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Kezia Dugdale is the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.

She has revealed that she is gay and that she has a female partner.

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland, is also gay.

Patrick Harvie, the co-convener of the Scottish Greens, is bisexual.

Scottish Secretary of State David Mundell is gay.


Ruth Davidson and David Mundell in Biggar. 

Scotland's two top Conservative politicians, Ruth Davidson and David Mundell, are both gay.

Ruth Davidson is the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party; and a Member of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

David Mundell is the Conservative Party's only Member of Parliament in the UK parliament in London.

David Mundell is the UK cabinet minister responsible for Scottish affairs.

Nicholas Fairbairn (left) Dr Alistair Smith (right)

We have pointed out before that most 'top conservatives' turn out to be gay.

And, some of those mentioned below have been linked to controversial behaviour.

Anthony Gilberthorpe says that, at the 1983 Blackpool conference, he was asked by  the Conservative Party Chairman in Scotland, Dr Alistair Smith, to arrange for young rent boys to have sex with two top cabinet ministers.

Reportedly the Scottish Conservative politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn was a visitor to the Elm Guest House boy brothel.

Sir Nicholas Fairbairn in child abuse scandal link.


The death of Sir Geoffrey Howe, a colleague of Sir Leon Brittan, was announced on 10 October 2015.

Thatcher's Chancellor Geoffrey Howe dies.

In the 1980s, Sir Geoffrey Howe had his trousers stolen while travelling on a sleeper train.

Sir Peter Morrison - at the heart of the Thatcher government. A former resident of the Bryn Estyn children's home has told Channel 4 News that he saw Sir Peter Morrison at the notorious care home five times. Eyewitness 'saw Thatcher aide take boys to abuse'. Morrison, who died in 1995, was Margaret Thatcher's parliamentary private secretary.

Meanwhile, we learn that the BBC reporter Daniel Foggo, whose Panorama programme attempted to smear certain child abuse whistleblowers, grew up on same London street as Sir Peter Morrison.

Thatcher's friend Sir Peter Morrison raped a boy at Elm Guest House.

Let's not forget Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor who was arrested after a young lad was found near naked and screaming from pain outside proctor's Fulham flat.

Proctor got his sexual kicks by handcuffing and caning young lads.

Westminster's dark secret.

Let's not forget Sir Peter Hayman, deputy boss of MI6.

A member of the public found a package of child pornography on a bus and handed it into the police, who traced it to Sir Peter Hayman.

He was one of a group of seven men and two women who were writing to each other about their shared interest in child sex. 

One of the nine corresponding with a tenth with whom he shared fantasies about torturing children to death.

Westminster's dark secret.

A young lad called David says he was forced to perform sex acts as top Conservative politicians celebrated Margaret Thatcher's election victory.

David says he was forced into having sex with military figures, legal figures, businessmen and Conservative Party politicians.

David says he saw two brothers, aged 8 and 10, being sexually tortured at a property in Notting Hill, a centre of child abuse.


David has told BBC Radio Four's World at One programme of a party where boys of 15 were sexually abused by men who celebrating Thatcher's election victory.

David has spoken of child sex orgies at the Dolphin Square flats, which are linked to MI5 and MI6.

David told the BBC that: 'At a house party in Essex. I saw a man leading a 12-year-old boy down a corridor...

'I just saw the expression of fear and terror as they passed me into a bedroom. I never saw him after that.'



David says he also saw Peter Righton at parties with boys.

Righton was a top government adviser.

David says that he saw MI6's deputy director Peter Hayman at the parties with boys.

MP Sir Charles Irving

'David' was a young lad when he was sexually abused by top UK Members of Parliament.

David is from Northern Ireland.

He was warned that his family would have an 'accident' if he refused to have sex with certain top Conservatives.

Boy: 'I was abused by top Tories then blackmailed.

He says:

As a boy he was plied with alcohol by MP Charles Irving and then forced to have sex.

He had to perform oral sex on a top Lord, in a car.

He attended a house party where two Conservatives celebrated their first year as MPs by having sex with boys as young as 12.


At various parties he met Sir Keith Joseph, Sir Rhodes Boyson and Sir Michael Havers.

David arrived in London in 1975.

In Piccadilly Circus, he was approached by Kevin, a man in his 20s.

David accompanied Kevin to a pub to meet Alan, a businessman.

Alan took David to his flat and drugged and raped him.

Boy: 'I was abused by top Tories then blackmailed.

Alan later told David that compromising photos had been taken of David in the flat.

Alan said to David: "Do you have any idea about the people I know and the power they wield?"

Alan said that his friends could murder 13 people on the streets of Northern Ireland and get away with it.

And his friends could murder members of David's family.

David was then pimped out to top politicians.

Charles Irving

David was taken to parties with a string of senior Conservatives .

David describes "a house near Whitehall.

"I was led to a room where several men and a few younger boys about 15 were drinking.

"I was introduced as the 'Irish boy'...

"I was made to sit between two ... MPs ... I was forced to perform various sex acts on some of the men."


David describes a party at a country house.

"There were younger boys.

"We were placed at in the centre of a room, boxed in by large leather sofas.

"We were told to undress and have sex together.

"I noticed a boy of about 12 or 13 being taken into a room...

"I saw fear in his eyes.

"That look will always haunt me."

Boy: 'I was abused by top Tories then blackmailed.

John Allen (Mr X) and kids.

Angus James, co-founder of Scallywag magazine, was reportedly murdered.

Angus James wrote about several people linked to Edward Heath, David Cameron and their Conservative Party.

Angus James wrote: Lord McAlpine and the Child Abuse Ring

According to Angus James:

1. "Derek Laud, close friend of Michael Brown MP, sodomised an underage boy at one children's home so savagely that the child received hospital treatment for a ruptured anus." 

Derek Laud, who is gay, became the first and only black master of foxhounds when he took that role with New Forest Foxhounds in 1999. Derek Laud with Anne (left) and Cicely Meehan, the spinster sisters who gave Derek Laud a home. Cicely Meehan was a child psychologist. One Saturday, Anne drove young Derek to the house of 'a very grand lady ... who bore a striking resemblance to Mrs Thatcher'. Derek Laud is a long standing family friend of Samantha Cameron's family and a personal friend of David Cameron and attended their wedding at Ginge, in Oxfordshire.

(Note that (1) Michael Brown writes of Edward Heath: 'I am appalled by this witch-hunt'. (2) Derek Laud has been a close friend of prime Minister David Cameron)

Former Member of Parliament Michal Brown.

2. "Young boys in care were systematically raped and abused by Mr X (JOHN ALLEN) and many other influential people ... children as young as four were schooled in the art of male prostitution."

(Reportedly the child brothels and abuse rings were organised by the security services)

3. "Luxury flats in London, Brighton and elsewhere ... were high class homosexual brothels, where Mr X kept, on a permanent basis, rent boys to cater for his VIP clients. 

"Regular visitors included ... Lord McAlpine ... the late Lord Kenyon, former chairman of the North Wales Police Authority, Wyn Roberts, MP for Conwy ... Adam Mars-Jones, son of Mr Justice Jones ... six police officers, among them a former superintendent and prominent freemason in Clywd, Gordon Angelsea..."

The sinking of Edward Heath's yacht

4. (There is a) "connection between the paedophile ring and close friends of  (former cabinet ministers) Michael Portillo and Peter Lilley."

"Paedophile material produced by one of Mr X's companies in Amsterdam (has been traced) to an address in Dolphin Square."

5. "It was almost inconceivably evil, to take little boys in care homes owned by Mr X such as 34 Inverness Terrace, Baywater, which has since closed down, or from homes in Castle Road and Finchley Place in London, and subject these children to systematic abuse over a period of years...

"Mr X also financially maintained numerous boys, at houses in Edgeware Road, London, Chester Road, Manchester, Nevinson Avenue, SouthShields, Queens Park, Wrexham, Rock Street Brighton, and so on. All these addresses were used by wealthy paedophiles for sex for cash.

6. "Mr X also had a ready supply of boys to use in his burgeoning film business, through a company owned by his niece in Copenhagen. 

"Paedophile material was transported to London for private showings in Dolphin Square and nearby Winchester Street, Pimlico, where Derek Laud, Michael Brown MP's boyfriend, had set up home.

"A source in Dolphin square told us: 'We often have underage boys wandering the corridors, totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP'...

"'David Steel, who has an apartment here, is rather fond of late nights'...

"Mr X supplied boys to Dolphin square on a regular basis..."


7. "Soon after their marriage, Mr and Mrs Portillo went on holiday with Michael Brown MP, and his 'friend', a black youth who they all nicknamed Golly... 

"Golly is none other than the half-caste nephew and research assistant of Lord Pitt (Baron Pitt of Hampstead)...

"His name is Derek Laud and it was he who introduced footballer Justin Fashanu to Westminster's seedier inhabitants...  

"Laud has also been on holiday (to Morocco) with Lilley, Chris Chataway, and Jeffrey Archer..."

Morocco's Prince Moulay Rachid in white suit

"After leaving a lunch with fergie's boyfriend, he then joined Andrew and a sailor pal at the royal home in Dorset for all sorts of fun and games.

"He was also involved somewhere in the middle of the Diana-Gilby scandal and is a frequent visitor to David Steel's flat in the now notorious Dolphin Square... 

"Laud is a consultant with Ludgate Communications, a high-powered political public relations outfit, which moves in political, business, and even royal circles. In this capacity Laud has even written speeches for Prince Charles.

"Laud is a frequent visitor to Conservative Central Office where he meets Alistair Cooke, one of the original right-wing conspirators of the Maurice Cowling days in Cambridge..."

(Alistair Cooke is David Cameron's former boss)

In the May 2015 UK General election, Sir Edward Leigh MP (above) once again won the Gainsborough seat for the Conservatives and increased his majority by 4,890 to 15,449.

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

Found this on Scallywag:

View conversation

Victor Montagu

A former South Dorset MP was investigated for child abuse- but he was let off with a caution, files reveal.

Police and DPP dropped paedophile case against Tory MP Victor Montagu

A UK Conservative Party whistleblower says: 'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers'

The whistleblower, Anthony Gilberthorpe, says he provided child prostitutes for a sex and drugs party with top politicians

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ...

Keith Joseph, one of the Kosher Nostra.

The whistleblower Anthony Gilberthorpe  refers to top government ministers Keith JosephRhodes Boyson and Michael Havers among others.

Gilberthorpe says he told Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago that he saw top Conservative party cabinet ministers having sex with young boys.

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ...

Attorney General: Lord Michael Havers whose sister was put in charge of the UK child abuse inquiry.

Gilberthorpe says that, during party conferences in Blackpool and Brighton, he was asked by the top people to find young boy prostitutes for a sex orgy at a top hotel,

He says 15-year-old boys took cocaine before they had sex with the top politicians.

He says one person who attended a party is a current government minister.

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ...

Conservative Party Chairman in Scotland, Dr Alistair Smith. Scottish conservatives are usually child abusers? (Sir Nicholas Fairbairn in child abuse scandal link )

Gilberthorpe says that at the 1983 Blackpool conference he was asked by  the Conservative Party Chairman in Scotland, Dr Alistair Smith, to arrange for young rent boys to have sex with two top cabinet ministers.

Gilberthorpe says: "There was a well known and used cruising area close to the Imperial Hotel, which was a conference hotel."

Gilberthorpe says that the boys he found were given badges which "had a small Oscar sign in the corner which was a code to allow others to know you were allowed into these secret parties."

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ...

Rhodes Boyson 

Gilberthorpe says he witnessed two senior Conservatives members of parliament having sex with the boys. 

Gilberthorpe says that in 1981 he saw Sir Michael Havers at a swimming pool party at the Conservative conference in Blackpool, where underage boys were encouraged to perform sex acts on several politicians.

Charlene Downes, who disappeared in Blackpool. BLACKPOOLWebsite for this image.

 Gilberthorpe says : "In 1981 I was invited back to the Imperial Hotel by a ­Conservative councillor.

"He was a big player in the notorious right-wing group the Monday Club.

"We arrived at around midnight and I was led down some stairs to a door where two men were stood as security.

"We were allowed to enter and I was led through a tiled changing room where there were piles of clothes strewn across the floor. We then walked into an area where there was a large pool and lots of men either stood around naked or simply wrapped in towels.

"Among the MPs I recognised in there were Keith Joseph and Rhodes Boyson. I saw the Attorney General Michael Havers down there as well.

"There were a couple of glass tables set up as a mini bar with bottles of spirits on them and there was cocaine on several tables. 

"I saw several boys who were clearly aged between 15 and 16 down there and I saw that a few were performing sex acts on MPs."

Gilberthorpe and Thatcher. Thatcher was a very close friend of Sir Jimmy Savile.

Gilberthorpe says he attended a sex party at the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the Conservatives’ 1984 conference.

On the night before the bomb attack, he saw senior MPs engaging in sex acts with boys below the age of consent at a 'corridor party' held in a row of rooms on the fourth floor.

He says: "There were several men walking from one room to another and enjoying sex acts with other naked men, including boys who were clearly only about 15 or 16 years old. I saw Keith Joseph there and a politician who is now still a serving MP.

"It was held on the night before the bomb went off and afterwards one MP crudely joked that it was a good job it was, or there would have been rent boys falling through the floor."

The typical Conservative - Patrick Rock.

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At 13 January 2016 at 11:01 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is related to the Sainsbury family – The Hon. Sarah Sainsbury, daughter of John Davan Sainsbury, married to Hon. Robert Butler-Sloss, son of Elizabeth Butler-Sloss,

Establishment figures who helped disgraced bishop Peter Ball avoid prosecution for sex abuse revealed
December 31, 2015

…they include

David Cameron’s late godfather then Tory MP of Lewes, Tim Rathbone, who gave Mr Cameron his first work experience in the House of Commons.

Mr Rathbone, wrote that he found it “literally inconceivable” that Ball would ever become involved with anyone in the way described.

nthony John Leslie Lloyd, Baron Lloyd of Berwick, Kt, PC, DL (left)

Anthony Lloyd, who was a Lord Justice at the time, described Ball as a “saint” in one of more than 2,000 letters sent to the Crown Prosecution Service and Gloucestershire Police in his support from acquaintances.

“He is quite simply the most gentle, upright and saintly man I have ever met,” he wrote.

“If there is a latter day St Francis, then Peter Ball is him.”

In 1969 Lloyd was appointed Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales, serving until 1977.

made a Privy Counsellor

He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) of East Sussex in 1983.

Another Deputy Lord-Lieutenant for East Sussex from 1986 until 2000 was:

Lord Hampden, Anthony David Brand

Lord Hampden, Anthony David Brand and Peter Ball, were involved in the Derry Mainwaring Knight Satanist trial

Derry Knight told an astonishing story about his membership in a secret Satanic cult called the Sons of Lucifer

At the conclusion of the trial, Mr. Baker said he remained convinced that Mr. Knight was a genuine Satanist trying to break free, and not a swindler.

The biggest contributor was Mrs. Sainsbury, who wrote checks totaling $116,000. Next came the chief magistrate and former high sheriff of East Sussex, a wealthy farmer named Michael Warren, who is reported to have given nearly $80,000.

The local bishop, the Right Reverend Peter Ball, of Lewes, a monk of whom the judge said, “You may think he is a little unwordly,” also agrees. “Father Peter,”… endorsed Mr Baker’s fund-raising with a note saying it was “a very necessary battle against Satan”.

The parish priest in the village of Newick, the Rev. John Baker, organized a donors’ group to back Mr. Knight in his struggle and mobilized the support, among others, of Viscount Hampden, Viscount Brentford, the Earl of March and Mrs. Susan Sainsbury, the wife of a Conservative Member of Parliament. Their efforts won the support of the Anglican Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball, a member of a small monastic order who shuns ecclesiastical vestments and worships in a converted pigsty. Group Contributed $313,000

The 35-day trial in Maidstone in neighboring Kent – in which more than 100 witnesses were heard, including the aristocrats who invested in the struggle for Mr. Knight’s soul and the call girls who benefited from their contributions – earned itself a prominent place in the annals of British crime and eccentricity.

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is related to the Sainsbury family – The Hon. Sarah Sainsbury, daughter of John Davan Sainsbury, married to Hon. Robert Butler-Sloss, son of Elizabeth Butler-Sloss,


At 13 January 2016 at 11:19 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Margaret Thatcher’s former Chief Whip Tim Renton MP said any criminal action against Ball was “far too great a punishment”.

Commons Statement by Renton

Members of the same club – Alf Bates Club 1974

Jonathan Aitken, Tim Renton, Leon Brittan, Peter Morrison, Sir George Young, Alan Clark…

DPP Saunders is closely advised by Alison Levitt QC, who happens to be the wife of Janner supporter, Lord Carlile

Lord Carlile & Janner
As a young reporter, I was given letters that might have helped make a case against the MP for child abuse

The establishment, in the shape of his fellow MPs, men such as Labour’s Keith Vaz, Tory David Ashby and the then Lib Dem MP now Lord Carlile, closed ranks.
Carlile played a prominent part, describing Janner as a man of “integrity” and “determination”. Carlile should have known Janner fairly well.
They were both MPs, both QCs, both members of Friends of Israel, both patrons of UK lawyers for Israel.
They appear still to both be patrons of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation. They were regulars on the same parliamentary committees dealing with legal affairs. They were both to leave the Commons at the same time and both to join the Lords only slightly apart.

Carlile shared a small Commons office with Cyril Smith for many years.

Carlile’s mistress and eventual wife was a senior legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Cosy world, Westminster, it it not?

DPP Saunders is closely advised by Alison Levitt QC, who happens to be the wife of Janner supporter, Lord Carlile

Carlile went on to be a stunningly illiberal “Independent” Reviewer of anti-terror legislation, where he demonstrated his independence by agreeing to absolutely everything the security services told him. 42 day detention with no charge? No problem. In fact there was no period of detention without charge posited so extreme that Carlile did not support it. Secret courts hearing intelligence evidence the defence were not allowed to see? Fine by Carlile. Control orders? Great. He is a fantastic bastion, protecting the public, is Carlile.

Even better, of course, at protecting his associates.


Family: Boris Johnson (second right) with father Stanley (left), sister Rachel (second left) and brother Jo (right), at the launch of his book

Patrick Rock resigned as Deputy head of Cameron’s policy unit

No.10 aide Patrick Rock resigns after being arrested over child abuse image allegations.Rock was one of Cameron’s Downing Street fixers.

The two had worked together as SPADs to Michael Howard and Rock was very much part of the old special adviser network.

Court told Rock’s ‘previous employer’ paying for a ‘welfare officer’
But Downing Street say they have not appointed welfare officer for Rock


Stanley Johnson at another book launch with Norman Lamont (left) and Leon Brittan (right)

Norman Lamont:

Before entering Parliament he worked for N M Rothschild & Sons, the investment bank, and became director of Rothschild Asset Management.
The day after his dismissal from the Treasury, Sir Samuel Brittan (Leon’s brother) wrote in the Financial Times that history was likely to record him as one of the better Chancellors


At 13 January 2016 at 11:19 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Boris Johnson and Sir Simon Henry Milton

Sir Simon Henry Milton (2 October 1961 – 11 April 2011) was a British Conservative politician.He lately served as London’s Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, and before that was a leader of Westminster City Council and Chairman of the Local Government Association.

Milton was a director of Ian Greer Associates, a parliamentary lobbying company “with close links to the Tory party” which was at the centre of the Cash-for-questions scandal in the 1990s.
Deputy Chairman Simon Milton was helping Ian Greer and Associates –Simon Milton is now dead but his partner Robert Davis is still a Westminster Councillor.
By a strange coincidence, Robert Davis is also the Queen’s Deputy-Lieutenant for Greater London.

1968-1970: Albany Trust, Peter Righton, Antony Grey and Ian Greer

It was during the summer of 1968, that Antony Grey notes “a weekend study conference of about thirty people, mostly from the caring professions, met to review the social situation following law reform” and the Trust began to be steered towards ‘youth sexuality’.

Ken Plummer the sociologist, one of the attendees mentioned above, is currently Emeritus Professor of sociology at Essex University [‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’ The Telegraph, 5 July 2014]

By June 1969, the informal group at Wychcroft had begun to take on a more formal structure at the inaugural meeting of the Albany Trust Social Projects Study Group. Peter Righton, who was then currently M.A. Lecturer in Social Work Training at the National Institute of Social Work and ever the keen public speaker, was by November 1969 very much involved with the Trust’s counselling work and presented the Albany Trust’s Winter Talk on ‘The Concept of Counselling.[iii]

With Righton at the helm as Chair, and Antony Grey, Managing Trustee of the Albany Trust as Secretary, and one other attendee, Rev. Michael Butler who would later become Counselling Trustee for Albany, the Study Group’s stated objectives, to be achieved over the course of an intense 12 month period meeting fortnightly, were to cover:


At 13 January 2016 at 11:29 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Rothschild, Ian Greer & Peter Righton

In his June 1995 statement to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Standards & Privileges Greer gave a more detailed account of his invitation to head up the Mental Health Trust, hand-picked by Lord Butler (former Home Secretary at the time Sir Ian Horobin MP’s prosecution for abuse of boys, promoted to Deputy Prime Minister in Macmillan’s Night of the Long Knives during) and Sir Evelyn De Rothschild.


Ian Bramwell Greer of 19 Catherine Place, London, SW1E 6DX will say:

I am 62 years of age, having been born in 1933. After leaving school at 17, I went on to further education at a business college before, in 1953, commencing work for Conservative Central Office as a Constituency Campaign Organiser. I later became the then youngest Conservative Party agent in the country.

From July 1969, a month after his inauguration as Secretary of the Social Study Projects Group alongside Righton, Doreen Cordell, a counselling employee of the Trust had sensed that Antony was completely withdrawn, ‘in absentia’ in mind mostly but also physically as she would later write to Peter Righton[v], unaware he and Grey were deeply involved in extra-curricular projects, with far grander plans for power and influence in lobbying than through counselling provision or the Trust as the sole medium. His overall lack of interest in the counselling and the affairs of the Trust had begun during the final debates and the coming into force of the Sexual Offences Act 1967.

Later the same year the Study Group had been established, Raymond Clarke (who was later to smooth the path for the Trust’s government funding)

At 13 January 2016 at 11:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 13 January 2016 at 11:34 , Blogger Tony Ryals said...

Anne Cohen,Sandy Hook's Veronique Pozner,Google ALL Guilty In Hate Crime Against Florida Professor Tracy

The New York Times Publishes Sandy Hook Disinformation and Propaganda ,CNN,Anderson Cooper,Veronique Pozner Stalk Fired Florida Professor James Tracy

Art Of Stalking:Sandy Hook Con Artist Veronique,Lenny Pozner's HONR Network.With Jewish Zionist CNN , Wolf Blitzer,Anderson Cooper,New York Times,Google on their side........

At 13 January 2016 at 11:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservative Club honours IRA bomber Gerry McGivern by lowering Union flag to half mast - IRA bomber had Tory Party pals

At 13 January 2016 at 12:11 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

TED Heath PIE Lord Mountbottom

PLAYLAND TRIAL No.1: Dec 1970 - 26 June 1972 Tiger Studios and the 'missing' indecency with children charges

Read more at:

The risk for Heath's government was that if a place such as Playland came to the attention of one or more foreign security services as attracting ‘millionaires titled and influential people’ buying young runaway boys to sexually abuse, then as German magazine Stern would suggest in 1973:

“Under the control of a Mafia-type organisation, or an alien secret service, such a vice ring could be a most effective source of state secrets.”

Situated just off Piccadilly Circus, a brisk 5 minute walk down Regent’s Street from Albany (after which the Albany Trust had been named and one-time location of Ted Heath’s former ‘set’ at F2 while Leader of the Opposition pre 1970), or a minute across the Trocadero from the Albany Trust’s offices at No 32 Shaftesbury Avenue, the neon front of Playland amusement arcade, 16 Coventry Street, was open most, if not all hours.

In just over a year after Heath was elected, trials involving Playland began to reach the news with the Evening Standard declaring the arcade had become ' a den of vice' by March 1972. Memories of the arcade and its reputation have left their mark in fiction. Jake Arnott chose the Piccadilly Circus arcade as a location for a bomb planted by the Angry Brigade in his novel Johnny Come Home. Published in 2007 but set in 1972, the same year as the first Playland Trial, the warning letter stated:

“Playland is not an amusement arcade, it is a slave market where runaway boys are lured with false pleasures and turned into donkeys, beasts of burden for the hidden desires of a sick society…Young bodies are not slot machines for greedy lusts that lurk in the closet, they belong to the children of the Revolution…We are in Arcadia also.”[1]

During September 1969 - October 1970, in the the run up to and after Heath’s successful election in May, a 30 year old South African student at the London School of Economics conducted a study of the male prostitution scene at Piccadilly Circus. Dr Mary McIntosh (a friend of Nettie Pollard's, here being written to by Keith Hose, PIE Chairman in 1976) reviewed his first draft.

“On weekends, many younger boys can get free games on the machines from older men who may simply get pleasure from watching the boys amuse themselves.”[2]

Harris, in observing and speaking with boys at Piccadilly Circus, was in a position to gain information on the variety of clientele boys from Playland were being procured for.

The Playland Cover-Up

In 1975, Scotland Yard carried out a high-profile child abuse investigation which centred on the Playland amusement arcade near Piccadilly Circus, and involved the sexual exploitation of homeless boys. The investigation led to five convictions in September 1975. Four of the men convicted were ‘nobodies’, but one – Charles Hornby – was a pillar of the Establishment. He was a wealthy socialite, a Lloyd’s underwriter, and an old Etonian, “who on occasion had Prince Charles among his dinner guests”.

The four ‘nobodies’ later had their sentences reduced in mysterious circumstances. One of them, David Archer, alleged that Hornby was far from being the only VIP involved in the Playland scandal.

Last night Archer said he would present the police with a dossier naming the ‘millionaires and titled and influential people’ involved in the Playland affair. He added: ‘I believe there was a tremendous cover-up to protect these people.’

A clue as to the identity of one of these ‘titled and influential people’ appeared nearly a decade later with the publication of Philip Ziegler’s biography of Lord Mountbatten.

At 13 January 2016 at 12:25 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...


Whitehall Mandarins Then As Now Are Paedophile Protecting Parasites


Thank you for your Freedom of Information enquiry regarding a review of:

FCO 47/182 Arrest of Alastair Laing and Colin Peters, members of HM Diplomatic Service, in Naples

We are unable to open this document because all of the information is exempt under section 40 (2) (by virtue of section 40 (3) (a) (i)) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000). This means that we cannot make the document open to you or to the public in general.

Former Foreign Office lawyer Colin Peters

Senior detectives believe Operation Hedgerow, which uncovered 643 offences against boys, has only scraped the surface of the paedophile menace in Britain. They want a special squad to investigate child sex.

A 13-week trial in which filmed evidence was used for the first time in a British court to shield boys from their abusers in the dock ended yesterday with convictions for serious sexual offences for two men, Alan Delaney, aged 48, a company director, and Victor Burnett, aged 43.

Colin Peters, aged 45, a barrister and tax adviser, of Chepstow Road, Bayswater, west London, was a key figure in the ring.

The former Foreign Office lawyer took young victims into the sauna in his luxury flat and gave them cash for sexual favours and described himself to boys as ‘mother hen’.

At first he protested his innocence, but during the trial he changed his plea and admitted conspiracy to commit sexual offences with boys under 16, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and to an act of enforced gross indecency with a boy over the age of 16.

Det Supt John Lewis, who led the investigation, said: ‘There is no way we could deal with everything we came across as the group’s tentacles reached out into the Home Counties. We definitely have not solved the paedophile problem.’

THE government is to review the 50-year suppression of a file detailing the arrest of a senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office official who went on to commit horrific crimes against children.

Ministers will investigate a Whitehall decision to keep secret documents outlining the arrest of Colin Peters, a former FCO barrister, who was questioned by police in Naples, Italy, in 1967.

Peters was jailed 22 years later for being part of a sophisticated network of people who molested hundreds of children, some as young as 10.

However, his earlier arrest while working as a British diplomat has never previously been disclosed — and was not known about until The Sunday Times tracked down the secret file in The National Archives.

At 13 January 2016 at 15:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

More on 9/11. SCG.

On Thursday, September 9, 2015 I interviewed author Rebekah Roth about her new book 'Methodical Deception'. New information she has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the "official story", forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.

At 13 January 2016 at 18:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this prick on TV in the '70's and thought even then there was summat up wiv 'im.
What say the anagram daemon?

"Rhodes Boyson" =

Shy Nobs Rodeo ...
Obey Shorn Sod ...
Herds Boy on So ...
He Soon Sob Dry ...

At 13 January 2016 at 23:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Epstein - Under cover of the global hangover

Posted: 4:00 p.m. Friday, Jan. 1, 2016

Sex-abuse victims want to depose feds involved in Jeffrey Epstein deal - See more at:

At 15 January 2016 at 11:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservative Club honours IRA bomber Gerry McGivern by lowering Union flag to half mast - IRA bomber had Tory Party pals.

Families of Troubles victims continue their struggle for truth - Northern Ireland’s legacy issues are left aside by politicians as relatives demand justice.


At 16 January 2016 at 15:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shameless paedophile councillor refuses to stand down despite being caught with sickening videos.

Vile Paul Michael Buckley watched indecent videos of young boys but insists he will continue to serve his ward on Saddleworth Parish Council.

At 4 April 2016 at 14:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you be a conservative and gay at same time? It makes no sense at all.

At 27 April 2016 at 15:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Former House Speaker And "Serial Child Molester" Dennis Hastert Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison


Moments ago, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison in his hush-money case by a judge who called him a "serial child molester" and ordered him to enroll in a sex-offender treatment program.

As NBC reports, Hastert, 74, was accused of abusing four boys between the ages of 14 and 17 when he was a coach at Yorkville High School decades ago. While he was not charged with any sexual crimes because of the statute of limitations, but he pleaded guilty to making illegal cash withdrawals to pay off one of his accusers.



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