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Amerindian children, Peru. The Third Way Film

Jesus said that, when you are having a party, you should invite the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind.

Aangirfan has always found that the friendliest and best people are usually the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind.

Unfortunately, the rich elite have contempt for the 'untouchables', the 'Indians', the 'aborigines', and, the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind.

The elite tend to be secretly racist and fascist, and, they seem to get a thrill from killing animals and children.

A party held by the rich elite at Bohemian Grove in California.

You would not have much joy at a party organised by the rich elite, such as the ones at Bohemian Grove, where children are reportedly sacrificed.

Bhaskar Menon, at vijayvaani.com, has written about The Real First World War

Bhaskar Menon says that the Real First World War began when the Europeans started their genocidal invasions of other regions in the final decade of the 15th Century.

According to Columbus, the people of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti), were "loving, uncovetous people."

The 'Christian' Spaniards killed off all of the indigenous people of Hispaniola.

Some of these indigenous people were tortured to death.

The Real First World War

Indigenous people of Venezuela. Brink Adventures

The 'Christians' committed genocide in the Americas.

Estimates of the numbers killed range up to 100 million.

The Real First World War

According to a Spaniard called Bartolomeo de las Casas (1484-1566):

"One time the Indians came to meet us...

"They presented us with a great quantity of fish and of bread, and other meat... 

"The Conquistadores put them all to the sword without any cause whatsoever...

"More than three thousand souls ... men, women and children...

Gaza 2014.

"The Christians ... made bets as to who would slit a man in two, or cut off his head at one blow: or they opened up his bowels. 

"They tore babes from their mothers' breast by the feet, and dashed their heads against the rocks... 

"In honor and reverence of our Redeemer and the twelve Apostles, they ... burned the Indians alive...

"They made wooden gridirons of stakes, bound them upon them, and made a slow fire beneath...

Gaza 2014

In Australia, 'Christian' Europeans hunted the Aborigines like animals, poisoned their food and water, raped their women and savaged their children.

The Aborigine population numbered about 750,000 at the end of the 18th Century and about 30,000 a century later.

In New Zealand, the Maoris were slaughtered.

The Real First World War

The European slave traders took an estimated 25 to 35 million Africans across the Atlantic and killed an equal number during capture and conveyance.

In the Belgian Congo, the native population was from an estimated 20 million to 8 million.

In Namibia, the Germans massacred the Herero.

In Kenya, the British hunted down, tortured and killed Kenyans.

In South Africa, the British slaughtered the Zulus.

In India, British policies led to the deaths of around 500 million.

Full details here: The Real First World War

The 'Christian' elites of Europe and America are in bed with the Zionist elite.

They have the same racist, fascist philosophy.

They have contempt for the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind.


Ban Ki-moon secretly worked with Israel to undermine UN.


Anonymous comments:

Robin Williams "suicided" at 63. Last pic he tweeted was of him and his daughter wearing a duality/masonic pattern....

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At 12 August 2014 at 01:58 , Blogger James R said...

Very true, thanks Aangirfan.

At 12 August 2014 at 02:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you put Christians between quotation marks, because indeed, they were no real Christians but converts to Christianity with a secret agenda. The were called 'New Christians' or 'Marrano's' and were mostly crypto jews.

I am not saying Christians were always nice people, but this slaughtering of people is very UNCHRISTIAN.

It were the Catholic priests who followed the merchants into the New World to complain with the King about the misdeeds of these New Christians and it was the Catholic King who ordered Las Casas - also a New Christian!! - to write down the rights of the Indians. 'All people were equal under Natural Law'.

In 'How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization', Thomas E. Woods explains that 'The origins of International Law' stems from this periode and these concerned Catholics.

At 12 August 2014 at 02:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only did the British slaughter Zulus (and many other African peoples).
The countries of Southern Africa were plundered and stripped of the rights to their own vast mineral wealth, which the elites still control today.

At 12 August 2014 at 03:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...




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At 12 August 2014 at 05:26 , Anonymous Infidel said...

The Way of the Rabbi
Racism, intolerance and the Jews

Much of the mythology of Christianity is based on an older and even more transparent fabrication – Judaism.


The Criminal History of the Christian Church

Christianization of the Roman world
The destruction of ancient civilization

A 4th century power struggle that played out across the Mediterranean world brought a minor sect of religious extremists to centre stage. Finding themselves on the winning side in a civil war and rewarded by cosseting within imperial residences, bishops of the Christian Church were able to impose their faith upon a demoralised population using all the sanctions of the State. And as the empire fragmented and fell, ambitious clerics of Christ disseminated a cancer of superstition, fear and brutality far beyond the old imperial frontiers.


At 12 August 2014 at 13:04 , Blogger Jo said...

Many of your posters comments said what I was going to say, but there's more to being a Christian than just saying so. One must internalize the teachings of Christ and LIVE by them: The Sermon on the Mount, The Golden Rule, etc. We must OBEY the 10 Commandments, not just hang them on the wall and look at them. It's when we WALK the talk, and FOLLOW CHRIST, "love our neighbor as ourselves," that we become Christian. It requires discipline, self-control and HUMILITY. It would seem that using that as a guide, there are very few REAL Christians in the world even today. We've come under the spell of the Talmud and have been re-educated by the Talmudic Rabbis into the Synagogue of Satan's cult.

God said, “. . . they have seduced my people (true followers of the Lord), saying PEACE: and there was NO PEACE.” Ezekiel 13:10

Salvation is NOT "of the Jews"

The 20th Century: Talmudic triumph over Western civilization

At 13 August 2014 at 01:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relgion is for people who are scared to go to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.

Bonnie Raitt


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