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Rihanna and Hassan Jameel.

Rihanna is part of a conspiracy?

Rihanna's new love is Saudi Toyota dealership heir and Naomi Campbell's ex-beau Hassan Jameel.


ISIS has large numbers of brand-new Toyota trucks.

Rihanna is a mind controlled sex slave?

The US State Department arranged for fleets of Toyota trucks to be sent to the 'Free Syrian Army', which works alongside ISIS.

The Mystery of ISIS' Toyota Army

In 1956, there was a big conspiracy involving the UK, France and Israel.

There was a joint plot to attack Egypt.


In 1956, Israel wanted an excuse to seize the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula.

Israel held secret talks with Britain and France.

The UK Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden, agreed to the illegal joint attack on Egypt.

Documents (Sir Anthony Eden's cabinet discussed concealing Suez 'collusion) released after more than 50 years show: the UK Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden's cabinet discussed how to lie to the public and the world about the secret pact with France and Israel to seize Egypt's Suez canal in 1956.

"At Gamil airport, a young Egyptian ... was seized by the British, who wanted to know the whereabouts of Egyptian arms stores. 

"He later claimed that one of his eyes was cut out by a British interrogation officer ... and the other eye taken out later when he refused to broadcast propaganda for the allies..."

The Mad Muslims in Acheh are reportedly controlled by the CIA and its friends.

In the 1960s, MI6 supported Islamic guerrillas in Indonesia.

According to The Independent (UK): "Cabinet papers show that British spies, including MI6, supported Islamic guerrillas in order to destabilise Sukarno."

The Secret State: The Security Service

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For more than fifty years, the CIA and its friends have been employing militant Moslems to do their dirty work.

1. Before World war II, British intelligence used the Moslem Brotherhood against Britain's German rivals in North Africa.

(The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11)

2. Around 1955, the CIA began to co-operate with the Moslem Brotherhood. 

The CIA and MI6 used the Moslem Brotherhood to weaken both Egypt and Syria.

3. In the 1960s, MI6 supported Islamic guerrillas in Indonesia.

According to The Independent (UK): "Cabinet papers show that British spies, including MI6, supported Islamic guerrillas in order to destabilise Sukarno."

(The Secret State: MI5 (Home Office/MoD), The Security Service and ...)

4. Israel funded the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, in order to divide the Palestinians.

John Buchan, who worked for UK military intelligence, wrote Greenmantle, which is about a warlike Islamist, who is secretly working for the security services.

5. In 1979, the CIA and MI6 used the Moslem Brotherhood to topple the Shah of Iran and install the Ayatollahs.

(The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11)

6. In 1979 the CIA was building up and arming the militant Moslem Mujahadeen in Afghanistan.

The idea was to lure Russia into Afghanistan.

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7. In 1991, the CIA and NATO used Al Qaeda to break up Yugoslavia.

(Global Research, 8 September 2010, Andrew Gavin Marshall: "The Anglo-American Terror Network")

Yugoslavia was a friend of Russia and was next door to a lot of oil wealth.

Moslems arrived in Bosnia from Afghanistan and other Moslem countries.

Clinton gave the 'green light' to Iran to arm the Bosnian Muslims.

Israel armed the Bosnian Serbs.

The idea was to foment conflict.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which took control of the Balkan heroin trafficking routes, fought the Serbs.

The KLA, which had links to bin Laden, was trained and armed by the USA.

8. The CIA and its friends employed Moslem militants to create trouble for Russia in its province of Chechnya.

("The Anglo-American Terror Network")

US intelligence helped fund and transport al-Qaeda into Chechnya in the early 1990s.

In Chechnya, the two main rebel leaders who came to power had been trained by the CIA in Afghanistan.

A war in Chechnya was planned in a secret meeting in 1996 attended by Osama bin Laden and officials of the Pakistani ISI.

In other words, the CIA was directing the war through the ISI.

US intelligence helped fund and transport al-Qaeda into Chechnya in the early 1990s.

9. In 2002, it was revealed that, “British intelligence paid large sums of money to an al-Qaeda cell in Libya in a doomed attempt to assassinate Colonel Gadaffi in 1996 and thwarted early attempts to bring Osama bin Laden to justice.”

Anas al-Liby, a Libyan al-Qaeda leader, “was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000 when he eluded a police raid on his house and fled abroad.”

("The Anglo-American Terror Network")


10. In the 1990s, Osama bin Laden 'built a shadow air force to support his terrorist activities, using Afghanistan's national airline Ariana, a surplus U.S. Air Force jet and clandestine charters.'

(Global Research, on 8 September 2010, Andrew Gavin Marshall: 
"The Anglo-American Terror Network")

Bin Laden's US Air Force jet in 1992 “was used to ferry Al Qaeda commanders to East Africa, where they trained Somali tribesmen..."

And now, Algerians and Moroccans are said to be in Al Qaeda training camps in Israel.

Algerians and Moroccans in El Qaida training camps in Israel 




  1. Next to Rita Ora, Rihanna (Riri) is one of the most in demands high class hookers these days and thats common knowledge. Pimped by Jay Z (among others). Nothing new, this is showbiz, a true cesspit.

  2. sad

    1. I have wondered for a while what Cindy is up to with letting her daughter be so exposed

  3. "Rihanna is a mind controlled sex slave?"

    Is the sky blue?


  5. All of the above is sadly true.

    One of the almost daily issues experienced living in a multicultural society is when someone says, "As a Muslim I xxxxxx" where the xx can be substituted for ideas like, " ... don't drink alcohol... " " ... don't eat pork ..." " ... am more spiritual than you ... " " ... read my Holy book ... " " ... am confident Allah has a plan for me ... " I think you get the picture.

    It seems enough Muslims share a religious conceit with various born-again Christians, some Sikhs and some Catholics. There may be others who belong in this group, but I do not meet them day-to-day.

    Yet when I offer some historical evidence to suggest all is not as it seems in their faith, their ignorance of even basic background details of their beliefs is staggering.

    Some years ago born-again Christians had a near monopoly on this brain-numbing approach, but over time people showed how bored they were with unwanted religious zeal and now evangelicals tend to keep themselves to themselves a lot more.

    But many Muslims don't seem to have developed this same self-awareness and bang on with the "Islam is exceptional" bollocks. Hopefully as the older generations pass away, the youngsters brought up as Muslims will begin to develop greater social awareness and stop trying to convince others of things they don't understand themselves.

    Also, let's challenge the idea that if one's parents claim to be of a certain faith then any children are automatically of that faith. When we see claims that there are x billion of this faith and y billions of another, remember that most of these people are either children, who have no chance of deciding for themselves, or are not actually believers but live in a nominally religious area.

    This matters because, as discussed on this site, the media especially are pushing the "faith-based" solution to society's problems.

    BTW this comment does not claim there is no spiritual dimension to life, but that religions highjack and use people's spiritual needs against them. If there is a deity (am using the term as loosely as possible here) then we do not need priests, imams, bishops, popes, ayatollahs or pastors to intercede on our behalf. We can do it ourselves!

  6. Ang, the missing key to understanding how it all ties together is Trannygeddon. Rihanna is a tranny. In fact nearly all the females that come out of Hollywood are trannies.

    The West is ruled by a Satanic cabal that worship Bahapomet and gender bender is part of their religion. Trannies run throughout the Royals, "female" athletics, beauty pageants, entertainers, the White House (first "ladies" are trannies), business CEOs, in short, the so-called "elite".

    They are the Masters and we, their slaves. Like stall raised cattle we are cut off from our natural environment and gender bender is our castration to make us docile,

    Wake up.

    1. U posted this crap here before. Pls come with credible info/details.

    2. 12. Most humans are bisexual.

    3. I am noticing all the tranny-looking models at the makeup counters st the malls these days. I am also noticing that I have a hard time telling if a kid is a male or female sometimes now. The song "love the way you lie" by Rihanna is totally about Satanism

  7. "Some people they hurt one another
    They love to see
    Hurt in the other one's eyes
    Well I'm not like that at all"

    Beyond ironic lyrics sung by Harriet Webb. The song is wonderful, the "artist" is....



  10. On how the Saudis conquered Arabia by British-funded genocidal massacres of its natives, including women & children:

    « Officially proclaimed in 1932, & to a large extent a British creation, Saudi Arabia the world’s main propagator of fundamentalist Islam, providing the ideological & financial centre of global jihadism, Saudi Wahhabism the ‘founding ideology’ of modern jihad.

    « Britain provided arms & money to Ibn Saud during the First World War, signing a treaty with him in 1915 & recognising him under British protection. By the end of the war, he was receiving a British subsidy of £5,000 a month

    « Ibn Saud established ‘Saudi’ Arabia in an orgy of murder. In his exposé of the corruption of the Saudi ruling family, Said Aburish describes Ibn Saud as ‘a lecher & a bloodthirsty autocrat … whose savagery wreaked havoc across Arabia’, terrorising & mercilessly slaughtering.

    « The conquest of Arabia cost the lives of around 400,000, since Saud’s forces did not take prisoners. Numerous rebellions took place, put down in 'mass killings of mostly innocent victims, including women & children’. By the mid-1920s 40,000 people had been publicly executed & some 350,000 had had limbs amputated; the territory was divided under control of Saud’s relatives, a situation which largely prevails today.

    « The British recognised Ibn Saud’s control of Arabia, & by 1922 his subsidy was raised to £100,000 a year by Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill. At the same time, Churchill described Ibn Saud’s Wahhabis as‘ intolerant & bloodthirsty’ & that ‘they hold it as an article of duty, to kill all who do not share their opinions & to make slaves of wives & children, women put to death for simply appearing in the streets.’

    « In 1917 London dispatched Harry St John Philby - father of Kim, the Soviet spy - to Saudi Arabia, where he remained until 1953. A 1927 treaty ceded control of the country’s foreign affairs to Britain. When elements rebelled against the regime in 1929, the RAF & troops from the British-controlled army in Iraq were dispatched, & the rebellion was put down. Ibn Saud highly appreciated Britain’s support, & this paved the way for relations between the Saudi kingdom & the West. »

  11. With the clear history showing that extremist Islam has been created & nurtured by Western governments & their intel & security services over the last 100 years ... a tool to defeat & undermine native Muslim nationalists who sought to be more independent

    Going back to the UK funding & weaponising the Wahhabi Saudis to take control of the Muslim holy cities & all Arabia, but continuing to the ISIS - Islamic State fraud in the present time

    It is remarkable that major media of Russia & China, RT Russia Today etc, are so weak on the origins of the extremist Islam that they, too, claim to be fighting, tho they well know how it all came about

    Is this another major indicator that Russia & China are not really 'opposition' to the Western oligarchies, but in fact somewhat partners with them?

    1. Agree with all your points. As to whether the Russian, Chinese, Possibly Iranian block are genuine adversaries to Anglo-Americanism is uncertain and like you that is what i am trying to figure out. Russia is certainly aware of the fraudulent nature of The war on terror and the associated false flags but seldom goes beyond the inference that it is so i.e to produce evidence. The one exception seems to be their attitude regarding the Syrian Sarin narrative. I get the feeling that we are witnessing a game of subtle chess moves. I think seeing Russia as the champion who will slay the Globalist beast is wishful thinking because i suspect Putin's goal is a restored Russian Empire traditional Christian and Islamic in nature. I suspect they will oppose the Anglo-Americans where they see fit but compromise elsewhere. Besides They may have skeletons in their closet themselves i.e how can we demonstrate Beslan, The Moscow Apartment Bombings etc were any more authentic than Bataclan, Manchester, 911 etc. During the " cold War " mutual threats and hostility were a panacea for monopoly capitalism, Government agencies, the armaments industry etc. Antony Summers wrote a very good book about this at the time entitled: " The Best Enemy Money Can Buy ". Well worth a read as it contextualises the current world situation.

  12. As usual great analysis of the overall picture through it's interconnected components. Interestingly Hassan Jameel's uncle Yousef Jameel was alleged several years ago to be connected with The Bin Laden family and with Al qaeda cells in Bosnia prior to the pre-planned destruction of Yugoslavia. Talking recently with the son of an acquaintance who attends a top British public school i was informed that a member of the Bin Laden family attends the school. As always all roads lead to Rome i.e London, Washington, Tel Aviv. Not really sure what is the significance of Rihanna's many Tattoos but the mixture of Pagan Goddesses ISIS and other religious symbolism suggests the promotion of the eclectic or syncretic, all faiths are equal bollocks so beloved of the old Freemasons, Unitarian Universalists etc. Anyway all these " artists" are manufactured as were many of the icons of the 60s, Doors, Beatles, Stones, Jackson Pollock etc.

  13. Just a further thought regarding Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Is there a familial relationship with Adrian Malik Fenty, 6th Mayor of the District of Columbia? He also has Barbadian ancestry, seems to follow a one world agenda. I think he has some connection with the Unitarian Universalist Liberal Religion. I seem to recall that Barack Obama's mother also has some connection with Unitarianism. Just thought it may be an interesting thread.