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The "Iranians" Israel murdered on 9 May 2018 were our Syrian heroes who fought ISIS for 7 long years. 

After surviving a fight against ISIS in Deir Ezzor, lieutenant Ayham Habib, lost his life in the Pantsir-S1 Syrian air defence that Israel bombed.

Israel has never attacked ISIS.


Iranian Official Denies Tehran Behind Attack on Israel: 'We Don't Have Forces in Syria'
From Israel Haaretz

Israel wants to destroy Iran and Syria.

Israel is a terrorist state.

Now we know why the Kosher Nostra rigged the 2016 election in favour of the 'Jew' Donald Trump.

Below is what we wrote earlier -

What is happening in Iran?

"The Bernard Lewis Project was first presented in 1979.

"The core proposal of this project is to divide countries in the Middle East along ethnic and regional lines into smaller, rival states in order to weaken the power of existing governments."

Narratives of Suffering: Bernard Lewis

Bernard Lewis: one of the secret rulers of the world / THE COLLAPSE OF THE MOSLEM WORLD

Operation Ajax

In 1953, the CIA toppled Iran's popular and moderate Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, and put the Shah into power.

In 1979, the CIA toppled the Shah and put Ayatollah Khomeini into power.

Currently, in 2018, the CIA is trying to topple Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and president Hassan Rouhani.

The aim of the CIA and its friends is to do to Iran what has been done to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia ....

The mainstream media would like us to believe that the Shah was overthrown by People Power and that the CIA and MI6 were taken by surprise.

However, there is clear evidence that the CIA and MI6 toppled the Shah because he had become too much of a nationalist, like Nasser, and was not following instructions on oil or even opium.

The CIA did not want moderately left-wing democrats taking over from the Shah as they might not be easy to control.

So, reportedly, the CIA put the Ayatollahs into power.

Reportedly, Khomeini's real father, was William Richard Williamson, born in Bristol, England, in 1872 of British parents and lineage. KHOMEINI

Radio Free Iran claimed that while at Qom, the Ayatollah Khomeini received a "monthly stipend from the British, and he is in constant contact with his masters, the British."

The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11

On 19 January 1980, the International Herald Tribune reported that the Shah had said, two years before he was overthrown, that he had heard from two different sources connected with oil companies that the regime in Iran would change.

'We believe that there was a plan to ensure less oil was offered to the world markets in order to bring about a price,' said the Shah. 'One country was to be chosen for the sacrifice... It seems that the country chosen to drop its oil production was mine.'

webgardian: Shah:Oil Companies Helped to Oust Him

Carter and the Shah. In 1979, the aim of the Carter regime was to put the extreme Islamists into power in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. The Kosher Nostra likes to weaken such states.

The Shah's nationalist policies were making him more popular in Iran and making his country more independent and more powerful.

This worried the CIA, Mossad and MI6.

1. The Shah bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown's own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers.

Over one a half million people became land owners, thus ending the old feudal system.

2.The Shah allowed women the right to vote. He brought an end to the wearing of the veil.

3. He developed plans for a $90 billion nuclear power program.

4. The Shah signed petroleum agreements with ENI, the Italian oil company.

5. He began to close down the opium industry. This had been created during the days of British influence.

Iran under the Shah.

'Former intelligence officer' Dr John Coleman considers opium to be of prime importance in the toppling of the Shah

(Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 - 6).

Coleman writes that the US government toppled the Shah of Iran because of DRUGS. 

The Shah had clamped down and virtually put an end to the immensely lucrative opium trade being conducted out of Iran by the British... 

This the British would not tolerate, so they sent the United States to do their dirty work for them in terms of the 'special relationship' between the two countries.

Iran's drug problem: Addicts 'more than double' in six years.

Coleman writes:

After 1984, Khomeini's liberal attitude toward opium had increased the number of addicts to 2 million, according to United Nations and World Health Organization statistics.

With the advent of Khomeini... opium production skyrocketed. 

By 1984 Iran’s opium production exceeded 650 metric tons of opium per annum.... Iran presently rivals the Golden Triangle in the volume of opium produced.

The Iran-Iraq War 1980-88. The CIA put Saddam into power, and, put the Ayatollah into power. One of the aims was to get a war started between Iran and Iraq, and then supply both sides with weapons. SADDAM AND THE CIA.

Coleman writes:

When Khomeini took over the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, arms sales by the United States, which had begun with the Shah, were not discontinued...

Both President Carter and his successor, Ronald Reagan, willingly and with full knowledge of what was at stake, went on supplying arms to Iran even while American hostages languished in captivity...

The arms trade with Iran was sealed at a meeting between Cyrus Vance... and Dr. Hashemi, which resulted in the U.S. Air Force beginning an immediate airlift of arms to Iran, carried on even at the height of the hostage crisis the arms came from U.S. Army stockpiles in Germany and some were even flown directly from the United States with refueling stops at the Azores.

The following is taken from

(Sources used in the article: The Biography of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh,
Killing Hope - U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, William Blum, 1995
MI6 - Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service, Stephen Dorril, 2000)

The CIA and MI6 used the Muslim Brotherhood to put the Ayatollahs into power.

Prior to World War II, British Intelligence controlled the Muslim Brotherhood - a Muslim equivalent of the West's Masonic brotherhood...

According to CIA agent Miles Copeland ... the CIA began to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood...

British Intelligence used their contacts with Iran's mullahs and ayatollahs to overthrow the Shah.

Prior to the British-sponsored massive public relations campaign on behalf of the Ayatollah the government of the Shah was loved by the vast majority of the population.

Dr. John Coleman, a former British Intelligence agent... states that the Muslim Brotherhood was created by "the great names of British Middle East intelligence" ...

And that their mission was to "keep the Middle East backward so that its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted..."

Dr. Coleman writes that in 1980 the broadcasts of Radio Free Iran divided the enemies of the Shah into four categories:

1. Iranian politicians bought by the Israeli Shin Bet,
2. The CIA's network of agents,
3. The feudal landowners,
4. The Freemasons and the Muslim Brotherhood.

On February 1st, 1979, two weeks after the Shah's departure, Khomeini made a triumphant return to Iran.

The BBC's John Simpson was on the plane that carried him back from Paris.

BBC links to MI6?

On 3 November 2011, Saman Mohammadi, at The Excavator, points out that:

The British and U.S. governments put Khomeini into power in Iran in 1979

1. The Shah said: "If you lift up Khomeini's beard, you will find Made In England written under his chin."

The Shah told David Frost:

"Do you think that Mr. Khomeini, an uneducated person ... could have planned all this, masterminded all this, set up all the organizations...

"I know that a tremendous amount of money was spent...

"I know that top experts in propaganda were used to show us like tyrants and monsters, and the other side as democratic, liberal revolutionaries who wanted to save the country.

"I know how mean the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, had been towards us... So it seemed that it was really a very well orchestrated conspiracy."

Boys from Isfahan by Detengase

2. The BBC promoted Khomeini, according to Dr. Ronen Bergman, an Israeli investigative journalist and author of the 2008 book, 'The Secret War with Iran'.

A "propaganda tool for Khomeini was none other than the Persian-language broadcasts of the British Broadcasting Corporation," wrote Bergman.

"The BBC gave free hours of free broadcast to Khomeini from Paris," said Bergman.

Bernard Lewis and Henry Kissinger. "Lewis's scheme - to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines."

3. Historian F. William Engdahl, in his 2004 book A Century Of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, wrote:

"In November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group's George Ball, another member of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran task force under the National Security Council's Brzezinski.

"Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalistic Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini."

Iranian kids by Hamed Saber

"Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead 'case officers' in the new CIA-led coup against the man their covert actions had placed into power 25 years earlier.

"Their scheme was based on a detailed study of the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, as presented by British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis, then on assignment at Princeton University in the United States.

"Lewis's scheme, which was unveiled at the May 1979 Bilderberg meeting in Austria, endorsed the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, in order to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines.

"Lewis argued that the West should encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese Maronites, Ethiopian Copts, Azerbaijani Turks, and so forth.

"The chaos would spread in what he termed an 'Arc of Crisis,' which would spill over into Muslim regions of the Soviet Union."

Iran by Jeremy Curl Photography

"The coup against the Shah was run by British and American intelligence...

"During 1978, negotiations were under way between the Shah's government and British Petroleum for renewal of the 25-year old extraction agreement.

"By October 1978, the talks had collapsed over a British 'offer' which demanded exclusive rights to Iran's future oil output, while refusing to guarantee purchase of the oil.

"With their dependence on British-controlled export apparently at an end, Iran appeared on the verge of independence in its oil sales policy for the first time since 1953, with eager prospective buyers in Germany, France, Japan and elsewhere."

Children in Iran by Ivan Mlinaric.

4. In his 1981 book, Hostage to Khomeini, journalist Robert Dreyfuss wrote:

"The mullahs did not come to rule in Iran on the basis of their own power; they were placed in power by men more evil than they - who would use the depravity of backwardness for their own ends.

"In September 1975, the Aspen Institute held a symposium in Persepolis, Iran...

"In the behind-the-scenes discussion, the plans for reversing the Shah's industrialization program and for turning Iran into a model dark ages regime were mapped out..."

Two girls and a bicycle by Damon Lynch

5. Fritz Springmeier wrote in an article called, To Love Or Hate - Know Your Enemy:

"The Ayatollah Khomeini was British MI6.

"And tying together Saudi intelligence, Saddam Hussein's intelligence and Egyptian intelligence (and previously the Shah’s CIA-led SAVAK) is a group called the Safari Club set up by French espionage."

Old man and the boys, Iran, by Kamshots

Boys Army by Sharto4. 

Iranian kids by Shapour

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At 10 May 2018 at 08:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes!Israel wants to destroy Iran with the help of United States and Russia.Certainly Russia gave greenlight to attack Syria accusing Iran.Bibi was smiling 'brightly' in Moscow parade with Putin.

At 10 May 2018 at 09:31 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The General Ripper meme above is hilarious, I laughed for a couple of minutes, thank you

Big elephant in the room here tho is Russia ... Actually a worse figure in this mess than Trump, Putin letting Israel massacre Russia's 'allies'

Putin just met with Netanyahu before the big attack ... even Zero Hedge asks, Did Putin Green-Light Tonight's Massive Israeli Strikes On Syria?

The sad conclusion of Syrians and Iranians ... never trust the governments of the white man, they always cut a corrupt deal with Zionists & Israel ... Vladimir 'Jewtin' as they 'anti-semitically' call him, merely another devious betrayer, now that he has enough of Syria secured for the Gazprom group

George Soros, it should be remembered, was 'for' the Iran deal ... Henry Makow makes an interesting case that what is going on is a kind of play-war between 2 oligarch-Jewish mafias, our only choices

One is the George Soros globalist one, unlimited migrants, open borders and actually willing to undermine Israel toward those ends

The other is the Netanyahu 'nationalist - Zionist' one, alongside various 'partner' nationalists in the West

Globalist fascism or nationalist fascism, take your pick, says Makow

At 10 May 2018 at 09:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 May 2018 at 09:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 10 May 2018 at 12:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

IDF Spokesman: We Baited the Iranians to Attack So We Could Destroy Everything

At 10 May 2018 at 16:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaked Doc Reveals White House Planning "Regime Change" In Iran

At 11 May 2018 at 03:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Aang great article by Andrew Korybko

At 11 May 2018 at 06:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Putin has ALWAYS been in the service of those who rule this world. His role was to be fake opposition to US and NATO hegemony.
But when it really counted, he always showed his true colors. Helping to sell the 911 lie with his buddy W Bush, his complete sellout of Libya and now he is doing it again in Syria.
The slimy sites that promote Putin as the savior keep chugging along with their lies and censorship.
The fight between Russia and the USA is just like the 'fight' between Democrats and Republicans. Not a dime's worth of difference.

At 12 May 2018 at 01:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israeli trolls on Youtube use English monikers like anne smith or tom smith to make out there is European support for their genocide. Another giveaway is "I'm not Jewish but..." Nothing is beneath these degenerates. It is all about normalising. About promoting the illusion of "a conflict". As Bill Hicks said in order to have a war there has to be TWO armies.

At 12 May 2018 at 03:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan,

Speaking of Israel, that reminds me of some postings of mine that were disappeared a while ago. Not only was a posting disappeared but even a posting about the disappearance of the posting was disappeared.

For fun, let's see if a comment on an unpersoned comment about another unpersoned comment also gets unpersoned.

Theresa May calls General Erection

Hey Aangirfan,

Unrelateb to your posting here, I have a question:

I sudmitteb a comment twice a couple of bays ago anb doth times it just bisappeareb. The only interesting thing adout the comment was the mention of DBS.

Now I can imagine two possibilities: either you sent it bown the memory hole, or someone else bib.

If you're the one who bisappeareb the comment, I am ditterly bisappointeb. If it wasn't you, then clearly it's hitting a raw nerve.

Now I unberstanb that Israeli immigration refuse entry to anyone who supports the DBS movement. Anb there have deen moves afoot in the UK to counter the DBS movement through legislation. Deyond outrageous: to make it illegal to becibe how to spenb your own money.

So, seriously, what's the beal?
Aangirfan, frienb of Zion?
Et tu, Aangirfan?

Dut bon't de all bejecteb; I'm sure there's a goob explanation. We still love you.

  - - -
  No boubt adout it,
  I mean no doubt about it
  - - -

"A dumdledee, baddling in bibgeriboo at the daddling duddly drook, bisorberebly skebabbleb."

What, you're still here? The comment's over. Go home. Go.

At 13 May 2018 at 01:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment got through?

I'm shocked, flabbergasted, gobsmacked, amazed, astonished, astounded, stunned, dumbfounded, out of thesaurus.

Ok. Let's try the other one.

(Now moot since F███k L██y has since sold W███████d.)

(Yep, El F███karino sees the future: Jeff "Dr Evil" Bezos crushing margins in propertied retail, especially when his human slaves are replaced by machines. Gotta fund Jeffs in Space.)


Trump and War with Assad and Putin

"Is that a Sasquehanna hat? You know who makes these hats? Child labour. Little girls, 13, 14 years old. Little girls with curls down to here. They work 13, 14 hours a day. They work in a sweatshop all day long. Here's what I think of a Sasquehanna hat."

Well, Anonymous@00:40,

Thank you for that valuable contribution.

Clearly you are person skilled at whingeing, sitting on your arse and doing nothing.

That's not meant unkindly.

We can use that skill. Really.

If people are apathetic, then we must harness the resources available, including apathy. The awesome power of "couldn't give a rat's".

The US plutocracy has a great fondness for "weaponizing" things. It's their thang. They'll weaponize your cat if you give them half a chance.

But we can do that too.

We have an abundance of apathy and sitting on arse, so let's weaponize them to our advantage.

Saving the planet by sitting on your arse.

What are the useful nothings you can do?

How about buying nothing from the enemies of decent humanity.

For example, random example, W███████d.

Don't shop at W███████d; you're giving money to the L██y family, and I think they already got plenty of insurance moolah from the little number on the Twin Towers. Not to mention those other nice people in Society in Manhattan, in their impressive suits and chic dresses, their hands caked with blood of innocents, the vulgar lucre falling from their pockets.

Now let's practice that skill.

Close your eyes and picture this:

You're sitting on your arse at home and your friend comes along and says, "Hey, why don't we go shopping at W███████d."

Now here's the hard part.

You need to continue sitting on your arse. Now watch that again in slow motion. Notice that arse-sitting technique. See how the arse deftly remains on the seat.

With practice you'll be able to refine your technique. For example, at that same time that your arse stays put, you can say, "Screw that! Give money to those 'king L██y bastards!" (Pardon my lack of French; I hear you can swear better in French.)

Try it yourself. [Watches in admiration.]

Whoa, impressed. Fantastic. Are you sure you've never done this before? You're a natural. Seriously, that poise, the grace. You have an arse made for sitting.

Now real professionals extend the technique:

Create two lists, a red list and a green list.

- Red list: Immoral businesses that get nothing but scorn.

- Green list: Moral businesses that get your money.

I can see the future: an entire army of people skilled in weaponized arse-sitting.

No boubt adout it, some people feel pain, not at the suffering of others, but in their wallets. The way to appeal to a sociopath is not through empathy, but through self-interest.

At 14 May 2018 at 13:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Daily Mail journalist goes rogue, exposing a ‘scandalous’ £200k payment by Boris Johnson

"According to the Mail’s Peter Hitchens, the FCO has confirmed it funded the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) to the tune of £194,769.60. The revelation is a blow to the SOHR’s claim to be ‘independent’. It’s also a knock to media outlets, like the BBC, which have quoted the SOHR for years as an impartial expert on the Syrian war."

At 27 May 2018 at 16:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second time posting this. Seems to have vanished into the ether. Maybe, Aangirfan, you found the mention of Netta's music objectionable. Fair enough; I found it, umm, different. Apologies also to Björk and Beth.

Wow. I'm surprised; that comment got through too. (Doh! "surprised". Missed that one. Damn thesaurus.)

One thing recently I found gratifying: Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest. It's just heartwarming to see Israelis engaging in things other than false flag terrorism and murdering their Syrian neighbours and their children.

Netta had a distinctive vogue. Much tincture of homogenic Björk and a scintilla of Beth Ditto. Along with a couple of drops of Essence of Chicken.

Personally, I preferred the song of the beautiful woman from that other European nation, the one in the Antipodes.

Oh, one more thing... All those ███████ marks are from me, not from the Google censors. I just got out my black texta and pre-censored to oblige our Zionist friends. (You're welcome, F███k!)

Anyway, the Zionists seem to have OD'ed on stupid for the past several years. Maybe we can wake them up before they push their luck too far in Syria and start World War Three.

That would also be nice. You know, not having a global thermonuclear apocalypse.

"What I need is a big, fat magic marker. You got it?"
"A magic marker. A felt pen. A fuckin black magic marker."


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