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Frederick Forsyth (above with the CIA-linked Yuri Geller) "is set to confirm he was an MI6 agent."

Forsyth has been a spy novelist and a journalist with the BBC and with Reuters.

He has worked in East Germany and in Biafra.

Forsyth is believed to be Jewish. Why is Israel demonised yet again? | Frederick Forsyth

Forsyth has written The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue to be released in the autumn.


His two sons were educated at Arnold House School.

Ronnie Biggs (top left) and his pop-star son Mike (bottom left)

Ronnie Biggs was a small-time London crook.

In 1963, Biggs helped to steal from a mail train the sum of £2.6 million.

This is the equivalent today of £50 million or $80 million.

Some people believe that the brains behind this Great Train Robbery was a group of well-connected mercenaries who wanted the money to finance various coups.


Reginald Bevins, the government minister in charge of the post office, issued a statement stating that the Great Train Robbery was likely to be "an inside job".

Mail train robbery | The Guardian

He declared that there would be a public inquiry.

50th anniversary of the great train robbery

An article in The Sunday Times claimed that in 1973 Frederick Forsyth (above) had helped fund an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea by mercenaries who had previously worked in Biafra.

The gang who carried out the Great Train Robbery consisted of 17 full members.

Only 11 of them were sent to prison, and two of them fairly quickly escaped from prison.

Biggs was one of those arrested and sent to prison for 30 years.

After about a year in jail, Biggs escaped and traveled to Belgium, Paris, Australia, Panama and finally Rio de Janeiro.

The site of the robbery.

Bigg's share of the loot was £147,000.

Biggs spent £40,000 on plastic surgery in Paris and £55,000 on a fake passport and an airline ticket.

By the time Biggs got to Brazil, he had little money left.

And, he had abandoned his wife, Charmian, and their three sons.

Ronnie in Rio

When the Daily Express discovered that Biggs was in Rio de Janeiro, the British police found that they were unable to have him extradited.

This was reportedly because Biggs had got himself a Brazilian lover, a nightclub dancer, and she was pregnant.

In April 1977, Biggs attended a cocktail party on board the Royal Navy frigate Danae, which was in Rio for a courtesy visit, but he was not arrested.

Bigg's son was called Mike, and Mike became a child pop star in Brazil.

Mike Biggs was a member of the successful children's programme and music band Turma do Balão Mágico

Mike Biggs says: "I was only six years old and speaking on the telly, saying I wanted my dad back; saying the Queen wanted him but I wanted him more.

"It was then that the president of CBS records in Brazil saw me and thought I would do well as part of a boy band. 

"We were the country's first boy band."

The band, The Magic Balloon Gang (Turma do Balão Mágico), did very well for six years from 1981, selling 12m records.

 Mike Biggs says: "I didn't have a childhood.

"From the age of seven when I joined the band I was working, grafting sometimes seven days a week... 

"When other kids were playing football I was presenting a television show. 

"I'd do school in the morning from seven till noon, then record the show in the afternoon. 

"The other boys in the band lived in Sao Paulo, but because of the terms of my dad's parole, we had to reside in Rio. 

"So I had to fly to Sao Paulo every day.


"It meant I had to grow up very quickly. 

"At the weekends we did the concerts - 30,000, sometimes 60,000 people. 

"We toured with Ricky Martin and sold out the Maracana (Brazil's biggest stadium) four times."

Ricky Martin

In April 1981, Biggs was kidnapped by a gang of British mercenaries. 

The boat they took him aboard suffered mechanical problems off Barbados and had to be towed into port.

The authorities in Barbados returned Biggs to Brazil.

Sverre Helgesen

According to the 'actor' Sverre Helgesen:

Sverre Helgesen was friends with a number of mercenaries, including Jimmy Duggan.

Sverre also knew a mercenary, Jean Schramme, who hired a chateau in France every summer as a training camp for his men - mostly ex-SS.

Schramme owned the red-light area behind Le Grand Place in Brussels.

Sverre Helgesen knew the novelist Frederick Forsyth, who (allegedly) acted as the intelligence officer for the  mercenaries associated with Jimmy Duggan.

(Wonga Coup)

Jean Schramme, a mercenary in Nigeria in 1967.

According to Sverre Helgesen:

Jimmy Duggan was approached by a gay bank clerk (Jimmy was bisexual) and together with Rolf Steiner and Jean Schramme, planned 'The Great Train Robbery', to finance their coups.

"The money was to be flown out within the hour on a plane flown by David Ferrie (of JFK fame). I met him at Jimmy’s; he was well-known by the mercs."



  1. Aangs,
    Don't get excited, Forsyth hasn't the balls to come clean and tell all, it'll just be the usual commercial twaddle.
    I've done my best against all odds for little result so far, loads of info garnered yet no evidence that will stand in court. But I live in hope in my twilight years. 32 years I've been at it, trying to recall memories, sort them, understand them, ignoring people calling me nuts, old 'friends' ignoring me.
    Or dying on me, leaving me no detailed accounts of our halcyon days in the sun.
    Aangs is into sex, so here's a few girls I knew who 'knew things'.
    Dymphna (Penny).
    Jackie (two of them).
    I must assume most of the others have gone, too. Not to mention the men involved.
    I might be the only one left.
    I don't expect to see the results for I'm not for this mortal coil much longer myself, but, I had the balls and drive to research it and write it down ( by the way, SIS and SAS, more than one copy exists, I've never been stupid). Hopefully, sometime, hopefully, someone will jerk-too in front of their monitor and exclaim, "Waddafuck - he wasn't nuts after all!"
    p.s: I've researched the guy who I think was behind the train-robbery. I knew him well but no name yet, joined the board of Stock Exchange in 1960, knew all the top officials since childhood, same club, etc. He bankrolled all major crime in London, incl escorts/models (porn) how I met him. The bank-clerk was merely a go-between

  2. Some interesting comments referring to Frederick Forsyth's article in the Daily Express last week.

  3. Interesting comments relating to article by Frederick Forsyth in Daily Express last week.