Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Jan Raven - Theresa May


  1. Excellent work Ms Ravens. But may I suggest you add some special contact lenses for that authentic dead-eyed, Theresa May look?

  2. Jan Ravens correctly depicts the usual policies of Tory governments. Her message is loud and clear: vote for Labor.
    I dare reposting links from the comment section of the previous post
    If Labor “gets elected” as hinted in above links, the UK political establishment will obviously interpret this as a vote against Brexit. As per convincing evidence previously shown on this site, the UK-Matrix is capable of rigging votes to a very large extend.
    The people in the City of London never ever wanted a Brexit, they want an OneWorldGovernment. The very influential French politician Jacques Attali (mentor of Macron) is not shy to declare (in French) in following interview, how nice it would be to have the site of the OneWorldGovernment in Jerusalem.
    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc9cec_conversation-d-avenirs-l-avenir-de_news (12:20)
    The main message of the Matrix is obviously: “Vote for whatever you want, we do the counting! Get demoralized now and accept your fate without opposition!”

  3. (((They))) can’t rig this system: http://envosy.co.uk/ and nor could they scare people into voting a non; “Politically Correct” choice!