gotta get the Western cannonfodder all riled up if you want them to invade Syria or Iran. You know, dyin for Zion and all.

      Also have to push the narrative that it's not just the Muslims but also the scary "white people" who are the enemy. Especially ones who distrust mainstream media, use cryptocurrencies and visit Pakistan and North Korea, it seems. (Doesn't that seem like an inconceivably convenient grab bag of boogiemen for one person. Next they'll say the guy visited Venezuela to eat empanadas and caraotas negras with President Maduro.)

      It's also possible it was partly an exercise to see how rapidly they could disappear near-realtime information from the Internet. Facebook, now tightly associated with the Atlantic Council, certainly reacted quickly.

      And one other thing...

      Also, the sites Dissenter and ZeroHedge were shut down in New Zealand. Why? To enhance their credentials as dissident and alternative news sites. They of course are no such thing. ZeroHedge is supported by the Gatestone Institute, which has ultra-Zionist / neocon John Bolton on its board.

      And another thing...

      One thing that is genuine is the concern shown by the New Zealand people. They really are a very great and decent people. When I was younger, a beautiful Maori girl put her live at risk to save me from certain death. Which was awesome of her.

      Oh, and also...

      Is it just me, or is the world collectively just going completely insane?

      There will be an explanation. It won't be the truth, but it will be what people will buy. A madman with a gun, a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, a car crash; that's how the tournament remains a secret.
        That's insane.
      Don't you watch TV, Father? The whole world is insane.

    3. I stand corrected. The elusive manifesto exists.

      I even read it. Now a thoughtcrime in New Zealand.

      It's clearly intended to foment division and hatred between the Anglo West and the Muslim world.

      It attacks so-called "invaders", even small children, while strangely ignoring the Zionist West's many attacks on the Middle East, via their ISIS proxies, and their weaponization of migration.

      The worst of people, certain Zionist billionaires and co-murderers, are mostly directly responsible for the chaos in the Middle East. Yet how many war-refugees did their lands accept?

      Countries like Sweden and Germany give refuge; even New Zealand on the other side of the planet. But the Israelis? Need I say? Not a single one.

      As for its central thesis that the "white people" are somehow endangered: clearly the guy is deranged.

      The white people who have colonized the Americas, North and South. Not to mention the entire Australian continent, "Terra Nullius".

      Not that the "white people" are responsible for the sins of their ancestors. But they can learn from the past to become better people, to help make a better world for all people.

      And endangered?

      For some reason I imagine Truganini on a granite island in the cold wind of an icy Southern ocean. Seeing the last of her people. Remembering the horrors visited upon them. A Great Replacement. Her ways and language and kin disappearing from this Earth. Kept safe only in the limitless and eternal benevolence of God.

      Human beings, We created you all from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.

  39. John Podesta in NZ the same week.

  40. Havard wears make-up or is it just me?


  42. For those claiming this was real, check it out:

  43. What does that old man with a beard have in the bottle? Tempura paint or fruit juice? Question especially for those claiming this hoax was real:

  44. Besides, one of the so-called fallen victims checks his phone while lying on the floor. How UNREAL is that and how many events like this does it take for some to finally wake up?

    1. Why is a shooting victim on his phone? Are you serious? He's probably calling the police!! jfc..

    2. Oh, yes, while the so-called shooter was shooting like crazy and crisis actors were falling like flies, sure, the guy on the floor was calling the police, absolutely, it makes perfect fucking sense....

  45. As I said, all according to the script. How many times have we seen this and how many times we will?

    And no comment allowed to the article about the man with Tempura blood:

  46. Operation Gladio is what we witnessed.

  47. More proof of the hoaxery:

  48. Conservative Christian counterpoint to media focusing on these New Zealand events:

    « According to Open Doors [website on persecution of Christians], at least 4,305 Christians known by name were murdered by Muslims because of their faith in 2018

    Carnage in two mosques in New Zealand, with the death toll currently at 50, is the first major event of its kind since the Quebec City mosque shooting—over two years ago—which killed six persons.

    While 56 dead in two years is 56 too many, this regrettable incident [in New Zealand] will dominate the headlines infinitely more than any comparable carnage involving Christians

    The 2017 Palm Sunday church bombings in Alexandria [Egypt] killed 45 people, and was all but ignored by the Western media and politicians »

  49. There is a link to the actual event embedded in the comments section further up.

    I have personally watched the incident 3 times. The event is 100% fake bollocks.

    As some have rightly pointed out - it's so fake as to beggar belief. The incident (from a 1st person shooter) perspective will show (so called) dead bodies already 'piled up' prior to the shooter entering the main prayer hall.

    The shooter is continually firing at virtually nothing. There are no ricochetes, marks or debris from the pure white walls, zero blood conducive with what would be expected from such an event either.

    All the hallmarks of a contrived event backed up with the fake video to boot. Furthermore, the prayer hall should have been full - it wasn't. Friday prayers are incredibly busy. Not there apparently.

    If the prayer had just finished, the car park and door to the mosque would be heaving with people leaving, milling about chatting out doors - it wasn't.

    My initial thoughts that it was a false flag/psy-op/pile of shite were in fact correct. The video with all the occult/security services hallmarks present. It becomes apparent that it is more fakery.

    If in any doubt watch the video for the final proof. Two weapons used in the attack. An automatic shotgun and a semi rifle. If anyone thinks you can discharge these weapons in a confined space without making a mess - you just cant.

    Gun control, internet censorship and religious and ethnic tension are clearly the driving forces behind this latest pike of utter tripe.

    Peace to the humans

  50. I walked put of the film the "Hunger Games" as it really angered me. I had taken (my then teenage) daughter to see the film, and had (what I can only describe as an acute panic attack) I the theatre. I stood up, yelled, "this movie was made by very sick people" and tried to drag my daughter out with me. She refused to go, and sat through the film. She is 24 now, and tells me "she gets it now - why I reacted the way I did to the film. It's about kids killing kids, at the pleasure and financial benifit of the "players" and is exactly what is going on right now. Hunger Games was predictive programming, and I have been "woke" due to being raised in an abusive new age cult. My parents literally drank the CIA lsd koolaid in the 1960's (San Francisco), and never fully recovered. The "guru" destroyed my family, and the pain and suffering left my younger sister disabled. I do not regret reacting to.the film It was a "teachable moment" for my daughter, and she is not buying into the Mass Mefia Mind Vontrol. My father has attacked me on social media, and accused me of being a racist. That pretty much ended my career as a software tester, (as I had bosses and co-workers as "friends"). The plan us to burn us to the ground, (if they do not get their way(. Trump is our very last chance at acknowledging we are a "republic" and maintaining any kind of sovereignty as a nation. It could be too late, as an entire generation (or two) is"lost" to drugs, cults, and mind control, and the inherited wealth has been squandered on useless garbage.

    1. HEY CR !

      All makes sense EXCEPT Trump part :
      are you THAT mad to believe in this con man ?

      Pervert, cocaine user, manipulated by "elite", are you naive like a child ???

      There is NO political solution for the usa. Neither other countries. Spirituality is the only way, but you foolishly babble about trump : you are completetly , sadly, brainwashed by media.

      Miserable testimony of yours.

  51. Veterans Today says the New Zealand shooter is actually age 42 and Jewish, and trained in the Middle East, originally tasked with killing Assad in Syria, per Syrian and Russian intelligence. From Gordon Duff:

    « The New Zealand mass killer trained in Israel in 2017 and 2018 then visited Turkey and the Balkans, this is confirmed.

    When automatic fire broke out barely a mile from a police station, the Freemason ridden police waited, waited, waited and finally, 17 minutes later, showed up.

    The lies are piling up and the planning and execution of the mass shooting in Christchurch goes from Australia and New Zealand into Israel and the Balkans. Everything about Brendon Tarrant is a lie, and the lies are piling up.

    Police complicity is confirmed, over and over, not just in New Zealand and Australia, but the fake Brendon Tarrant has traveled the world as a terrorist with the aid of some very powerful people.

    28 year old “Brenton Tarrant’ is 42 years old. (confirmed)

    The 28-year-old, fake, 42-year-old boy of two British parents of Jewish origin who fled after the 1948 war to Britain and then to New Zealand and stayed for 11 years and then settled for residency in Australia and obtained Australian citizenship in 1970.

    Brenton went to the occupied territories in 2017 and 2018 with visits lasting six months. He is a member of the Masonic Forum in Canberra, capital of Australia

    New Zealand ... most of its officials are Masonic. The event is filmed to offer a sacrifice to the devil
    - Gordon Duff

    1. Very good thankyou!!I cant beleive how quickly the rest of the world was on to this..
      But..All eyes are on NZ,And have been for a while now.
      Keep watching..Because its far from finished.
      Thankyou all..Keep up the awesome work.

  52. More from Gordon Duff at Veterans Today, on what he says is an 'Israeli mass murder' in New Zealand:

    « What we really have is a trained assassin, 42 years old, from a Jewish family, who trained against Palestinians and served in Southern Syria and in Idlib with al Qaeda, transiting in and out of Turkey.

    Crossing into areas watched by Russian and Syrian intelligence ... he was supposed to murder President Assad

    Tarrant has been on a watch list since 2012 as an Israeli trained assassin representing a threat to President Assad. Their records, submitted to VT in Arabic on 3/16/2016, say that Tarrent’s family was in Palestine in 1948.

    We do know this, we are dealing with a professional assassin, experienced, a sociopath, and a 'fake person' with no social media, no neighbors, no co-workers, no school friends, no records of getting weapons, a car out of thin air, a second shooter who dissolved and some very serious continuity problems in his video with some victims 'pre-killed'

    We also have an operation where solid intelligence sources say 4 women 'tourists' aided in 'handling and logistics' and local police counter-terrorism forces supplied a second shooter.

    What is not told is that his Turkish visits coincided with his 6 months in Israel starting in 2018 and involved him exfiltrating from Idlib Province where he was being 'blooded' by Israeli backed al Qaeda/al Nusra groups.

    Prior to that, in 2017, he entered Israel and from there, he entered Syria where he, according to Russian Military Intelligence, visited Deraa and then a refugee camp outside al Tanf, where Israel and the US have stationed hundreds of ISIS fighters under cover of refugees. This is confirmed by a General in Russia’s military.

    Tarrant was in the Rukban camp, and from there traveled to Deraa, where he met with ISIS cells, and then was escorted back to Israel and from there to Turkey where he entered Idlib and met with al Nusra. He transited in and out of ISIS/al Nusra occupied Syria to Turkey 3 times before traveling to Belgrade.

    The video clearly demonstrates that Tarrant was familiar with handling weapons and killing civilians. We warn anyone about this video, it is reprehensible but also clearly demonstrates someone fully radicalised, we believe, from taking 'pot shots' at Palestinians including children, from Israel’s 'Trump-like' wall and its hundreds of sniper towers. Listen to him chat about 'combat' as he pumps round after round into women and children, spraying blood into the air. This isn’t his first rodeo.

    We have issues about the weapons used. We now see a single AR15 with bizarre 'California' modifications, no flash suppressor and a rear stock to remove the hand grip. [New Zealand / Australia have no such weapons].

    How did he get 5 military weapons, some of them extremely illegal? How were they carried on the plane? Where did they come from? Where are they now? Why can’t we see them?

    Tarrant’s original shooting involved an Eotech sight, manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This unit has a serial number. What is it? It can be traced. The second rifle used in the video had a Swedish manufacture Aimpoint sight, also very expensive and serial numbered.

    We have money from heaven, training in Israel, time spent in Syria and in and out of Turkey, we have a trained assassin pretending to be a world tourist with no photos, no video, no social media, no friends, no school chums, no neighbors and a British/Scottish background achieved when his Jewish family immigrated to the UK from Palestine/Israel in 1948.

    We have a bit too much lying.

    1. julien romanovsky22 March 2019 at 10:49

      Be carefull with Duff / VT:

      Gordon Duff (whose real name is Bob Foote) admits openly he writes 40% disinfo (Big Foot. jr). In this okt. 2012 interview Duff says ¨I have to do it otherwise I would not be alive"

    2. julien romanovsky23 March 2019 at 08:34

      @ Brabantian Yesterday I posted this comment but it did not pass the moderation. It makes sense to mention it again:

      ´´Google changes frequently its ´logo´, just watch the new logo since yesterday: the organist with the puppeteers wooden parts hanging on the letters with strings and no strings, no puppits downward...?

      The concluZion is obvious*.

      There is apparently a puppeteers festival in the USA:

      But it will be 4 months from now in July 2019 !

      The organist is playing the nxt Partitura Particolare in the j. Rat Symphony: NZ FF

      Niet Zeiken (piss off in Dutch) FF means in musical language Xtra loud. They forgot an f, fff means XXtra loud?

      No. not really: It was their puppit Trump´s story of 2 days ago about the Golan heights. The Rotschild clique must have been digging oil there for some years.


      Read your NZ piece at Makow today.

      ´intentionally created mosque video (you write thus what I ´read´ in the organplaer logo)

      ´Cognitive dissonance´ a difficult label from the >cult< of the Frankfurter School jews behind psychology, psychiatry etc. ( to draw the attention of someone, the person who uses it is in 99,99 % a phoney (not you, Bro B.) who sells you a sandwich story of truths and lies.

      * Noteworthy the logo of the organist has been deleted after 3 days.

      I posted this reaction yesterday at Goon Squad:


      A satirical vid on Netanyawho did 911:

  53. Watched an excellent short of the gun going off in the street. The shells literally disappeared before hitting the ground. Amazing. I didn't notice it until some clever person did. Another anomal is the # 14 on the gun, on the gear and on John Podesta's hand (pizzagate photo) with fish symbol. Also the first date on Google for the event is the 14th March. Here is a break down of how Terrorist attacks are made. And the Facebook footage of shells not hitting the ground.

  54. I live in CHCH/NZ and along with the "natural earthquakes: This is blatantly another 322 exercise.
    Coupla things...
    There is 1000 extra police in the city as of yesterday..
    I drove around today allover the city as had things to do.
    Not once did i see a marked/Uniform or mufti/Detective cop car..AKA "The threat is not there" the police helicopter has been seen..But not as much as prior days.
    There was x1 saying there was more "installing fear" in civvie ville.
    Note; Our ex prime minister john key/austrian jew,was and still is head of the zionist society in NZ.Along with being a known mason..Research his name,The guys pure evil.

    1. Thanks for posting !

      But i do not get yr point :
      so loads of police around or not ?

      And who did shooting in 2nd mosque ?

      And who are this blokes (TWO), one with machine gun, on the short clip published by Henry Makow ?

      PS And your actual PM is ex-Blair team worker...

    2. Just keep your eyes on NZ..Its far from over.A21s up in 2025 so wer going to see some serious shit on a massive scale.
      And no police seen..except for the heli.So theyre just either making "it look" like theres a threat or just making it "look like" theyre doing something to keep the sheeple happy.
      This is what i was researching earlier to expose..and got IP blocked in the process.
      Circus began 1340hrs
      111 call made 1341hrs
      Police arrive 1353hrs

      Then somehow.reported "shots fired" at M2 at 1358..which M1-M2 are 5 clicks apart min..So,This means the cops sat outside M1 for 3mins,And did nothing and let the shooter leave unharmed to M2.
      Note; the so called "live feed" was 16mins long.
      As for the x2 shooters..First ive seen,And is kms away from either M1/M2.dis-info..Any AEG airsoft gun can be read as real


  56. Meantime more distraction in France/Paris:

    1. This is the Church made famous in 'The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail', and then by Dan Brown in 'Angels and Demons' - the Church of 'The Priory of Sion'.

  57. Making a movie about it now. Well, thats Jewlywood!

  58. Our "shooter" was a Globe trotter, mind u....

  59. More Kiwi fairytales:

  60. The policy of no comment allowed is strong with the Daily Fail. Here are two more jokers, especially the one shot in the head:

    1. Are you troll ?

      Why you claim this was not real ?

      Why you think these people were not killed ?

      I also doubt that muslims will act as crisis actors...

    2. The usual heroes and 'incredible stories' published in the MSM. The script is so predictable, it's the same every time.

  61. Daily Fail on it already:

  62. Regarding to whats happening in the Netherlands rite now, this will help connecting some dots:

  63. "The Strategy of Tension aims to get you frightened of going to the mosque, going to church, going to school, going to the airport, going to the supermarket..."

    And now to scary Dutch as avoid the tram. My God, what is more to come ?

    To all who believe NZ massacre was fake : are you military experts ?

    Mr Duff ( VeteransToday) is fomer soldier, he claims NZ Christchurch attack was Makow as well, and few others.

    I will say even the town's name was choosed not by accident : conflict between Christianity and islam.

    But still, have faith. Powers of Good are always stronger than dark ones. Just the dark ones appear much bigger this days...yes. Maya, illusion, matrix.

    Peace, OMMM

    ( But there is no peace, i know. Not so far. )

    1. check out:

      the jr comment ping pong at


      (recorded earlier here at ´Angriffan´)

      Video the Vatican does not want (black) people to see

  64. The same what Brabantian kindly shared with us above, but on the Polish website as well ( in English ) :

    At least more ppl will be aware of this kind of bloody,psychopathic mercenary.

    But pls do not take the russian intelligence "revelations" for granted : could be half truths. Disinfo.

    Have a good day, anyway.

  65. julien romanovsky18 March 2019 at 06:27

    ´Imams don´t confront the official 911 version.´


    Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans trashing their war medals:

  66. As expected, another anti-Muslim bullshit, as if to justify the Kiwi hoax attack: "Hey, that white supremacist guy was rite, uve seen what has happened in Holland?" BTW where are the victims, where is the blood?


    older posts have been Deleted/Edited/Re-Edited..On noticing police response times not adding up,I received a IP ban just to show me i was on the money!!Love it when that happens.
    The times got edited at 0506 2 hours ago..About the time i got the IP ban!!

  68. julien romanovsky18 March 2019 at 13:22

    Check out:

    (esp. the jr comment ping pong: Notes on the NZ FF)

  69. To Whom It May Concern



  71. Check it out:


    BEFORE THE LIVE FEED AT 1;40pm 15/03/19


    WHAMMO!!!Just as i suspected,Blast this evidence EVERYWHERE!!

  73. More "sacrifices" already this week with Cyclone Idai? Probably geo-engineered.

    English meaning of Idai is certainly interesting...who is being awakened and why?

  74. PS very interesting comment i found, maybe somebody will find it useful ? And for me NZ Prime Minister indeed looks strange, her face, eyes, weird sensation, so this comment...pls read, this makes sense, she looks like she was under hard brainwashing, and mormons ( like jehovas ) is very serious satanic crap, mk etc ! :

    JoveBove March 18, 2019 at 6:52 am

    "Also: A phantastic act for a 43 (?) year old prime minister. A former Mormon who left the church — oh, Jesus Christ’s bleeding last days of holiness — just to work in NY soup citchens and likewise on P.M. Blaire’s campaigne."


    I got feeling of weirdness , darkness when i saw this woman with so white teeth but dark eyes, speaking after NZ attack...

    1. Shes under duress..A greedy pawn with a gun to the back of her head playing her part in the big script getting promised everything..But receiving norhing.
      Helen clarke is Jagendas mentor btw NZ was top 3 for "most corrupt country" when i was deep in the rab hole years ago..
      Other thing is they always tell/show us what theyre upto..Short snippets on the news/Odd drills etc Usually very quickly but very few register it..Eyes wide shut.
      I always thought of it as a piss take..Never discount your gut instinct,Never doubt your own mind.Hessitation is the mother of all fuckups.
      1st key to survival is "be aware..And fully aware of your surroundings" apologies for the spiel!!haha other thing is..They do not give one iota of one shit about the video,Its flawed bad and they know it..That was no accident btw laters.Peace out

  75. Video leaves with the impression of a fake weapon. People just stand there (as they were into a drill) and the weapon seems to shoot nothing more than air. Such rifle, with close shots as I saw in the video, should create an instant mess - particularly with exit wounds - instead I only see an airwave. Particulary a girl with a pink vest:
    She's on the ground - with hands on her face - clearly alive. Shooter hits her from a few meters and the vest just moves a little. Anyone really shot by a rifle has abrupt movements unlike in this video. I call it a drill.

  76. Any one that thinks the video shows the gunman shooting up the Mosque with real bullets have never hung a picture or put up xmas decoration.
    First you have a wall it may be brick. Then you have some wooden battens attached to the wall. Then you have plaster board attached to the wooden battens. You then plaster the plaster board. Finally you coat the plaster with paint.
    Looks nice prefer wallpaper myself.
    You can push a thumb tack into the wall with your thumb to hang xmas decorations.
    Know to hang a picture you get a nail and a hammer and you knock the nail into wall. You do not have to hit it hard.
    If you hit it to hard the plaster might crack.
    But if you take a swing and miss you will make a nice hole in the plasterboard.
    Now anyone that thinks bullets are being fired in the video.
    How come the bullets do not reach the walls.
    If bullets did reach the walls you would see plenty of damage on the plaster.

  77. Facebook says nobody reported New Zealand NZ massacre livestream as it happened

    1. Would be helpful if the authorities could say who exactly was viewing it during the shooting, and which of those people decided to report it afterwards?

  78. New Zealand shooting video 'crisis actor' gets cold feet, puts on socks after being shot?

    Two still frames from the 17-minute shooter video in one picture:

    The first frame, at about 6:49, is when 'Tarrant' is entering the building and beginning to 'kill people' - the victim who falls in a hallway at a side door entrance, has bare feet, as is often seen inside a mosque, where shoes are typically prohibited

    The second frame, at about 8:41, is when 'Tarrant' is heading along the same hallway in reverse direction ... same victims are lying in the hallway at the same side door entrance ... but the victim formerly with bare feet, now has socks on


    Veterans Today continues on the theme Gordon Duff expressed earlier, that some victims were likely 'pre-killed' ... but agrees the video is fake-seeming with severe problems, just as noted by commenters above, the lack of damage from easily-ruptured wall-materials, etc. Duff writes:

    « We are dealing with a heavily doctored video but not because, and this is my belief, we have no real dead. I am seeing video I believe has fake episodes.

    The alleged shooter, and we are moving to that term, “alleged,” is extremely well known to intelligence agencies throughout Europe and elsewhere, trained in Israel, active inside Syria with terror groups. »

    In the same VT article, Scott Bennett, 'former US Army Officer & US State Dept Counterterrorism contractor', adds:

    « No bullet holes or shattered wood or glass or clouds of sheet rock or exploding plaster or cement can be observed or heard as the guns are firing into them and the victims ... either blanks or paint or gas or other non-solid projectiles were fired from the guns.

    « Several of the victims are shot at point-blank range as they are crawling or passing by the shooter, yet no visual impact of the bullets can be observed, which would have undoubtedly kicked or thrown the victim with tremendous force.

    The victims’ physical reactions to being shot, especially at close-range, are not at all typical human [whereas normally] body and instincts explode with movement, minds have no ability to stop [this]. There are also no screams of horror, rage, fear, or agony filling the air, only muffled moans. »

  79. I have the impression that Tarrant is at least a half jew considering the looks of his mother. What is her original maiden name? I saw a picture of the new partner of Sharon Tarrant (the old man) and he looks very jewish to me ( see picture in your article). It is interesting to note that Tarrant never mentions the jews or the Kalergi-plan in his ‘ manifesto’. I doubt he wrote it.

    1. Could be half jewish, right...
      of course this "manifesto" says nothing about Kalergi BECAUSE this is nwo manifesto, pretending to be pro christian, pro white etc, giving attention to old battles where whites won ( battle over Vienna for exemple) to 'please' some ppl, but ultimately this 'writings' are made in israel...

      Devil's unchained for too long now !

  80. Ud like to see this too:

  81. Jim Stone's good take on the Kiwi hoax:

    Too many other credible sources confirmed what I thought. You can see the shell casings flying out of the gun and hit a wall, but it is as if they vanish into the wall, they never hit the ground afterward. There are clear details on the ground that are much larger than a shell casing, and it cannot be explained how the shell casings simply disappeared other than that the entire video was hoaxed with an AI, that was not programmed to realize it had to generate the casings on the ground laying still after they fell. It only calculated the frames where the casings were still moving away from the gun.

    Remember, all along I have stated they have something to hide in that shooting video because if they did not, it would not be banned everywhere or a crime to have it. The vanishing brass is obviously it, it proves Christchurch was BULLSHIT.
    I was extremely careful before posting this, as you can see by reading down the page. I suspected a hoax but it was such a sensitive issue I did not want to go there. However, now it is clear it was a hoax and if the video re-surfaces where you can see the casings on the sidewalk, THAT will be a hoax, because in the original videos they missed that!

    Ok, so now with Christchurch we have: A hoax video set up by intelligence agencies (predominantly Britain) with a Jewish actor who's mug is everywhere but has his face blanked out in court (GEE, WHY?) because he's in Israel now as some have speculated and they don't want people to realize the court case is a sham where the guy who "did it" is not even there.

    Add to this that they are banning the video everywhere because there is not enough (if any) blood, plus there is a pre-scene crisis act video where someone who is "shot" is texting while looking comfortable and another guy is eating a snicker bar (as if THAT would happen right after a shooting) and then vanishing brass? Stupid. They F***ED this up but want all the gun ban and hatred towards whites mileage they can possibly get out of it so BAN THE VIDEO.

    OK, there. I said it. And this time around I was so shocked by it all that I kept my mouth shut early on, rather than dig this and say it like it is. I also had major doubts about one of the web sites that was a source of some of the info, but so much came in from elsewhere on other topics that I am going to have to go along with "A Jewish actor was the main shooter" because when the shooter's face is blanked out in court there HAS TO be a reason - he's not there at all and only Israel would cover it all up for him and have a place waiting. He'll lay low with "five swimming pools and a lake" for a few months, and then vanish into Argentina with a totally new identity.

    So there. I said it."

    1. Hey, thoughtful comment, good research...thank you. This is fair enough to believe.

      But could you pls explain exactly WHERE in "massacre" vid you've found these two 'glitches', which minute :

      "there is a pre-scene crisis act video where someone who is "shot" is texting while looking comfortable and another guy is eating a snicker bar (as if THAT would happen right after a shooting) "




  84. julien romanovsky20 March 2019 at 06:34

    ´NZ shooting was fake The Metroid Thumper Channel´

    Olm Styrvoldt comments 3 days ago:

    Same day Israel bombing the shit out of palestine. Maybe they try to take focus from Israel

  85. julien romanovsky20 March 2019 at 06:56

    It might be mossad mustard afterr the meal, but:

    Full 16 minute video of NZ mosque shooting. Uncensored

    Published by Cranky Rooster : 4 days ago

    Alpine Region comments • 2 days ago

    There is a magazine already in the mosque BEFORE the shooter arrives.

    00:00 to 06:35 the shooter drives there and walks up to the door.
    06:35 start here and play the vid for 20 seconds.
    06:53 the shooter looks down and you can see a magazine on the floor.

    Now go back 20 seconds and watch his hands.. there is no way he threw it up the hallway there.

    08:29 After shooting up the place he heads out down the hall.
    08:32 The shooter bends down to pick up the magazine and then puts it in his firearm and heads outside.
    08:56. The shooter fires the weapon multiple times in the street showing that it's a full magazine.

    So how the HELL did that mag get in the building?

    Obviously the Muslims would have seen/known it was there. There were early reports of up to 4 shooters but that was quicklyburied by the media. This opens up Pandora's box.

    1. Thanks, yes this can make sense...
      anyway many 'glitches' in this 'scary', computer game-like vid.

      And pls read new article on Mr Duff site ( I know you've read at Fetzer's already, saw your comment there ).


  86. New Zealand Minister Jacinda Aderne is a Tranny.

    Tranny get your guns.

    1. Little to no credibility most of these vids have, sorry. Shes no tranny, but a moron, yes.

    2. Moron and ex Mormon...seriously braiwashed.

      Poor woman. I try to feel compassion for these "PM's and presidents" they are so miserable !( But for their handlers in the shadows ).

    3. "Little to no credibility most of these vids have, sorry"

      Perhaps (most of them) as you correctly say. However, having watched the link above. The footage of (it) in the red dress is good enough for me. (It) definitely has male stuff down there. Or (it) is copying the Aussies and smuggling budgies.

      No point in shooting the messenger. We are living in a Baphomet, inverted trannygeddon.

      Credit where it is due. If that is not male genitalia easily visible through a flimsy dress, then a reasonable explanation as to what it is would be useful.

      The fake pregnancy is to give the seal of authenticity. Hmmm where have I seen that before?????? Ahhhhh yes. The tennis playing tranny. What's his name??????

      Peace to the humans

    4. Ja'gendas his name..Youre onto it

    5. NZ media lied blatantly about the 8ch site being banned.
      Its still running
      Patsy infiltrated them as spec-ops do and made himself known..If it was him.
      Threw them all under the bus,They cant even see through that video but yet theyre blasting it everywhere and think hes a hero!!
      Guy had nil weapons handling skills at all..The x3 shots from the benelli in the car,Whilst driving x2 shots directly at windscreen/Intact!!
      x1 passenger open window.
      Must of had some good earmuffs on!!Nothing but a joke..
      So obvious it makes me sick

  87. julien romanovsky20 March 2019 at 13:14

    All who said the NZ shooting was real are apparently right.

    A young trustworthy Pakistani I know here in Spain whom I said not to take this this NZ Christchurch Mosque shooting serious, just informed me that from his home town in Pakistan 3 bodies were brought back to Pakistan. In total 9 of the (50) victims were from Pakistan.

    Check out: (full uncensored version)

    Let the Pandora Games begin.

    1. Julien, so decide which version of events you support ;-)

      But this statement makes no sense : "that from his home town in Pakistan 3 bodies were brought back to Pakistan."

      You mean from Christchurch were these bodies brought ?

      False glag DOESN'T mean no casualties, by the way...

      Personally, i do not believe how come muslims agreed to became crisis actors. More info about this NZ event will emerge. So far, so many speculations.



  88. For military and law enforcement who view the Tarrant 17 minutes of mosque shooting, a key item proving to them the video is fake, is what the excerpt from Jim Stone above mentions, the bullet 'casings' disappearing.

    If you view on YouTube people firing semi-auto or automatic weapons, you see a large number of what appear to be golden-colour lipstick cases being ejected from the side or top of the gun

    And indeed they are rather like lipstick cases. One doesn't load bullets directly, but 'cartridges' - the bullet is like the lipstick, the brass metal 'casing' or 'case' is like the lipstick holder.

    Below the bullet is some gunpowder, and at the bottom is a little disc, the 'primer', which will explode in a small way when struck firmly.

    When you pull a gun trigger, you unleash a spring mechanism to strongly strike the 'primer', which makes a small explosion that ignites the gunpowder, making a bigger explosion - the case expands and the bullet is hurled forward at very high speed.

    But the metal brass case needs to be ejected from the gun, so the gun can fire the next cartridge. If there is a lot of shooting by semi-autos, these cases are flying all around, making noise and littering the ground. They are somewhat dangerous, can put out your eye if you are nearby, and they sometimes hit the shooter himself.

    In this badly-staged mosque shooting video, there are some cases which appear to be flying out of the gun ... but you can see they disappear into vapour, they do not fall on the ground and collect as normal. They are pure computer-graphic addition, but not well done. This video shows the evidence, adding slow motion (Site is under heavy attack, may be slow to load when you try to see this, 2 min):

    It is clear why the New Zealand and Australian authorities are seeking to suppress viewing of the video, as firearms professionals quickly come to the conclusion it is all a giant hoax and lie. And this means that the New Zealand government is participating at a very high level.


    For adults who wish to view or archive the original 17 minutes, it is still online here as this is posted

    1. Yes...btw, this "massacre" vid is still on Veterans Today website, wirh good article, debunking the NZ case.

  89. According to social game theory, they deliberately make such videos with many hallmarks of fakery, thus giving the public the choice whether to be hoaxed. A few hundred aanirfan readers easily see through the lie but 99% believe it, hook, line and sinker. This goes all the way back to 9/11, detonating skyscrapers live on TV while the media anchors insist they just 'collapsed', gas-lighting at its finest.

    1. Yes, making an obviously fake video in ChristChurch was intentional, both in order to sow confusion, and make the 'conspiracy theory' smear easier

      Every serious analyst reviewing the New Zealand Brenton Tarrant mosque shooting video, finds credibility-nullifying elements of hoax and fraud - the ejected rifle brass casings turning into vapour, obvious computer graphics; the lack of damage in walls and windows from rifle fire; the lack of physical reactions & screams in bodies being shot; the barefoot victim shot down, having socks on two minutes later, etc

      But it's not easy to accept this, as the next logical question is how you can get an entire Muslim community to keep quiet about a 'fake' shooting, whilst 'crisis actors' give interviews etc

      The logical conclusion is that, as Veterans Today suggests, there was a real mosque massacre by one or two gov-tied killers, and a fake video was made to sow confusion, and marginalise anyone who notices the fakery.

      With real Muslims dead, all you need to shut up real witnesses, is to have one or two corrupt Muslim leaders, tell their flock they are dishonouring martrys by trying to talk to media, and Allah wills the situation as is, so shut up. The same Muslim leaders who let the interior of the mosque be filmed earlier, as backdrop for the fabricated Tarrant show.

      NZ media would dismiss as 'crazy' and not even report, any wounded or witness Muslim who tried to argue against the video - which they maybe haven't seen anyway, given NZ censorship.

      The 'white nationalist' boogeyman is obviously very long-term useful & narrative-friendly, to prop up as alleged shooter. At the same time, there is meagre ground to argue the gov-mercenary shooter angle, and the 'truther' crowd is made to look obsessive and foolish quibbling about obvious video fraud.

      The value of confusion is high to government operations. As is noted in comment above re 9-11, which has five widely-spread stories about what took down the New York World Trade Centre towers on 11 September 2001, four of the stories all deflecting from whatever is the real truth:

      (1) Official story, planes, jet fuel, etc - Denounced as impossible by thousands of architects & engineers
      (2) Conventional pre-set explosives, linked to the 'Israeli art students' photographed by the New York Times, with boxes whose industrial codes showed them to be bomb detonator components (my vote)
      (3) Nano-thermite advanced explosives
      (4) Destructive energy rays which the government can use from a distance
      (5) 1950s-60s recycled 'mini nuclear weapons' detonated inside the towers

    2. Thank you Brabantian !

      VERY thoughful comment, no-nonsense, very smart analysis of this NZ attack.
      Yes, few top muslims corrupted, and the crowd told to keep quiet, this makes sense...
      ( i was also wondering HOW muslims will agree to become crisis actors. So your explanation makes a lot of sense : this is all crying game...).

      Also, let us remember that top of the 'muslim world' is controlled, and cooperating with their opressors
      ( via secret socs, govt secret intel agencies, you name it ).

      Again : very good work, Brab !



    3. Great comment, Brabantian , big thanks !

      This explains, if only for me, 90% of the smoke and mirrors surrounding this very dark NZ case.

  90. Please consider the excellent research work of Division 55 as yet unknown but a Truth Warrior

  91. We are being primed for an imminent Jo Cox type false flag? A false flag in which a British drug-addled patsy and social misfit with purported links to 'Leave', UKIP or the Far Right commits, on British soil, some variety of violent hate crime on a respected public figure associated with the 'Remain side' or political moderation.

    The loner-stoner patsy will commit the horrific violent hate crime in the name of White supremacy or some other nationalist, racist or xenophobic claptrap, using phrases and symbolism designed to utterly discredit the 'Leave' side and immediately prompt an upsurge in support for a second Brexit referendum to reverse the last.

    Those whom I suspect of planning such a false flag, even as I write and you read this, are nothing less than psychopathic monsters.

    Wes Streeting MP seems to have a strong inkling of what's in store?

    From the London Evening Standard:

    "Wes Streeting, Labour MP for Ilford North, said Mrs May's speech was 'incendiary and irresponsible' and suggested IT COULD LEAD TO MPs BEING HARMED.

    "In a furious rant on Twitter, he wrote: 'I've thought long and hard before saying this, but [Mrs May] knows that MPs ACROSS THE HOUSE ARE SUBJECTED TO DEATH THREATS - SOME VERY CREDIBLE.

    "Her speech was incendiary and irresponsible. IF ANY HARM COMES TO ANY OF US, she will have to accept her share of responsibility."

  92. Timing it nicely, 22/3 tomorrow! Can't wait for the next episode of the soap opera...

  93. Flaws cracks starting to ooze out. AP and local news say at least one of the shooting victims is ALIVE:
    Remember how most of the 911 hijackers later turned up alive and well in the middle east? Some even sued

  94. NZ Shooter plays Garry Owen
    the word garryowen is derived from Irish, the proper name Eóin (an Irish form of John) and the word for garden garrai – thus "Eóin's Garden". A church dating to the 12th century by the Knights Templar, dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

    It later became the marching tune for the American 7th Cavalry Regiment and was a favourite of General George Armstrong Custer
    It is much loved by the US military and maybe gives a clue as to who was behind this event.

  95. The Kiwi circus goes on and on:

    (see how credible he tries to be)

    error, lol

    no comments allowed, folks:

  96. julien romanovsky21 March 2019 at 03:07

    New Zealand Media to Broadcast Islamic Call to Prayer on Friday


  98. THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT JACINDA. I mean it really is:

  99. Ure gonna love this:

    1. Hahaha...but, seriously, she's got very dark,occult look, mind f**ked person, ex mormon etc.

      Marionette on the strings. Miserable they are, these "leaders".

  100. Fakery all over:

    1. I would say : not only fakery, occult rather ?


  102. There is definetly something about Jacinda...something weird.

    But anybody expected for person on such position to be normal, nice, warm, happy etc ?!?

    Sad laughter...Bitter end for them all, like in Placebo song.

    "World leaders, see you at the bitter end..."

  103. Continuity errors
    Starts driving you catch a glimpse of shooter helmet straps for helmet with head camera.
    not time to remove helmet before stopping car.
    But No helmet to hold helmet camera when shooter shows face in car
    not much time to put helmet on when hands out of site after showing face before driving off.
    But in rear view mirror has helmet straps and helmet again
    In arrest photo
    shooter has camouflage top and arms
    But in live stream has black coloured arms.

    1. Well spotted. Many anomalies noted in the link.


    This site appears to have unpixelated image of arrested NZ shooter.
    It is not the same person in live stream
    Curosier and curosier.

    1. mrxinvet - not working. Bleached hair Tarant top of Aangirfan - not real. I have screen shot the guy from Court footage.Black hair (dyed?) receding hairline. Only one charged so blondie is fake.

    2. " I have screen shot the guy from Court footage.Black hair (dyed?) receding hairline. "

      So where is the link from Court footage,could you pls share it with us???

  106. Cartoons are way more credible than the Christchurch hoax

  107. Yes, and the author is boasting that
    "everybody who believes that this was real massacre is a f*****g retard " :

    but this is not that simple, this is multi layer FF, like a trivia...fakery vid, ppl killed before. Drama, sick...

    Ans how come he's got a real picture of - alleged - shooter ?
    ( Maybe the pic is real...but in main press, have you noticed, this days all attackers are 'alleged' etc )


  108. News from another hoax:

  109. BREXIT - Mossad and MI5 say 'HELL NO'

    "Ex-MI5 chief says he is 'very concerned' over the level of intimidation and abuse including death threats aimed at public figures"

    [TRANSLATION - The security services are in the final advanced stages of preparation for a false flag fatality on the streets of Britain with wall-to-wall media coverage. If it's determined that this is the only way to stop Brexit, they will carry it out.]

    "Illusionist Uri Geller vows to stop Theresa May taking Britain out of the European Union"

    [TRANSLATION - Mossad & friends is currently attacking Theresa May with full spectrum gangstalking techniques. This woman has deviated from programming and appears to have gone rogue. If mentally destroying Theresa May is what it takes to stop her from implementing Brexit, we will do it.]

    1. Yes, interesting interpretation.
      New FF in Britain can be staged as a distraction to miserable "forever delayed" Brexit.

      But Teresa does not break up from programming, this is just t h e a t r e...staged show. And pls remember that Brits are that good with theaters, plays etc... ;-)

  110. The unpixelated person standing between the two New Zealand police officers in the photo, is Sam Hyde of the 'Million Dollar Extreme' comedy troupe, this is a photoshop-type creation

    With a history going back to 2015, images of comedian Sam Hyde have been popular to use in various memes etc as the alleged 'lone gunman shooter' in many incidents

    This is a bit of dark humour rather pointing to the whole dodgy nature of the propaganda apparatus under which we live ... Sam Hyde as the perpetrator being as likely as some of the 'official' stories we are fed

    Article about him in such memes -

  111. The list of hoax enablers grows - police, military, security services, muslims, politicians, journalists, doctors, nurses, mortuary attendants, gravediggers. It really is good news for the far-right that so many fiercely independent conspiracy sites are letting them off the hook on Christchurch. And how nice of all those muslims to play along.

    No-one was shot, except the ones who were (maybe Makow wants more money from Likud). There was no blood, except on the people who put fake blood on themselves. No-one was buried, except everyone who was buried minus that one woman who was mistaken for a victim. All the copycat incidents against muslims must also be hoaxes then, especially the violent ones. Everyone was in on the hoax including friendly and harmless Mossad who would never massacre muslims in cold blood. Everyone has a doppleganger, and Chris Spivey is a notoriously sane pioneer in facial analysis.

    I have to conclude that Israel and Russia now control all the top conspiracy sites, right or left. They're trying to foment a race war in our communities by using our racists, the far-right, gun lovers and confused idiots, but according to the supposedly left-wing sites Christchurch was fake news. And the right-wing sites don't even care because they believe white genocide is a thing, also Trump's arresting liberal elite pedo rings so even if he is torturing children at military camps across America they all deserve it.

    I see you're also keeping Sandy Hook victims spinning in their desecrated graves. I'm sure the NRA can't believe their luck. They paid Alex Jones for that story, are they paying you too? Jones stopped when the agenda switched to the Trump circus, surely you're not doing it for free??? And the Westminster pedo ring thanks you too for making a mockery of people investigating satanism. I can't imagine how those kids feel about you, forcing them to spend the rest of their childhood growing up in the witness protection program after you unrepentantly showed their faces and made them into every paedophile in the UK's rape fantasy.

    Finally I understand why you keep posting the new-age guru garbage. You find it so easy to have utter contempt for the victims because you're just another psychopath who can't experience happiness. You can't understand why your stories annoy people, so your bruised ego keeps searching for something to prove you have access to a bigger truth than anyone else. You don't realise that you don't have a conscience, which would make any normal person stop to check themselves, but you can't admit you're wrong so you just carry on compounding your mistakes.

    What's the worst thing you can say to a family who just lost someone in a terrorist attack? Tell them their loved one never existed in the first place. These are the ideas that Mossad invent, because no sane person with a conscience would ever think it. I bet they're surprised every time one of you posts it with a straight face and liberal, progressive sensibilities as 'legitimate journalism'.

    1. I commend you on your beautifully structured comments. However, your prosed disinformation style ramblings are typical of the tactics used to try and discredit people who are no longer buying the 'official line'.

      The reason a large and growing (minority) of people no longer 'buy' the utter tripe that is planted in the public domain by our respective corrupt agencies and governments - is due to them being caught lying over and over again. Often the lies are exposed by their own admissions.

      Without going into too much detail, let's look at examples:

      The Chilcott Report proved beyond any doubt that Tony Blair and his corrupt lying government and his overseas partners lied through their teeth to start a war which destroyed a country and killed 100,000s of people.

      Let's not forget 911. The only time in history that 3 buildings were practically squashed flat from a fire. Further to that WTC7 hit the ground at free fall speed. I asked "let's not forget" apparently the US government did forget. They forgot to include any mention of WTC7 in the long awaited report. 3500 civil engineers and building experts didn't agree with the known liars that infest Washington DC.

      911 being a defining moment of our time. If they are prepared to lie about that, conceal the evidence and mislead, then they will do it about anything. I would kindly ask you to provide the missing information relating to WTC7 - the truthful Americans (by their omissions) are lying and covering up this major terrorist event.

      Let's go back in time further. Looking for examples of corruption, lies and clear evidence that our esteemed leaders are known liars and psychopaths and will stop at nothing to further their aims.

      Cuban incidents and Operation Northwood 1962. The now declassified top secret document proves conclusively that the DC Swamp will happily murder US citizens and any others without so much as 'skipping a breath of air'.

      Operation Northwood includes such proposals as:

      1. Blowing up a US Naval ship in Cuban Waters and blaming it on the Cubans.

      2. Blowing up a civilian US plane over Cuba and again, blaming it them.

      3. Starting clandestine terrorist activity in Miami and other places and blaming it on the Cubans, and;

      4. Staging funerals and other psy-ops against the civilian population to garner support at home.

      All the above examples are from Operation Northwood and clearly shows the great lengths our corrupt and criminal governments are prepared to go to in order to deceive, lie, coerce and manipulate the public.

      As for the Police, Military et al. They have a proven track record of lying, stitching people up and murdering them.

      The Police have many high profile cases of lying to get convictions and allowing innocent people to be jailed.

      The militaries of this world are proven genocidal psychopaths who kill for fun and profit.

      More recently Rohingya Muslims, Iraq, Syria, Libya (we came, we saw, he died), Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (the secret war) and Afghanistan.

      So, in summary, it appears, lying, murdering, deceiving, coercion, manipulation and genocide are very common and (dare I say it), encouraged Especially when profit is concerned.

      So thanks for your well structured rant, however, truth will come out in the end.

      The incident in NZ was a tragedy. As for the lone bedroom gunman and right wing supremacist. A fabrication! The available evidence proves this.

      However, people and commenters have been suspicious about other details. Murdering a few Muslims in a mosque is nothing when you consider the millions already killed in the countries listed above. What's a few more?

      It is no surprise therefore people distrust our corrupt governments and lying agencies and their paid operatives (given their long proven track record).

      Allowing our lying governments and associated MSM to dictate the narrative would be as dumb as giving Jimmy Savile the keys to Broadmoor State Mental Hospital..........wait a minute!

      Peace to the humans

    2. This is troll haha...pretending to be 'independent minded, no-nonsense and caring citizen'.

      "What's the worst thing you can say to a family who just lost someone in a terrorist attack? Tell them their loved one never existed in the first place"

      In places like Sandy Hook they really never existed...but it doesn't mean in every FF no casualties, no !

      Anyway, much disinfo this days. And this frustrated, intelligent person two posts above mine could be just matrix-sent troll...

  112. Is this Brenton Tarrant? No it appears that the image has been photo shopped

    Is this supposed to be at second Mosque
    The Linwood Islamic Centre
    carpet not same as first Mosque
    We have more blood and possible injury's (or make up)
    Not seen any analysis of this yet.
    The guy on the floor in grey top with hood and sun glasses
    reminds me of the guy in Boston Bombing in grey top with hood and sun glasses.
    The Guy in front you can see from back in bright blue jacket reminds me of Gene Rosen in his bright blue jacket from sandy hook.
    But how come these two and others have got coats on?

  114. More continuity errors take your pick
    Shooters car with no bullet holes in windscreen
    or if you prefer Shooters car with bullet holes in windscreen

  115. As much propaganda and crap as u like:

    And this is simply atrocious:

  116. possible multiple shooters video

  117. Watch out, sir!

  118. I regularly use American spelling on social media to detract from the fact I am British…..if I do it then I would assume any perp worth his salt would also do in an American use 'English' English, the again, yanks don't know the English spelling of words

    1. It is highly unlikely that you would use the relatively obscure American English word "Milquetoast"....Certainly an Australian WOULD NOT use this word as Tarrant did (purportedly).'.This seems almost TOO blatant....a deliberately misleading distraction perhaps....Unless perhaps an Israeli American wrote this.....from one of their propaganda units...If so he may very well have insufficient knowledge of the English spoken outside America. DOES cast suspicion over this so called manifesto.

  119. I'm sure this is nothing more than a coincidence. The mosque in Linwood is located at 223 A Linwood Avenue. 22/3 or 3/22 you decide.

    Nothing doing.......move along.

    Peace to the humans

  120. Interesting that you mention "marathons" as one thing that we're supposed to be scared of, as Tarrant's supposed father is wearing a JAL Gold Coast Marathon t-shirt.

  121. Check out:

    via cryptogon:

    Jews Outraged After Mosque Leader Blames Mossad for Christchurch Attack


    The only way to go, mention the beast by its name, otherwise you can forget the feast.