Monday 2 October 2017


Reginald Pickstock

steve writes: 

"My Father Reginald Pickstock was protected by Stockport police station, in Greater Manchester.

"He was reported to the police station over 10 plus times by my brother, and myself, to tell them about what he did.

"His preference was for girls aged 4 and upwards.

"He ran clubs in Stockport . 

"In September 2017,  he was found guilty at the crown court and sentenced to 10.5 years.

"He was found guilty of over 20 charges of historical child sex abuse . 

"My brother was forced by the drug squad at Stockport police to sell drugs for them in the 70's.

"The clubs my father owned were called Blazers, The Manor Lounge , The tabernacle , and Club Dungeons.

 "Some were un licenced to attract a younger crowd. 

"Poynton is only a few miles away, as is Wilmslow."

LEANNE McKIE lived in Wilmslow and was found dead in Poynton

Former Assistant Chief Constable of Manchester, Rebekah Sutcliffe. Shamed 'boobgate' rant cop

Reginald Pickstock, the child abusing nightclub owner who rubbed shoulders with the Rolling Stones and other rock royalty, has been jailed.

Reginald Pickstock once attracted acts like Jimi Hendrix, Rod Stewart and The Who to his Stockport clubs including Manor Lounge and the Tabernacle

Jailed - the child-abusing nightclub owner.

Reginald Pickstock, 87, of Romiley, owned a number of popular clubs in Stockport during the Sixties and Seventies - but used the clubs to attract and exploit vulnerable youngsters.

In September 2017, Reginald Pickstock was found guilty of 22 counts of indecent assault following a trial at Minshull Street Crown Court.

Reginald Pickstock has been sentenced to 10-and-a-half years in prison for the offences, which date back as early as the 1950s.

Jailed - the child-abusing nightclub owner.

Manchester Police's Chief Constable, W J Richards (centre), with Jimmy Savile.

Pickstock's son Keith, 53, says these venues gave his father a platform for his abuse. And that his status meant he was protected from being brought to justice.

Keith says that, in the late 80s and early 90s, he twice tried to report his father to the Stockport police but was sent packing.

"They said if I came back again I would be locked up. My dad owned a lot of nightclubs and he was looked after.

"He is an evil, manipulative person."

Jailed - the child-abusing nightclub owner.

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At 2 October 2017 at 13:22 , Blogger Anon said...

steve 2 October 2017 at 12:58

Hi there. I remember him also having on as dj - Jimmy Savile and Ray Terret.

I mentioned Stockport police as they appear to turn a blind eye to Cyril Smith and the pedophile police officer that died.

And if the drug squad was performing the kind of tricks they were with my brother ( ie getting him to sell drugs on there behalf ) then god only knows what else was swept conveniently under the carpet.

Having said that, the women police officer that investigated my father did a great job and worked out of Stockport/cheadle ...

Only thing I could never understand was they never got a warrant to search his apartment/computer, so, on the one hand thank you very much Stockport police but on the other what took so long ?

There are forums that confirm Savile / Terret playing at the clubs.

I noticed in one of the posts in the forum , they mention of a band promoter called harry clarke who is linked to pedophila.

Its also a bit strange that a lot of the bands which we consider as change agents played there too

I went to a private school in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport.

We had a new pupil in 4th year whom I made friends with. Her name was Karen Stringfellow , Peter Stringfellow's daughter.

They moved to a house next to the school that overlooked the tennis courts. I seem to even remember a television interview done with him and a girlfriend he lived with that was only 16

If you could just keep this post in the comment section would be appreciated , was a bit of a shock to go to my daily site and see my father as I scrolled down lol.

At 3 October 2017 at 15:53 , Blogger cj said...

I found it, it was this post about the Boston bombing. He references the original "predictive" post further down in this one.


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