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In 1940 Victor Rothschild (above) suggested that Anthony Blunt, 'a dangerous child abuser', should be invited to join MI5. He also rented a house to his boy-loving friend Guy Burgess. (SSrothschild). MI5 and MI6 became associated with men who lusted after boys.

What links spy boss Maurice Oldfield, former UK prime minister Harold Wilson and Donald Trump?

Apparently the spooks try to blackmail the politicians using child abuse rings and brothels.

A 'little whorehouse' in Texas helped President Johnson relieve stress.

Trump has been linked to Tevfik Arif and Felix Sater.

Donald Trump is a Russian agent?

In 2010, Donald Trump's business partner Tevfik Arif was charged with smuggling underage girls into Turkey for prostitution.

Donald Trump. "Encouraging" and "facilitating" prostitution

Videos of Vladik from the Ukraine (right) have been sold all over the world.

Trump has links to Ukraine.

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump's Campaign Chief.

Trump, Tevfik Arif (centre) Felix Sater (right)

The Miami Herald reported that the CIA helped Felix Sater conceal his conviction for securities fraud while using him as a spy in his native Russia.

Trump's friend Felix Sater launched the Fort Lauderdale Trump Tower.


Most of Trump's close buddies are Jewish.


Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson with Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the elite.

Harold Wilson was the UK Labour Party prime minister at the time of the Vietnam war.

Wilson refused to send any troops, other than the SAS, to Vietnam.

The central London offices of Prime Minister Harold Wilson were broken into in 1974.

Stolen documents from the burglary went on sale to the foreign press.

The police and public were not told about the burglary.

Harold Wilson resigned in 1976.

(Oldfield, by Martin Pearce / dailymail.)

UK Conservative leader Edward Heath, Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, Labour leader Harold Wilson. It has been widely reported that Edward Heath and Jeremy Thorpe used rent boys (boy prostitutes). In the case of Harold Wilson: "the centre of his extra-curricular activity was the local branch of the Boy Scouts." Harold Wilson

Wilson allegedly had links to the KGB, although most of his key cronies were Jewish and friends of Israel.

There is a theory that the key people in the CIA, MI5 and MI6 have always worked on friendly terms with the key people in the KGB and the key people in Mossad. 


Sir Maurice Oldfield (above), the former head of Britain's MI6, reportedly shared boys with MI5's Sir Anthony Blunt. There have been allegations of sex attacks at Dolphin Square, a London apartment block near Parliament. 'MI6 chief raped me' claims 'victim of VIP child abuse ring.' 

From 1973 to 1978, the boss of the MI6 intelligence service was Maurice Oldfield.

Oldfield has been linked to the child abuse ring that operated at the Kincora Boys Home.

I met Britain's spymaster Maurice Oldfield at Kincora, says abuse victim...

Oldfield was said to be a GAY, ZIONIST.

And, Oldfield's deputy, SIR PETER HAYMAN 'RAPED A BOY'

The KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn claimed that Wilson was a Soviet agent.

A Spotlight report, of 21 November 1977, claimed that Angleton conspired with Israel to attack the USS Liberty. (USS Liberty)

Golitsyn was interviewed by the CIA's James Jesus Angleton, a Zionist.

Angleton claimed that many top leaders were KGB agents, including: Harold Wilson, Olof Palme, Willy Brandt, Averell Harriman, Lester Pearson, and Henry Kissinger.

Maybe some of the politicians get unfairly smeared?

Northern Ireland's Kincora boys home, used to control top people.

In Northern Ireland, the UK's Army psychological warfare expert Colin Wallace was involved in a black propaganda campaign called Clockwork Orange during 1973 and 1974.

Wallace became concerned when his fellow spooks began to smear top politicians, such as prime minister Harold Wilson.

"The Conservative MP Winston Churchill, grandson of the wartime leader, wrote to Wilson late in 1974 to warn him that one of his closest associates, Lithuanian-born businessman Joe Kagan (formerly Juozapas Kaganas), was having KGB officials as house guests."

(Oldfield, by Martin Pearce / dailymail.)

Wilson continued his friendships with Eastern Bloc figures such as Kagan and the industrialist Rudy Sternberg.

Bernard Donoughue, the Head of Wilson's Policy Unit, said of Wilson's secretary Marcia Williams: "I was even told that Marcia Williams's first house was paid for by the KGB."

William Colby (above), the boss of the CIA from 1973 to 1976, died in mysterious circumstances. CHILD SACRIFICE.

On whose side was Sir Maurice Oldfield, the boss of MI6?

"Sir Maurice got on well with Harold Wilson ... When thieves broke into Wilson's private office, he acted swiftly on a damage-limitation exercise that went to the top of the Government.

Auberon Waugh, in the satirical magazine Private Eye, reported that Wilson was planning to merge MI5 and MI6 into a 'super' intelligence agency, with Maurice Oldfield as its chief.

(Oldfield, by Martin Pearce / dailymail.)

Lord Victor Rothschild was a key person in both MI5 and MI6.

He was highly influential in the days of Churchill, Heath and Thatcher.


Prime Minister Edward Heath and Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the

Rothschild did not want to be accused of being a spy for Israel, or for the KGB.

Reportedly, Rothschild eventually got his MI5 friend Peter Wright to write a book (Spycatcher, 1987) which threw suspicion onto various people, but not onto Rothschild.

As early as 1975, "MI5's Peter Wright wanted to confront Wilson with what he considered to be evidence of the Prime Minister’s 'treachery'...

"Wright had hoped to personally convince Wilson to resign, but claimed Oldfield and Lord (Victor) Rothschild talked him out of it and told him to take his proposal to his own chief at MI5, Michael Hanley, instead."

(Oldfield, by Martin Pearce / dailymail.)

Wilson, hearing about Wright's machinations, 'sent for Oldfield.'

Oldfield told Wilson: "there is a section of MI5 that is unreliable".


Kim Philby worked for MI6. According to Eustace Mullins (CHAPTER FIVE - The CIA - 3): "The CIA's Angleton helped Kim Philby to set up the lavishly funded international Mossad espionage operation, all paid for by American taxpayers."

Wilson was obsessed with downfall of Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe.

Jeremy Thorpe 

According to T Stokes:

"Jeremy Thorpe had a taste for young street boys and runaway teenagers were often brought to him...

"At his trial for the attempted murder of male prostitute Norman Scott, Thorpe threatened to expose the perversions of many members of government.

"Thorpe's threats worked; he was found not guilty and he got off as it was said 'Scott free'."


Wilson's secretary Marcia Williams (Falkender) told two journalists that if the Fourth Man (in the KGB/Rothschild spy ring) was identified "the entire fabric of the establishment would collapse".

"But of course, Sir Anthony Blunt, Keeper of the Queen's Pictures, was duly identified."


Blunt and the Queen.

At the centre of the UK's vast child abuse scandal is Lord Victor Rothschild's friend, Sir Anthony Blunt, formerly of MI5.

The late Sir Anthony Blunt was closely related to the UK's royal family.

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At 15 August 2016 at 03:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 August 2016 at 08:46 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

What is it about Apartheid Israel that engenders so many perverts to travel to that state of Hate and bugger little boys?


It is far from being a big surprise that Jimmy Savile, a ‘predatory sex offender’, found many friends amongst Zionists and Israeli leaders. Just a year ago, the UK Jewish Chronicle saw him as a dear friend of the Jewish people and their State.

Interestingly enough, JC’s Jessica Elgot who wrote the following piece prefers Zionist paedophile Savile over truth tellers such as prof’ John Mersheimer or myself*.

Jimmy Savile came to my batmitzvah

There's plenty of trees and steel chain around to secure these sickos to said tree and then let the crows eat their eyes out.

At 15 August 2016 at 09:16 , Anonymous brabantian said...

New York City murder of Muslim imam and associate outside Queens mosque - Gladio 'Strategy of Tension'

With another unusually expert & capable 'lone gunman'

Classic strategy of imperial powers is to false-flag attack both or multiple sides

- Kiev Ukraine snipers in 2014 killed both pro-Russia & pro-Nato sides in Maidan murders
- In Iraq the US occupiers divided native resistance, via attacks on Shia for which Sunnis were blamed, and attacks on Sunnis for which Shia were blamed
- In Cyprus decades ago, security services set out to burn the churches & blame the Muslims, and burn the mosques & blame the Christians

Gladio 2.0 / Gladio B strategy would be to follow prompted-arranged-staged killings by 'mad Muslims', with prompted-arranged-staged killings of Muslims by 'mad Christians'

Per New York Daily News, the shooter, described in media as likely Hispanic, was very unusually expert, as if a paramilitary handgun professional:

« The killer's prowess got cops' attention ... “This guy looks like he has shot a gun before. You don’t walk up behind someone, even from 5 feet, and just get two head shots. How many times you see cops fire 16 times and they hit the guy only twice?” a police source said. »

Per New York Daily News, this may be a Muslim-Hispanic feud that is suggested to have been started by Muslims:

« The shooting may have been payback after a group of Muslims allegedly attacked some Hispanics a few weeks earlier »

Per New York Daily News, the killing of a Muslim imam in New York, is treated differently from the killing of a Jew in New York:

« Khairul Islam Kukon, a community activist and a member of the mosque called out [New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio for not visiting the site ... “It’s been more than 48 hours,” Kukon said. “The mayor has not been here. If this was a Jewish community, the mayor would be there the next hour.” »

At 15 August 2016 at 13:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

this just must be seen


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