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Princess Charlene and New Zealand rugby player, Byron Kelleher. Monaco's princess charlene and a rugby player

Charlene has been married to Prince Albert of Monaco since 2011.

Charlene is now pregnant with her first child.

February 2014 - "While Prince Albert is in Sochi, his wife relaxes in the Caribbean." Married Princess Charlene with 'a companion' in the Caribbean.

Albert has a number of illegitimate children.

Albert with Nicole Coste.

Reportedly, Caroline, Albert's older sister, had hoped that her son Andrea would be the next occupant of the Monaco throne.

Albert with his mother Grace Kelly.

It has been alleged that Charlene tried to escape from Monaco two days before her wedding took place in 2011.

Princess Charlene "has made little secret of the fact she would rather be back in South Africa, or London, or Paris, or anywhere but Monaco."

Monaco Nightmare


Somerset Maugham described Monaco as "a sunny place for shady people."

Before Albert met Charlene, there were rumours that Albert was bisexual.

Victoria Zdrok, who has been close to Prince Albert.

Victoria Zdrok once said: "I definitely got an impression that the Prince was bisexual."

Justin Bieber in Monaco.

Victoria Zdrok said of Albert: "He definitely enjoys the company of men, and may even prefer them to women."


Prince Ernst August and Princess Caroline.

In 1999 Ernst August, Prince of Hanover and Prince of Great Britain and Ireland, married Princess Caroline, the sister of Prince Albert.

Caroline had been married to Philippe Junot but she divorced him in 1980. She had then been married to Stefano Casiraghi but he died in a motor boat accident in 1990.

At Christmas 2009, Ernst was seen in Phuket, Thailand, with a young Moroccan called Myriam.

On 28 December 2010, we learn, from German magazine Bunte, that Ernst is involved with Simona, a Romanian girl who models for brothels in Austria. (Princess Caroline's husband Prince Ernst.)

German newspaper Bild reported that Simona advertises the 'Babylon' brothel chain in Austria.


Reportedly, Grace Kelly became a priestess in a sex cult called the Order of the Solar Temple.

Reportedly, she joined the cult just months before her mysterious death in 1982.

Grace Kelly links with a secret cult - The Scotsman / Grace Kelly and The Conspiracy

The cult reportedly drew inspiration from Aleister Crowley.

In 1994, three month old Emmanuel Dutoit was killed at the cult's centre in Morin Heights, Quebec.

The baby had been stabbed repeatedly with a wooden stake.

Order of the Solar Temple

Joseph di Mambro

The cult was led by Luc Jouret and Joseph di Mambro

Joseph di Mambro claimed "he was in touch with 33 spiritual masters who watched over the world from the Himalayas."

He "told his followers that they were reincarnated from biblical figures or saints."

Luc Jouret

Reportedly, the Order of the Solar Temple was a front for the CIA and its Operation Gladio terrorist network.

Order of the Solar Temple leader Luc Jouret was a Belgian ex-military official with ties to Gladio.

The Knights of the Extreme Right.

1980 - Bologna railway station bombed by the CIA's Gladio forces.

Many rich and powerful people in Monaco and Europe reportedly gave money to the cult.

Grace Kelly was reportedly initiated into the cult at a priory in the French village of Villie-Morgon.

"Dressed in a white templar robe with a red cross, she was escorted down an inner staircase to the crypt of the priory, where she lay down on a huge round altar marked with a mixture of cabalistic signs..."

In 1994, 69 members of the cult, in Europe and north America, died in mysterious circumstances.

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